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This page describes Reimu Hakurei's moveset in Urban Legend in Limbo.

Melee Attacks[edit]

Projectile Attacks[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

5C: When used in mid- or high-altitude, first dashes forward and up before angling forward and down. When used in low-altitude, Reimu dashes diagonally down first, then back up. Its range cannot be altered, so using it effectively requires good spacing.
6C: Fires fast-moving projectile in a narrow cone in front of Reimu that travel the entire screen.
4C: Creates a barrier in front of Reimu that blocks one projectile.
8C: Delivers a kick that travels straight upwards a short distance.
2C: Jumps into the air, then vanish before reappearing in a different location for an angled dive kick.

Spell Cards[edit]

Occult Specials[edit]

Strange Last Word[edit]