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The Grimoire of Marisa/Komachi Onozuka's Spell Cards

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Death Song "Ferry of the Deep Fog"
死歌「八重霧の渡し」 Death Song "Ferry of the Deep Fog"
• 使用者 小野塚小町 • User: Komachi Onozuka
• 備考 水上じゃなくても出る、私自らタイプ [1] • Notes: Possible on land too, "I personally" type [2]
• 参考度 参考にする気は無い • Reference Level: I ain't feeling this one
幽霊を大量に乗せた舟で体当たりするスペルカード。 A Spell Card where she rams you with a boat that a bunch of phantoms are riding on.
この本は、対処法を研究するためと言うより、私の魔法の幅を広める為に様々なスペルカードを記録しているのだが、勝手に幽霊が付いてくるなんてとても参考にならない。 I'm recording various Spell Cards in this book not to research countermeasures for them, but rather to widen my own magical repertoire. But there's no point in referencing something where the ghosts just decided to tag along of their own accord.
それにしても、幽霊は宙に浮いていて船に乗っていないし、こいつの仕事って何なんだ? That aside, though, the phantoms are just floating in the air. They're not actually riding in the boat. What the heck is her job, anyway?
Malice Sign "Regretful Bound Spirits"
恨符「未練がましい緊縛霊」 Malice Sign "Regretful Bound Spirits"
• 使用者 小野塚小町 • User: Komachi Onozuka
• 備考 水辺には霊が寄ってくるらしい • Notes: Seems like phantoms tend to gather around waterfronts
• 鬱陶しさ ★★★★★ • Gloominess: ★★★★★
幽霊が纏わり付いてくるスペルカード。 A Spell Card where phantoms cling to you and follow you around.
幽霊が纏わり付くのは最高に邪魔だ。ヤブ蚊なら追っ払えるが、幽霊は素通りだから手に負えない。 Having phantoms cling to you is the worst kind of nuisance. You can shoo away mosquitoes, but your hand will just go right through a phantom.
ん? 素通りなのにダメージを喰らうというのはどういう事なのか。幽霊の鬱陶しさの秘密はそこに隠されていそうだ。 Hm? Why do you still take damage if they just pass through you? I bet the secret of the phantoms' gloominess must be hidden there.
Death Price "Price of Life"
死価「プライス・オブ・ライフ」 Death Price "Price of Life"
• 使用者 小野塚小町 • User: Komachi Onozuka
• 備考 主に宴会で人気者、奴隷タイプ(インビジブル) • Notes: Mainly a popular party trick, servant-type (invisible)
• 信憑性 ★ • Believability: ★
対戦相手の一生の価値をお金に換えて見せるスペルカード。 A Spell Card that changes the value of the opponent's life into money and shows it to them.
お金に囲まれた自分の動揺が、美しさに(キズ)を付ける恐ろしい弾幕だ。 As you're surrounded by money, your own agitated movement tarnishes its beauty in this fearsome danmaku.
しかし気になるのが、誰がこの占いをして貰っても大してお金の量に差がないんだよなぁ。何かただ単に遊ばれているだけか? But what interests me is that, no matter who she does this little fortune-telling show for, the amount of money is basically the same... is she just messing with us?
ちなみに、人間の一生はプライスレスだ。 By the way, a human's life is priceless.


  1. A possible reference to a line from Klaus, the final boss of Xexex, "I myself will come out!" (Watashi mizukara ga deru!, 私自らが出る!). Despite the quality of the game itself, the low-quality character graphics and the final boss's humorously bizarre last words have given the game-- and this line in particular-- memetic notoriety among Japanese shooting game fans.
  2. A pun in Japanese. 私自ら ('I personally', watashi mizukara) is pronounced identically to the words 渡し ('ferriage', watashi) and 水から ('from the water', mizu kara). 自ら can also be pronounced 'onozukara'.

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