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(Spell Cards)
(Spell Cards)
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==Spell Cards==
==Spell Cards==
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==Corin Charite==
==Corin Charite==

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Most of the characters in The Last Comer are original and non-existent in the Touhou Project. The following three are, however, officially part of the Touhou Project and are playable characters in The Last Comer, each with three different shot types. With exception, the rest below are the originals.

Reimu Hakurei
Shrine Maiden of the Sun

Reimu Hakurei
Playable Character

The same well-known Shrine Maiden as every time before. The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.

Borrowing the power of Amaterasu-Oomikami, she was suppressing the Morning Star. If the star which acts as a symbol of the night shines brighly in the middle of the day, the youkai who depend on darkness in Gensokyo would gain strength. To the Shrine Maiden, whose occupation is the extermination of Youkai, there is no situation as inconvenient as this. The Hakurei Shrine maiden who long ago solved a very incident-like incident so splendidly, will now show her magnificence. The Offertory box that took in nothing but rain water and dust was sufficient reason for her to get serious.



明けの明星は、彼女が天照大神の力を借りて鎮めている。 夜の象徴たる星が昼に輝けば、幻想郷の闇の存在たる妖怪の力が強まる。 妖怪退治が生業の巫女にしてみれば、これ程都合の悪い話は無い。 久々の異変らしい異変、見事解決して博麗の巫女の素晴らしさを見せつけてやる。 雨水と埃ばかりが入る賽銭箱は、彼女に本気を出させるには十分な物だった。

Marisa Kirisame
Witch of the Starry Sky

Marisa Kirisame
Playable Character

The ordinary witch living in Gensokyo. She has a habit of collecting things.

To Marisa, the fact that the Morning Star was shining so brightly was not that serious of an event. More then that, the meteorite which had fallen within her reach pulled strongly on her interest as a collector of rare articles. With Gensokyo cut off from the outside world, and her vigorous thirst for knowledge, objects that sometimes come in from the outside world were like a gift from God. [In comparison to that, this was surely a great incident that would shake Gensokyo.]



明けの明星が強く輝こうが、それは魔理沙にとってはさほど重大な事ではなかった。 それよりも、自身の手の届く所に落ちて来た隕石にこそ、珍品コレクターの興味は強く引かれていた。 外界と途絶された幻想郷において、知識欲旺盛な彼女にとって 外の世界から時折やって来るものは神の賜物であった。それが例え幻想郷を揺るがす一大異変であろうとも。

Sakuya Izayoi
Head Maid of the Full Moon

Sakuya Izayoi
Playable Character

The Scarlet Devil Mansion's elegant Servant. Due to the orders of her master Remilia Scarlet, she rises up to solve an incident for the first time in a long time.

To Remilia, who lives in the night, the shining Morning Star was something that should be welcomed. Therefore, Sakuya received orders to stand in the way of the shrine maiden and her friends who sought to take back the world of day and light. "So, 'The danger is past and God is forgotten' is something like this." Even though she dared to think this way, she stayed silent. Even if things are left as they are, the truth of the incident must be ascertained. That's because this incident won't necessarily bring darkness to Gensokyo. To the girl who could manipulate time, reading the future was the one thing she couldn't do.



夜の闇に生きるレミリアにとって、明けの明星の輝きは歓迎すべき物であった。 ゆえに咲夜は、光と昼の世界を取り戻そうとする巫女達を阻めと命令を受ける。 喉元過ぎれば何とやらとはこの事か。そう思ったけれど敢えて黙っていた。 それはさて置いても、異変の真相は突き止めねばならない。 必ずしもこの異変が幻想郷に闇をもたらすと決まったわけではないのだから。 時間を操る力を持つ彼女も、未来に起こる事だけは読む事は出来ない。

Marry Shepherd[edit]

メリーシェパード ()
Marry Shepherd
TLC Marry Shepherd.png
Marry Shepherd in The Last Comer
The Shepherd of the Forest and Happiness
More Character Titles



Ability to count sheep

Music Themes


Marry Shepherd (メリーシェパード) is the stage one boss.


Marry Shepherd is a fairy based on sheep, with several design features reminiscent of a sheep’s wool coat. Her role in the story is loosely inspired by the Book of Revelation, where a “Lamb having seven horns and seven eyes” initiates the end of the world.


Marry is a very uncommon variant of “Mary”, and carries the same connotation of “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”. Shepherd relates to Marry’s ability to command flocks of sheep. Her full name might be a reference to Mary Shepard, the illustrator of Mary Poppins.


Marry has green eyes, long, cream-colored hair stylized like wool, and a red bow on her head. She wears a white blouse with red trimmings on the sleeves and a short, orange dress with wool lining the hem. She has wool wristbands and a thin, red string tied around her neck. Her knee-length bloomers are visible from beneath the skirt, and she wears a small, white apron with a red bow tied around her back. Marry has white socks and red shoes with small puffs of wool on top.


In Stage 1, Marry is looking for one of her lost sheep in the burning forest. The heroines encounter her and do battle with her, and Marry finds the lost sheep soon afterwards.

It is later revealed in the game that Marry is actually a significant cause of the incident. She stole the holy Book of Revelations as a prank and opened its seals, bringing the apocalypse upon Gensokyo.

Spell Cards[edit]

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
散符「コットンブリーズ」 Scatter Sign "Cotton Breeze" TLC St. 1: H
散符「コットンブリザード」 Scatter Sign "Cotton Blizzard" TLC St. 1: L
群符「羊が一匹羊が二匹」 Group Sign "One Sheep Two Sheep" TLC St. 1: E/N
群符「群羊駆りて猛虎攻む」 Group Sign "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" TLC St. 4: H/L
偵符「ストレイシープファインダー」 Spy Sign "Stray Sheep Finder" TLC St. 1: E/N
彷符「善き羊飼い」 Stray Sign "The Good Shepherd" TLC St. 4: H/L
メリー奥義「サンダーウール」 Merry Arcanum "Thunder Wool" TLC St. Ex


Official Profiles[edit]