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It's a minor issue but when an album doesn't have a catalog number any album covers or banner should to be uploaded using the album name and not a placeholder catalog number, also files should be properly categorized into the album and circle categories (I rarely if ever see this done). Ycdtosa (talk) 23:05, 7 April 2018 (UTC)

Okay, sure - what is the purpose of this though? It is only made to ensure someone won’t name a file something completely out of the place. There is very little probability there will ever be an album named this way, so it doesn’t stay in the way of nothing.--Yamaxandu (talk) 07:59, 8 April 2018 (UTC)
For file naming I believe it's standardized to allow files to be searched for logically and help ensure other language wikis don't unknowingly re-upload the same images. Standards like this simply exist to ensure things are uniform and predictable so are an exception or two won't have a noticeable impact, but making it a habit could, in the case of an unofficial catalog number it could confuse other wiki editors or give people editing other databases the missimpression that an album has a catalog number which it doesn't. Although the more important issue in my opinion is to properly add images to the appropriate categories, it simply helps keep them organized and easy to find. If you upload them using the en wiki instead of the commons your comments will be added to the file page, this makes it easier to remember to add the appropriate categories. If you don't know how to do this all you have to do is navigate your way to a files which doesn't exist (example:'texist.jpg) and click the "upload it" link, by doing this it will be uploaded through the en wiki (and of course appear in the commons also) but will retain whatever comment you add as the page text. I should probably stress again that none of this is actually that important in the grand scheme of things, and ultimately it's of course a much greater benefit to have an up-to-date page for Kurage seek room than if we didn't, I just like to see things done to standard when possible (especially when I believe it would help avoid potential confusion or help keep things organized). Ycdtosa (talk) 14:53, 8 April 2018 (UTC)