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Spell Card Story Mode 1
Gushing Spring "Heated Oni's Excavation Strike"
Yuugi Hoshiguma
Spell Card Story Mode 2
Vengeful Spring "Hot Spring of Paradise and Hell"
Yuugi Hoshiguma


  1. 怨泉: Pun on 温泉(Hot Springs), with the first character swapped with the identically-pronounced character for "vengeful".
  2. 極楽 (Gokuraku lit. "Full of Sukha") is the Japanese name of Sukhavati, the Buddha Amitabha's paradise. The word is also commonly used to describe pleasant situations, such as a hot spring bath. 地獄 (Jigoku lit. "Earth Prison") is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese concept of hell, Diyu, which in turn was heavily influenced by the Indian Buddhist Naraka.
  3. 温泉地獄 (onsen jigoku) is pun combining the words 温泉地 (onsenchi lit. "earthen hot spring") and 地獄 (Jigoku lit. "Earth Prison/Hell"). There is also a Japanese tradition, especially in Beppu, that refers to hot springs as hells (jigoku).