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<toggledisplay showtext="Show Profile" hidetext="Hide Profile"> If you edit this page, bad things will happen. In other words, nothing.

More Character Titles



Human (Claims to be a shikaisen)


None (Claims to have instant transmission and manipulation of theft)


Unknown (Claims to be over 1,000 years old)


Human (Claims to be a hermit teacher)


Earth (Claims to live in Venus)

Music Themes
  • 狂乱状態の運命 ~ Heart Curse (Not a real theme)
Official Games
  • Game from Lala Land (Touhou Aruheitou)
Print Works
  • Book from Lala Land (Touhou Aruheitou)
Music CDs
  • CD from Lala Land (Touhou Aruheitou)

A shikaisen from Venus. I teach kids how to become hermits. I live in Venus. I steal things when I'm broke. I can use instant transmission. I often use hax abilities such as making up random abilities on the spot. Of course, this is only a figment of Lala Land.

OKAY, I am ChocolateLily, a girl born in Japan but living in Australia. I like turtles! (Please note: Everything stated above is not true. Including the stealing part.)

I play and fail at DotA. Lesale Deathbringer is kawaii. Who agrees with me!?!?!



Chocolate is a confectionery and Lily is a flower. But my favorite food is rice and my favorite flower is an iris. The katakana for my name is チョコレト.リリ (romanized Chokoreto Riri). If you translate it to kanji, it would be 有平糖 百合 (Aruheitou Yuri) which technically means, 'Chocolate Lily'.


An idiot and a nerd depending on the situation. Can be described as very, very, very, very, very lazy. I like the GLOOMY POWER OF LOVE, it's just so awesome. In some way. I like to play Shoot the Bullet for two hours and whine about Sakuya and Remilia being so hard. And then later play Double Spoiler only to want to kill Yuugi for having intense danmaku patterns. It should be noted I have an obsession with pineapples. If you bring a plate of pineapples to something, if you wonder where they all went, they're in my stomach.

I like to spew random words, for example, 'abomination'.


Youmu Konpaku

More than a waifu. She means a lot to me.

Utsuho Reiuji

She's not more than a waifu, but she IS more than a waifu. MY BRAIN IS FULL OF...

Toyosatomimi no Miko

She is my waifu. I love her.

Kanako Yasaka

My sword enemy. I hate her so much. The only reason why I would like her is because of how fun her final spell is on MoF. Other then that, I hate her.

Additional Information[edit]


  • Despite the fact that I'm genuinely from Saturn Japanese, I suck at it and can't speak it to save my life.
  • I like pop rock and metal, but Touhou music is amazing.
  • I love planets. They are so magical. My favorite planet is Venus. Then Neptune, then Saturn then I don't know. Pluto is the best planet ever!
    • Am I the only one that still considers Pluto a planet?
  • My real name is not Lily, it is Luna.


  • Youtube account (There's nothing on there, but there's always the inbox button)
  • Seiga RP Page (For those who have Facebook. MYSPACE USERS CAN LEAVE)
  • Tojiko RP Page (Another Facebook RP. Don't worry, I won't stalk you and hunt you down.)
  • Miko RP Page (This is the last of the RPs, promise!!)

Top 10 Touhou Characters[edit]

  1. Youmu Konpaku (She's not my waifu, but something more...)
  2. Utsuho Reiuji (In between a waifu and more than a waifu.)
  3. Toyosatomimi no Miko (My waifu. I love her.)
  4. Rin Kaenbyou (Please don't bring out your dead, that hurts my feelings)
  5. Koishi Komeiji (The GLOOMY POWER OF LOVE is awesome.)
  6. Nazrin (I was tricked into drinking cheese juice, you see)
  7. Satori Komeiji (She's a troll.)
  8. Mima (She won Touhoumon for me. Wiped out all of Master Nitori's team on her own.)
  9. Iku Nagae (Disco fever? THUNDER ATTACK!)
  10. Sariel (She appears in several of my works)



What I'm working on at this wiki: Nothing. Yup, I just edit whatever I see is a mistake or what I can add.

That's it. Well, don't hesitate to ask questions.
Don't Have a great day!

Okuu 06:35, 29 October 2011 (UTC) </toggledisplay>

Before I became a Touhou Fan[edit]

<toggledisplay showtext="Show Profile" hidetext="Hide Profile"> A weirdo who was obsessed with Green Day and Short Stack. I played DotA all the time. However, I was still the same lazy-ass I was. Never practiced piano and just played games. Often wasted money on anime products. Ever since finding out about Touhou, I've gone corrupt O_O

I played SO much DotA, I nearly fell in love with Lesale Deathbringer. Even now as a Touhou fan, I still find him adorable.



I was often nicknamed 'noob'. I'm pretty sure you all know what that means. Ah, but my real name is Luna. That's the name of the earth's moon, although I don't think that's the reason why I was called that...


I was much more different before meeting Touhou. I liked to party, however if alcohol was allowed I would just skip it and go out to play soccer. I usually focused on study but got lazier every year. I loved to watch anime, too. I cherish (and I still do it) my L Lawliet necklace and sleep (I still do it) with my Ritsu Tainaka doll :3


Tomoyo Sakagami

My favourite anime character. She's even my avatar on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope.

L Lawliet

Eh... my favourite male anime character :3

Lesale Deathbringer

Hydralisks! <3

Legit people


Additional Information[edit]


  • I love memes. I eventually came across McRoll'd. Then I found Touhou...
  • Before listening to Touhou music, I listened to Short Stack and Green Day mostly.


  • It's fun to play as Luna Moonfang on DotA and listen to the announcer say "HOLY SHIT!" and the screen reads "SATORI_SAMA is BEYOND GODLIKE. Someone KILL HIM!" and get offended because it says "him" instead of "her".
  • It's also fun to play as Lesale Deathbringer and do the same.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


And? </toggledisplay>