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About the translated name, ロータスイーター達の酔醒 seems to imply something like "Lotus Eaters' 酔醒". 酔醒 apparently means to oscillate between drunk and sober, which I guess could be translated as just "intoxication" for simplicity. But it's not an adjective in this case, so instead of The "Intoxicated Lotus Eaters" it should be "The Lotus Eaters' Intoxication". --GenoCraft 13:25, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

Another dictionary suggests that it means both drunkness and sobriety in older texts.(Link) So sobriety by itself is probably still incorrect. How do we deal with this?

Maybe we could go with something like "Drunken Sobriety" for the moment? It's a pretty long title, but until someone comes up with a better idea, at least it expresses both meanings. Or maybe something like "Oscillating Drunkenness", "Alternating", "Fluctuating", something like that? I thought about incorporating the word "Trance" somehow, but couldn't think of anything. --GenoCraft 16:05, 26 September 2019 (UTC)

  • It's been interesting so far to try and figure this out. Maybe "Non-Indulgence" could work if we're sticking with that angle of 酔醒? Just throwing that idea out there, so what other ideas we'll have for this will be good discussion topics. HijirinMyouren, 26 September 2019
    • Looking at the japanese definitions, I'd say it roughly means hungover --Yamaxandu (talk) 19:14, 26 September 2019 (UTC)
To me, the current title is fine as it as (although "Lotus Eaters" should be "Lotus-Eaters", with the hyphen intact). 酔醒 just means to get drunk and stop being drunk when you wake up. Basically get drunk then get sober. A hangover is a negative experience you get after you drink, and is always associated with headaches and other nasty symptoms. Plus "hangover" in Japanese is already 二日酔い and that word was used in DBoA's "二日酔いの同床異夢" (Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently). 酔醒 is a different word that has no direct translation in English, it's just "to get drunk then not be drunk". "Sobriety of the Drunken Lotus-Eaters" is fine IMO, it gets the point across accordingly.
Ennin (talk) 8:26, 26 September 2019 (UTC)