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This page does not feature all the enemies, but only the principal one, and those with special traits.

Basic Foes[edit]

Please note that the name given are not the official.

Normal Fairy[edit]

They are the most common in the game. They are showed in various position, e.g. flying, walking, jumping, etc. They also shoot various bullet pattern. Some react only when you react. Exemple, when you jump, they slide. When you attack, they jump, etc.

Defense Fairy[edit]

They generally wear red&blue overalls. They cannot be melee attacked exept by slash attacks. Exept this little matter, they are totally similar to basic fairies.


Very basic enemy with no attack, and pretty weak. Some jump, some walk, some do both.

Big Kedema[edit]

Like normal kedema, they don't attack and can move around, but they are much more resistant and more hit are required in order to defeat them.

Black Kedema[edit]

Immune to all damage. Cannot be hited.


Harder than basic foes, they also come with resistances.


Kisume is shown a bit everywhere, now and then. She is immune to Non-Elemental Damage, most character won't be able to hit her with ranged attack. She can still be hited with melee attacks tho.


Chen will idle for a while before starting to fly on random parts of the screen while shooting circle of bullet. It is easier to defeat her before she start moving.

Lunasa Prismriver[edit]

Create a batch of note making a circular motion that will come backward once before being shot. She is also immune to non-elemental damage like Kisume.

Merlin Prismriver[edit]

Attack with Lunasa's similarity, exept they won't come backward before making a circle motion. She is also immune to non-elemental damage.

Lyrica Prismriver[edit]

Like her two sister she shot notes of music in a circle motion, but this time there are more notes and they are individual. She is also immune to non-elemental damage.

Ran Yakumo[edit]

Idle for a while, then start flying whiel shooting bullets in random directions. She dissapear and come back often, often making physical damage from her. She is immune to melee attacks.

Minoriko Aki[edit]

Idle all the time, create 2 circle of bullet and throw them away afterwhat.

Hina Kagiyama[edit]

Has two poses: 1.Walking pose: She walks toward the player, then jump and create a circle of bullet, loop process. 2.Flying poses: She fly in a limited zone, and throw circle of bullet on constant times.

Wriggle Nightbug[edit]

Very quick and avoid most melee attacks. Spamming melee attacks may result in her not being able to shot at all.

Mystia Lorelei[edit]

Makes high jumps then create similar pattern from her non-spell in Imperishable Night. The second time she does, she will create extra bullet that create others.