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This is a combined version of the "Infobox Fangame" and "Infobox Touhou" templates.


Very short description of each parameter. See below for more detailed information. Be sure to check examples first.

{{Infobox Game
| type          =You can give four types: "fangame", "official game", "related game" or "nontouhou game"
| titleN        =Native title of the game (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
| titleN2       =Optional if there's a second language
| lang          =Used to identify what language 'titleN' is – defaulted to 'jp' if left out
| lang2         =Optional if 'titleN2' is used
| titleEn       =English transation/title of the game
| image         =Cover or screenshot of title screen of the game
| caption       =Small caption under the image
| developer1    =Developer
| developer2    =If second, second developer
| publisher1    =Publisher
| publisher2    =If second, second publisher
| publisher1Cat =Category of the publisher
| publisher2Cat =Second category of the publisher
| released      =Full game release date
| released2     =Alternate release date (for expansions, etc.)
| convention    =Convention the game was released
| convention2   =Alternate convention release
| genre1        =Genre of the game
| genre2        =If second, second genre of the game
| genre3        =If third, third genre of the game
| gameplay      =Short gameplay description
| platforms     =Platforms e.g.: Windows
| requirements  =System requirements
| website       =Official website


This is for categorization purposes. If it is an Official Touhou game, give "official game". If it is a game ZUN has contributed to that is not an official Touhou game (e.g. Seihou Project, Uwabami Breakers, etc.), give "related game". The rest should be "fangame"
|type =fangame
|type =official game
Original title of the game in its native language. 'titleN2' is optional is needing another language to display. If title is in Japanese, use this style:
|title = ボン・メイリン
If the title has tildes, remove them as followed:
|titleN = 東方非想天則<br />超弩級ギニョルの謎を追え
|titleN = 東方風神録
Optional. Used to determine what language 'titleN' is in. Use 'lang2' if 'titleN2' is in use. If the title is in Japanese, leave it out.
the title translated/in English. E.g.:
|titleEn = Mountain of Faith
An image of the game. Could be everything. A screenshot, logo, title screen or an official cover.
Caption that goes under the image. Does describe what is happening in the image, just what it is.
e.g.:"Screenshot from Mountain of Faith"
Group who developed the game. Link it to their romanized name and their normal name in brackets.
e.g.: "[[Area-ZERO]] (領域ZERO)"
Same as developer.
A category for the publisher of the game. Only use their romanized name. So "Area-ZERO" instead of "領域ZERO"
Date the full version of the game was released. Use it as "YYYY-MM-DD". If month and day are unknown, only use "YYYY".
e.g.: "2011-03-19"
The convention the full version of the game was released. This will be categorized automatic due to this input. So only give the name.
The game's genre. See Category:Game Genres for a list of usable categories. If nothing fits the game use your own. If it could be split in more parts, use it. You don't have to put "game" behind the genre. That will be done automatic, and same goes for the category.
|genre1 =Action
|genre2 =Role-Playing
|genre3 =Survival
Instead of:
|genre1 =Action Role-Playing Survival Game
Short description of the gameplay. How many players, online etc.
Platforms the game could be used on.
e.g.: Windows XP/7
Requirements to play the game.
A link to the official page for the game.
e.g.: "[http://area-zero.net/product/tsa/index.html Link]"


Use the Nihongo Template. Two examples:

e.g.: {{Nihongo|'''Touhou Sky Arena'''|東方スカイアリーナ|Touhou Sukai Arina}} is a...
Touhou Sky Arena (東方スカイアリーナ Touhou Sukai Arina) is a...

or, if there are tildes:

e.g.: {{nihongo|'''{{lang|ja|東方風神録 ~}} Mountain of Faith'''||Touhou Fuujinroku|"Eastern Wind God Chronicles"}} is the...
東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith (Touhou Fuujinroku, "Eastern Wind God Chronicles")

Then the optional information comes. But a short gameplay and story should be included.