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[http://www.livestream.com/Tplays T's Livestream channel].
[http://www.livestream.com/Tplays T's Livestream channel].
[http://twitter.com/TplaysTouhou T's Twitter].
[[Category:Touhou players]]
[[Category:Touhou players]]

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T is an American player, also known as Quaternaryfag, Pentanaryfag, and other nicknames.

He specialized in Pacifist (no-bomb, no-shoot) Touhou, but also held World Record (WR) for TD Extra on all Characters for sometime after its release before being beaten by 稼符一族.

By April 2012, he retook WR in UFO Extra using Reimu A from 水月, in TD Extra using Reimu from 稼符一族, and in TD Extra using Sanae from Omega. He also stated 535 million for Sanae is possible.


External links[edit]

T's Youtube channel.

T's Livestream channel.

T's Twitter.