Unstable and Unimaginable Power

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東方稀濳群 (とうほうきせんぐん)
Unstable and Unimaginable Power
Jewel Case

Team Magnitude Manipulators


v1.00a September 30, 2018


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player Story Mode


Windows Vista/7/8/10


DirectX 9 or later
Graphics device supporting shader model 3.0 or later
512 MB of empty memory

Touhou Kisengun (Rare and Concealed Crowd) ~ Unstable and Unimaginable Power (東方稀濳群 ~ Unstable and Unimaginable Power.) is a fan-made Touhou Project game made in 30 days for the Hakurei Cleaning Game Jam, made part in the LuaSTG engine and part in the Game Maker engine, by Team Magnitude Manipulators.


There is only 1 player character for the main game, Reimu Hakurei.
However, Reimu is not in the extra stage, instead Marisa Kirisame is the protagonist.
Since the deadline for the game was so short, the team had to cut down play time, resulting in the game being only a 3-stage one, but to compensate, there are more spellcards and length compared to a normal stage.


The concept for this game was made by Ryann1908, one of the team members.
The original story was about someone related to Rikako Asakura, but that was soon scrapped due to being unoriginal.
Later, sketches for the final boss were made, but most of them were also scrapped.
The game was originally going to be made only in LuaSTG, but new ideas popped in and they decided to also add additional content using Game Maker 8.0 Pro.
Really early in the beginning, the game was going to be instead Desintegrated Memories, but that one wasn't approved either.
The development progress was also very broken, due to unorganized tasks and priorities. However, the game was still published in time.
Originally, the game were to also have an extra stage, and everything was already planned, but due to time limits, the stage was scrapped to be later on added in an update.
This game was made as an entry to the Hakurei Cleaning Game Jam, a jam in which you had to create a Touhou fangame in 1 month.



The game features a total of 10 tracks, made by Gusano2314 and ElianTempest; 3 songs for stages, 3 for bosses, one for the title, one for the launcher, one for spell practice, and one for the player's score theme.

Ryann1908 has said his favorite songs are the stage 2 theme, the stage 2 boss theme, and the stage 3 theme. Of course, the other songs are great as well.


The game was released as an entry to the Hakurei Cleaning Game Jam, on September 30th, 2018.


The game was made by Team Magnitude Manipulators, in which the integrants are Ryann1908 (developer,etc), Tesumanda (artist), Gusano2314 (musician/composer), ElianTempest (musician/composer), Talguy21 (playtester).