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Marisa's Good Ending

In order to search for the lost Ancient Text Michel was searching for, Marisa thought to look either here or in the underground library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Rinnosuke: "A book with 7 seals titled 'Revelations'... now that I think about it, a little before this incident a fairy stole a book like that as a prank."

Marisa: "That book is the source of this incident? What in the world is it?"

Michel: "A record of a prophecy that told of the imminent destruction and rebirth of the world. Where we come from, a prophecy like that is the same as fact."

By "Prophecy" they meant words given to humans by God, otherwise known as a "vision". If such a thing made reference to the future, then such an outcome was fundamentally inevitable. There would be no possible means to avoid it.

(If someone with that kind of authority said it, were the people he spoke to not just unconsciously making it a reality?)
Though Marisa thought this, it wasn't that important, so she held her peace. Really though, actually holding enough influence for something like that to happen is amazing in and of itself.

Iesua: "However, no one besides my Father knows when the last day shall dawn. Indeed, not even I know this. Ah, but the children of men grew so fearful of this prophecy that it ended up hidden within the depths of the Church."

Marisa: "And like that it was forgotten, and ended up here. And on top of that, they still ended up making a dangerous situation by themselves. I can't help but wonder how the seven seals were broken..."

Michel: "That is what makes my heart sink. Please look. This is a copy of the book I borrowed from Raziel..."

Michel brought out another copy of the book. They didn't know what it meant, but the title "REVELATIONS" was visible. It didn't seem to have any sort of spiritual power, but apparently its contents were identical to that of the book they were searching for.

Michel: "Here. According to the prophecy, the one who would release the seals is described as being a 'lamb'. Of course, it doesn't mean that literally, it's a metaphor referring to Iesua, however..."

Marisa: "Hm? A lamb? Hey, Kourin, it couldn't possibly be that the fairy who stole the book was..."
Rinnosuke: "Ah, it was that fairy leading a flock of sheep."

Though it was spring, the wind that blew through for an instant felt like it came from the dead of winter.

Michel: "B-but... Something like that have temporarily removed the seals, but to actually cause the apocalypse here in Gensokyo? See, look here, the repentant children of men will refuge at Mount Zion, also called Mount Moriah! It's written as a proper noun, there can be no mistake!"

Marisa: "...Mount Moriah, is it?"
Rinnosuke: " Moriya, huh?"

Iesua: "...Father, please do not hold this sin against them..."

The bizarre theory that a mountain in this country that was identical to the "Mount Sinai" that Michel originally gave the 10 commandments to Moses on, the Holy Ground of Christianity where the meaning of Faith was explained, did in fact exist.

What's more, the very fact that it was a bizarre theory may have made it all the more likely that it had temporarily appeared in Gensokyo.
Incidentally, it seemed that Michel and Iesua's God made his prophecies more specific after this incident.

GOOD END - A Popular Story of a Foreign Culture


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