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To do:

Editing of format, table of contents.
Changing terms used to ones generally used by the community.
Integrating information from forum discussions on gameplay.

The following are raw information directly copied and pasted from thread. Not licensed for use within the main article, but if reworded, may be used. Please add information to the main article using this resource.


  • Do not hasitate to use Spellcard Attacks!

Spellcard Attacks can be used in both offensive and diffensive manner.
Gauge refills fast enough, so it's recommended to use them without hesitate.

Also, there's Level to Spellcard Attacks.
As you use them many times, the Level goes up and attacks will become more intense.
So use them again and again is short way to gain victory.

  • Use Charged Card Attacks, rather than Quick Card Attacks.

When you use Quick Card Attack, you'll have more delay refilling gauge than you do with Charged Attack.
You tend to get into another trouble while these delays, so unless it's absolutely necessary you better avoid to use Quick Cards.

Especially when a fight goes longer, there'll be threats after threats every seconds so using Quick Card in such situation most likely result in your lose.

  • Use Activated Ghosts wisely, remove these bullets.

These bird-like ghosts comes to you restlessly, so you can activate them at where you'd like to and use them to make a safe point in Danmaku.

Noted that these activated ghosts will self-explode after some period of time, so watch out especially when ghost is activated at side, or behind you.

  • Warning Cut-in, the uses.

While cut-in, everything stops for short period of time.
It may look annoying at first, but if you can find the path to survive in these fleeting moments, you may be able to dodge like a god.

  • Don't get yourself panic syndrome.

Sometimes you'll see horde of random barrages that you can't even imagine of dodging.
But if you give up, you're lost.

That is, a chance.
If you manage properly, you can send lots of bullets to your opponent as well as Spell Points will also increase like mad, resulting in sending both Boss and intense barrages to your opponent.
Now you'll see your path to the victory.

Sometimes there's person that manages to dodge past that without a fairy or ghost, but that's something beyond you, so don't mess with em

  • White Small Bullets, Large bullets, Ghosts. all these are NOT random.

All these bullets and ghosts are not completely random, direction and speed are calculated by some logic.

If you get a gripe of that logic, you're one steop closer to The Master.
It's not recommended to watch only around your character, you should rather see whole screen.

  • Watch out for start of rounds.

When a round goes quite long, you'll get tired by one round.
But, round 2 will start with higher difficulty from begining so if you lose focus, you're lost.

  • Do not pause, while in Match!

You have to think what-to-do-next repeatedly in this game, so you'll notice clock-up of your brain after some period of time.

If you use pause function and break your opponent's rhythm, your opponent may get mad for that and possibily result in murdering, so do not use pause selfishly.
[This sounds... so ZUN-ish ]

  • AI in Story mode is also living, too.

Sometimes you get your butt completely kicked out of clap by AI.
Next round doesn't wait for you, but you don't feel like you could ever win.

In fact, these AI also gets tired after winning, so you may be able to win easily after that.
So, don't give up.

  • You do not want to mess with Lunatic AI, in Match Mode.

They simply just won't die, that's only annoying.
Unless you have indominable skill in shmup and think you're ub3r l33t, I recommend you not to mess with Lunatic.

If, IF you think Lunatic AI aren't enough, it's time for you to find a human opponent.

  • Sometimes it's good to change color for a change.

Pressing down slow button (Shift key in default setting) while choosing character will makes your character 2P color. When your opponent is same character, you can't use same color to your opponent.

  • Set handicap, enjoy sudden-death play.

Setting life at 0.5 balls gives you sudden-death match. (This is also what happens for the extra mode of the game)
Advanced players never need more than one life.

You can't set handicap in Story Mode by default, but pressing slow button while choosing difficulty allows you to set handicap.
But, why do you bother to do so?

1. Win/Lose Judge
When you get hit by enemy/shot/whatever, your vitality will be reduced and when it reaches 0, you're lost. You'll get caution when you've entered state of "one-more-hit-and-death", you'll never die before that caution. There's no way to recover vitality either.

In Story mode, you have lives on top of that.
When you lost a round, life will be reduced and you'll have rematch.
When you've shot down with 0 lives, Game Over.

In Match Mode, the one who won 2 rounds will win the match.

2. Basic Movement

Shot down zerg of fairies heading toward you.
Fairy will explode when dies, and that explode can kill another fairy or these white small bullets, so shooting them down at hot spot works as both offensive and diffensive.

Pressing Drain button (a.k.a slow button) makes you move slower.

As you keep pressing Shot button, your character will charge.
Spellcard Attacks also removes bullets around you so it's important to use them without hesitate. (But it uses gauge)

3. Attacking Opponent
There are 5 types of attack toward opponent.

Barrage Attack
Ghost Attack
Extra Attack
Spellcard Attack
Boss Attack

3-1. Barrage Attack
When you shot down a fairy or remove white small bullets, you can send some white small bullets to your opponent. These bullets may be used by your opponent to attack you again, but after a while, these bullets will turn into larger bullet.

Larger bullet can't be returned to opponent.

3-2. Ghost Attack
When you kill many fairies at one time, or kill a ghost, you can send a ghost to your opponent.
Ghosts are tougher than fairy and a bit hard to shot down, and their explode can't harm fairies nor bullets.

When you capture ghosts in your Drain Radius, ghosts will be activated and stays at that place.

Activated ghosts can be shot down easily and their explosion will have same effect to fairy's.
But if you didn't shot these Activated Ghosts down for while, they'll self-explode and gives some bullets to you.

3-3. Extra Attack
Mainly when you kill a larger ghost, you can send character-specific attack to your opponent.
Effect and amount of these attack varies by character, but most of em are stronger than above 2 attacks.

3-4. Spellcard Attack
When you use a charge attack while you have more than 2 gauges filled, you can perform a Spellcard attack with cost of some gauge.
Spellcards are, of course, character specific and effect varies by character.

2 gauge attack (Fairy Class) may get return attack, while 3 gauge attack (Witch Class) won't be reversal-ed.

  • These attacks also has effect of evaculation, and can wipe bullets/ghosts/opponent's attack around you.

  • About Quick Card Attack button

When you press "Quick Card" button (bomb button in previous series), you can perform card attack immediately with cost of all of your gauges.
Also it automatically performs highest class attack according to current gauge, so you can't choose which one to use.

Use that when you're in danger, or such.

3-5. Boss Attack
When you perform a charge attack with max 4 gauges, or your Spell Point reaches 100k/300l/500k, you can send your illusion to opponent's field.

These illusion will attack automatically, so use em actively.

Also when you perform Boss attack with using your gauge, it wipes all bullets in your field.

  • You can't send 2 of them at same time

  • Boss Reversal

When you perform Boss Attack while having your enemy's boss in your field, it kills enemy's boss immediately and sends Boss to your opponent.
[Because of this and Spell Point bosses, you'll sometimes see Boss Reversal-reversal-reversal (or even more) in fights... that's really shiny]

4. Combo
There's Combo number displayed on upper left of screen.
Shooting fairies down will add 1 combo, that explosion killing another fairy adds 1 more, and removing white small bullets will add 1 per bullet too.
Noted that only these mobs killed (and bullets removed) not by your shots are counted as combo.

As combo number increases, Spell Point will increase faster as well as you'll send more WS bullets/Ghosts/Extra Attacks to your opponent.
The goal is 999 hits!

  • When you kill mob with your shot or get damaged, combo number will be reseted to 0.

5. Spell Point
Numbers next to Combo numbers are Spell Point.
It increases as you make combo, or some other way.
If you start next combo shortly after previous combo has terminated, it'll continue increasing.

When this number exceeds 100k/300k/500k, your character automatically performs Boss Attack (without usage of gauge, but doesn't wipe bullets).

When set period of time has passed without increase of point, or when you get hit, it'll directly added to score.

  • When you got damaged, Spell Point will be reseted to 0.
  • If Spell Point exceeds 999990, it stops increasing and every 1 hit you make will add 5000 to your score directly.

6. zOMG Lily Appears!
When a fight goes long time, or became boring, Lily White appears on both player's field at the same time.

She will release horde of Small/Large bullets before she leave, that's really annoying.

Of course you can shoot her down, and if you do, you can send a lot of Extra Attack to your opponent.

Even after leaving or being shot down for thousand of times she appears without change, that's really annoying fairy.

7. Items

Shooting down Lily or enemy's boss attack will drop one item from following list.

G: Fills your spell gauge to full (Level 4).
弾: Sends a lot of un-returnable bullets to your opponent
EX: Sends a lot of Extra Attack to your opponent
点: Raises your Spell Point for great amount

Alternate Colours!
Hold Shift while selecting to get the alternate colour.
-Mystia: Green dress
-Reimu: Blue dress. Yin Yang attack balls are greenish now
-Marisa: Broom is neon green. The ribbon in her hat is different. Dress is dark purplish. Laser is blue instead of orange.
-Cirno: A darker shade of blue
-Sakuya: Black dress.

Point item value and "rank"[edit]

Source for point item values:

That is: "70000 + 7000*ランク。ただし224000が上限。", which is 70,000 + 7000*rank, with a max of 224,000. This English wiki previously had 100,000 as the constant value for point items (and it had that this 100k also applied to total score, which is incorrect), and this is easy to disprove by watching a replay. However, I do not know how to go about proving this exact equation; I am simply taking it on good faith that the Japanese wiki is correct.

There's a major problem, however: rank isn't defined. Perhaps it was previously defined and deleted, perhaps it was defined elsewhere but never added to the wiki, or perhaps someone was able to analyze PoFV's code and find this equation but wasn't able to determine what the variable actually was so it was just labelled "rank". Regardless, without a quantitative definition of rank, the equation is meaningless outside of the minimum and maximum values, which is why I only put these and not the equation on this English wiki.

So, if someone can find a quantitative definition of rank, please comment.

What follows is a tl;dr of what rank might be qualitatively.

Firstly, although the spell/boss number to the left/right of the spell bar might be thought of as rank, the rank in this equation is not the same thing. Secondly, this rank is most likely related to time, but this relation might be indirect: rank could be dependent upon one or more things that change over time during normal gameplay. I'll explain these two statements over the next two paragraphs.

Rank isn't the spell/boss number or some combination thereof. If it were, when these numbers were maxed, then rank should also be maxed and a point item should increase spell points by 224,000. I watched two replays that demonstrated this wasn't the case, one in story mode and one pvp (testing both modes in case the equation only applied in one mode). With spell/boss numbers maxed for both sides, picking up a point item increased spell points by approximately 189k in one case and 165k in the other (from 332k to 521k in the story mode replay and from 165k to 330k in the pvp replay).

The later in the match, the higher the value of the point item. The 189k increase was at 2:15 and the 165k increase was at 1:51. A third and a fourth pvp replay had a point item collected at 0:37 and 1:41, respectively, and spell points increased from 0 to 144k and from 0 to 168k, respectively. All replays were on lunatic difficulty. Four data points isn't enough to confirm a trend, especially since the value of one at 1:41 was slightly higher than another at 1:51, but these do largely conform to the known trend that the rate of increase of spell points is higher later in a match than at the start of the match (and this cannot be accounted for simply by an increased number of reflectable bullets). Whether this is due to time itself or due to something else that increases naturally over time, such as the total number of reflected bullets or total spells cast over the course of the match, time is at least indirectly related. And since this affects the increase of spell points, it is likely that it is the same thing that affects point item value (since these increase spell points). So this is most likely the rank.K.B. (talk) 02:40, 6 April 2014 (UTC)