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Here's the list of Touhou Wiki staff. Stewards are site-wide technical administrators; while they may do editing and local wiki administration here and there, they mainly provide deep technical support. Bureaucrats and Administrators are the local wiki admins; they control user rights configuration and file/article management. Please contact your local wiki admin staff for help with deleting pages and categories, editing locked pages, etc.

Touhou Wiki ([edit]

User Level Description Active Wikis Timezones Language
Mami Steward, Bureaucrat (en) Steward, Wiki Relations en America/Los Angeles (UTC -8:00) en
Yaroneko Bureaucrat (de) de Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00) de, en
ZabeR Bureaucrat (es) es
Risaiku Bureaucrat (es) Spanish Facebook Page, Spanish Twitter Account es America/Mexico (UTC -07:00) es, en
Koakuma Bureaucrat (pt) Gadgets Implementation (pt touhou wiki), Ortography Check (pt), Portuguese Facebook Page en, pt America/Sao_Paulo(UTC -3:00) (DST) (UTC -2:00) pt, en, es
Coyc Bureaucrat (ru, uk acting) ru, uk Europe/Moscow (UTC +3:00) ru, uk, en
GDK Bureaucrat (tr) tr Europe/Turkey (UTC +3:00) en, tr
Lauqerm Bureaucrat (vi) vi (UTC +7:00) vi
Another Oni Bureaucrat (vi) (Wiki Facebook page) vi (UTC +7:00) vi, en
KyoriAsh Bureaucrat (zh) (Wiki Facebook page) zh Asia/Kuala Lumpur (UTC +8:00) en, ja, ms, zh, zh-yue, zh-min-nan
Mifil Bureaucrat (pl) pl Europe/Warsaw (UTC +1:00) pl, en
Alfa Administrator it it, en
Kim Belacqua the Fox Administrator pt America/Brazil/Fortaleza (UTC -3:00) pt, en
CzerstfyChlep Administrator pl pl
Hyn Administrator es America/Colombia (UTC -05:00) es, en
Quwanti Administrator en, nl Europe/Amsterdam (UTC +1:00) nl, en
Lemington Administrator ru Asia/Vladivostok (UTC +10:00) ru, en
Garam Administrator ko ko
YECK Administrator zh (UTC +8:00) zh

Inactive, suspended, incubating, or yet-unstaffed wikis[edit]

User Level Description Active Wikis Timezones Language
None at this time Bureaucrat (sv) sv
None at this time Bureaucrat (it) it
None at this time Bureaucrat (ko) ko
None at this time Bureaucrat (nl) nl

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