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I don't know how many people will see this, because it's a Seihou page, and wowee, wonder how many people pay attention to that nowadays (not many at all), but I originally made this page with OCR, and there might be a few things wrong. For example, when I was getting the last text box for Erich, it said ペイオン (Peion) instead of the intended ベイオン (Beion). (Oh, what a lack of katakana knowledge back then did for me...) If anyone can make this page any better, I'd be grateful. Here's a link to the video I got the text from:

Would be grateful too if someone translated these pages, and also just in general, double checked the translations on older existing pages about Banshiryuu, since these haven't been touched since 2013... (There was once a translation in the Music page so bad that even I picked up on the mistake despite having so little Japanese knowledge...)

It's not like it's any important, really. I just like Seihou, and I'd like to get a real full picture of everything. Tails41yoshi (talk) 06:47, 9 January 2023 (UTC)

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