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lol imagine a scenario if:

Overall world records[edit]

The single highest recorded score in each Touhou game, without regard to character selection or difficulty level.

TH# Game Score Player Difficulty Character/Route Date Replay
6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 700,103,080 [[WGH]] Lunatic Reimu-A 2015/02/13 Replay
7 Perfect Cherry Blossom 3,203,112,470 [[Keith]] Lunatic Marisa-A 2017/11/29 Replay
8 Imperishable Night 6,667,175,230 [[DennouNeko]] Lunatic Sakuya/Route Final "B" (stage 6) 2016/08/24 Replay
10 Mountain of Faith 2,249,930,780 [[Ibaraki Ibuki]] Lunatic Reimu-B 2018/06/17 Replay
11 Subterranean Animism 5,000,002,390 [[Darkslime]] Lunatic Reimu-C 2017/12/25 Replay
12 Undefined Fantastic Object 3,301,123,100 [[Totaku]] Lunatic Marisa-A 2015/03/31 Replay
12.8 Fairy Wars 115,424,000 [[DeltaSierra4]] Lunatic Cirno, Route B-2 2019/05/24 Replay
13 Ten Desires 3,782,496,520 [[Momiji]] Lunatic Sanae 2016/05/05 Replay
14 Double Dealing Character {{{TH14Score}}} [[{{{TH14Player}}}]] {{{TH14Mode}}} {{{TH14Chara}}} {{{TH14Date}}} N/A
15 Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom {{{TH15Score}}} [[{{{TH15Player}}}]] {{{TH15Mode}}} {{{TH15Chara}}} {{{TH15Date}}} N/A
16 Hidden Star in Four Seasons [[]] N/A
17 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature [[]] N/A

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