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Touhou Danmaku Kagura
Touhou Danmaku Kagura



DeNA /

  • JP: August 4, 2021 (Google Play Store Japan), August 5 2021 (iPhone Appstore Japan)

Mobile Danmaku Rhythm Game


Android, iOS

  • Android 8 or higher (Android OS)
  • iOS 13 or higher (iPhone)
Official Site


Touhou Danmaku Kagura (or simply Danmaku Kagura or Dankagu) (東方ダンマクカグラ) is a mobile rhythm game developed by AQUA STYLE and published by DeNA & Xeen. It is the first dedicated Touhou arrangement and original Touhou song rhythm game to be released on smartphones and with gacha mechanics. It is released in August 4, 2021 while the iPhone version is released one day after.


The rhythm game session will be presenting the character having a danmaku battle against an opponent with a beatmap on the foreground. The player must beat the song played in the battle without missing too many beats.

Players can also customize the characters' "playground" that's based from any areas within the Touhou lore with some furnitures, accessories et cetera.


Due to the instability of human and youkai boundary, Gensokyo was utterly destroyed. However, the denizens seemed to be fine. Then, strange objects in a form of soap bubble called Yumemitama appeared and depicted a common fanwork interpretation of a Heroine (i.e. destitute Reimu) or possessed anyone nearby. Furthermore, the major incidents that has already solved reoccured after a new spot has been built. In order to rebuild Gensokyo, the girls would perform a ritual called "Danmaku Kagura" and gathered the energy out of it.


Danmaku Kagura features various arrangement from various circles. The contributing circles & singers for the game are:

Unknown X

Unknown X (previously known as Unknown Sponsor X) is the main sponsor of this game. Actually, it is a group of Touhou circles which regularly funds Touhou events. It is symbolized as a yukkuri Reimu with sunglasses over the forehead with "X" alphabet printed on both tints while constantly holding a device with her hair. She speaks with a yukkuri tone that's famous within the Japanese Touhou fandom. Unknown X has provided few streams to give some basic knowledge about Touhou and some tips in the official site. Unknown X is led by JYUNYA from AQUASTYLE.