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Team Shanghai Alice in fact consists only of ZUN.

Team Shanghai Alice (上海アリス幻樂団 or 上海アリス幻楽団 Shanhai Arisu Gengakudan, lit. "Shanghai Alice Fantasy Band", formerly known as ZUN Soft) is a Japanese game development organization circle that branched apart from Amusement Makers and continued to develop games for the Touhou series on its own, starting with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Every game Team Shanghai Alice has developed from its creation has been a shooting game of some kind, and currently it seems only to specialize in making danmaku shooting games. The only time it ever developed any other game type was when it collaborated with Twilight Frontier, which resulted in four projectile-based fighting games.


The name "Team Shanghai Alice" was chosen to fit the overall theme of the Touhou Project. "Shanghai" (上海), according to ZUN, is a multicultural city where the East and the West meet. "Alice" can be a child living in the foreign concessions, but the name "Alice" also suggests a fairy-tale element. So together, "Shanghai Alice" encompasses the blend of oriental and western aesthetics along with fantasy. As for "Fantasy Band" (幻樂団), ZUN originally intended his team to be a musical ensemble, so he named his team as such.

Additionally, there's a character called Alice Margatroid, who's got a doll called Shanghai. Hong Meiling's got a theme song called "Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17".


  • ZUN (real name Jun'ya Ota (太田順也 Oota Junya)) — General Producer/Game Designer/Character Graphics/System Graphics/Background Graphics/Sound Effects/Script/Illustrator/Music

According to an Interview in Swedish Player1 Magazine, ZUN is the only member of Team Shanghai Alice. In other words, ZUN does the programming, art, and music entirely all alone.

Game Productions[edit]


Team Shanghai Alice have released a number of albums that include both music arranged from the games and music original to the album. Most of the works are done only by ZUN. But there are several works that are made by the collaboration between him and Twilight Frontier.

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