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*[[Toyosatomimi no Miko]]
*[[Toyosatomimi no Miko]]
;Gods of Taoism
;Gods of Taoism
*[[Chang'e]] (Not original to Touhou)
*[[Jouga]] (Chang'e) (Not original to Touhou)
*[[Taisui Xingjun]] (Not original to Touhou)
*[[Taisui Xingjun]] (Not original to Touhou)

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Taoism (道教, doukyou, modernly Daoism) is a Chinese religion which, like Japanese Shinto, has its roots in native folklore. Like Buddhism it is an introspective, philosophical religion; its followers seek to live as one with the natural flow of the universe, known as the Tao ("the Way"). While Tao-related practices can be found in many aspects of Chinese and Japanese culture (such as Kōshin and Zen Buddhism), traditionally only dedicated priests and ascetics were identified as "Taoists".

Taoism in Touhou[edit]

During Seiga Kaku's history in the far past, Japan appeared to be one of the few places around this area that wasn't sufficiently populated by the hermits of Taoism presumably due to the Yaoyorozu no Kami of Shinto and the more recent arrival, the Buddhist who were fighting each other for supremacy. Taoism seemed to have disolved more successfully into Japan than Buddism because its concept of immortality appeared to be more appealing.

Characters relevant to this religion[edit]

Gods of Taoism

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