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True Ending

Iesua: "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. I beg you, forgive these people..."

After a fierce battle, the three children of men overcame the child of God. Having used up all her strength, Iesua shed her brilliant light and fell into the sea of clouds.

Sakuya: "She's so troublesome right up until the end... It seems I'll have to stop time and save her."
Mumumu: "That won't be necessary. I have already seen to this Child's life."

Even though time was already stopped, from within the clouds appeared the Devil, Iesua in her arms.

Iesua: "Satan, why did you help me?"

Mumumu: "I wonder. It certainly wasn't anything I wanted to do. Though I once manipulated the one named Judas of Iscariot, it seems this time he's the one manipulating me. Whether thou believe me or not is thine own business."

Iesua: "Release Judas' spirit. I must bestow forgiveness upon him. I know that for my sake, none other than he bore the greatest of suffering. For that reason have I come here. For that reason have I waited so long for a chance to confront you again."

Mumumu: "Thou art still talking about that old story? ...very well. His usefulness has already come to an end. Take him."

Reimu could see, from Mumumu to Iesua, the passing of a single human soul.

Marisa could see Iesua's constantly weary expression break down, as she finally began to smile.
Sakuya could see, glittering in the morning sun, her tears of joy.

Iesua: "...thank you. You are my Father's enemy, but today, I will forgive you."
Mumumu: "Hah. Is it really okay for Yahweh's child to be talking like that?"

Iesua: "My Father also wished for exactly this."
Mumumu: "...w-what?"

Iesua: "Just as I have forgiven you, so has my Father forgiven you. We wanted to give you a second chance, so we came to seal the prophecy of Satan's destruction once again."

Iesua: "I know of all those who are forced to hide their suffering. I was born for the sake of forgiving them. You don't have to suffer any more... just to tell them that one thing."

Mumumu: "Lies."
Iesua: "Whether you believe or not is your own business... right? Believe, and you will be saved."

Turning from Mumumu, who had gone stiff with surprise, she turned her gaze to Reimu and her group. Or rather, her gaze sought someone farther beyond them.

Iesua: "Now, I already know you are hiding yourself there, Archangel Michel."
Michel: "Gya!"

Iesua: "You are the one who lost the book of prophecy, who brought this calamity upon this land. And fearing my Father's wrath, you came here to suppress the event before anyone else could find out."

Michel: "Aaah... there is no longer any meaning in trying to hide it. My Lord, I will immediately return to You my sword and my wings-"
Iesua: "-you don't have to suffer anymore."

Michel: "...huh?"

Iesua: "You also have suffered enough, knowing of your error. In so doing, you have brought about this meeting between Satan and myself. So, I will forgive you. I will bear your sin in your stead."

Michel: "Iesua..."

Was it okay to let the culprits of this incident handle everything themselves? Marisa and Sakuya aside, the number one person who couldn't approve of that was Reimu. Finally growing impatient, the shrine maiden made her move.

Reimu: "Who do you think you are, just going around forgiving everyone by yourself? In Gensokyo, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who gets to set the rules."

Iesua: "Child of Man, please do not hold this sin against them. The one who was born to carry all sin, to carry all suffering, was me. However, if you are the Law of this land, then I will listen to what you have to say."

"How much of a softy could thou be," Mumumu started saying before quickly cutting herself off. Thinking about it, her expression said it was something that had become obvious a long time ago.

Marisa: "So, Reimu, what's your decision?"

Reimu: "How about you guys?"

Sakuya: "Just let them go."
Marisa: "Eh, if they agree to teach me some of their Holy Army magic, it's no big deal."

Reimu: "I guess it's unanimous then. This incident is hereby closed."
Iesua: "...huh?"

Reimu: "My job is to punish the culprits of the incident, that's all."
Sakuya: "Now that I look, it seems the water in the lake has returned to normal as well."

Marisa: "Next time, bring some wine to the Shrine. Flower-viewing season isn't over yet!"
Iesua: "Aah..!"

At that, Iesua broke down crying. Of Reimu's group, not a single one of them understood why.

The treacherous disciple was forgiven, the angel was pardoned, and even the detestable Demon King was saved. The Child of God, who had forgiven everyone, had herself just wanted to be forgiven.
Forgiven by her disciples, and then 2000 years later forgiven once again by humans, the Son of Man who had gambled his life for the sake of forgiveness saw that his work was not in vain, and so she wept.

Another day, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion...

Marisa could be seen fishing through Patchouli's books, looking for something. It seemes as though things had gone back to normal.

Marisa: "I never knew the Bible had such interesting stories in it before..."
Patchouli: "...even though last time you closed it without reading a single page."

The first page of the New Testament, detailing Iesua's lineage all the way back to Abraham. What was the point? You could see the same thing by looking in any hotel's guest book.

Sakuya: ", did Lucifer and Yahweh manage to make peace?"
Marisa: "Yeah, as an apology for all that had happened 'til now, He gave him a 1000 year-long hot bath, it seems."

Patchouli: "Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems to me that not much has changed."
Marisa: "It's fine as long as they're happy, right?"

As penace, the Demon King, who had been defeated in the battle at the End of the World, would be thrown into the Lake of Fire for 1000 years.

Sakuya: "And what about the soul of Judas, who was released?"
Marisa: "Iesua took him back with her. There are so many divine spirits and earthly spirits here, he wouldn't survive if he got mixed up with them. By the way, it seems they're going to thank Reimu with a going away party... interested?"

-Hakurei Shrine-

Well, no... after what had happened, it could hardly be called a Shrine.

Patchouli: "...heh."

Sakuya: "..."
Reimu: "...if you're going to laugh, just laugh..."

Marisa: "Hahahahahaha!"

This is Gensokyo, on the edge of the World.

The final paradise for the forgotten, who had drifted in from the outside.
That paradise would be ready today, and tomorrow, to greet that rare visitor who had caused so much trouble for the Shrine Maiden.
For tomorrow, in that Gensokyo at the edge of the world, the sun will surely rise!

TRUE END - The Kingdom Of God Will Surely Come
True Ending
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