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The following is a review from 'Benny1' no links available, no source available, that was originally on the main page, moved here by ADCK ADCK (talk) 04:35, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

IOSYS's second Touhou album.

Along with IOSYS's first album, this album is very hit and miss. Also, the style varies so greatly it's tough to really give a general review. It's got (almost) gabber, a rappish hardcore remix, comedy tracks, and just arranges. The tracks that are good, are very very good though.

Standout tracks

01. 惑いて来たれ、遊惰な神隠し ~ Border of Death

  • This track is ridiculously cool. Guitars, screaming, and flash videos. A fantastic arrangement of Yukari's famous song.

02. 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました

  • This track is hilarious. You can almost imagine Shanghai and Hourai singing this or something. The flash video for this piece also adds greatly to the experience. Cool-and-Create/10

05. 黄昏寺院の夢

  • No flash video this time, but instead a rather mysterious, and cool Ancient Temple arrange. Starts out very very mysterious, and you delve into the temple. A wonderful, more serious track.

11. 主にフロアを操る程度の能力

  • When I first heard this I thought wow these vocals are terrible, but I couldn't stop listening, and it got horribly stuck in my head. A very unique arrange of Colorful Path, which is also a great song.

Recommended to :

  • Fans of joke arranges
  • Fans of many styles
  • People who can deal with hit and miss albums

Not recommended to :

  • Fans of only one style
  • Fans of arranges faithful to their original score.


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