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About me[edit]

At first when I heard about Touhou, I paid no mind to it. It seemed kind of boring and repetitive looking gameplay didn't help either. But then raocow started playing Mario hacks that had many Touhou references in them (not to mention he added his own references). So as to not be behind with the times, I googled and downloaded the game that seemed the most interesting to me when I read the Touhou Wikipedia page.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View was the one and immediately I got hooked. I started thinking about other Touhou games and wondered if they were as fun as this one. And when I played through the game in Normal mode, I started googling more Touhou games.

And with each game downloaded, I got more and more hooked onto Touhou as a whole. I immersed myself with Touhou fan games and fan fiction and finally decided to join this wiki site.

I'm 20 years old, male, asian (chinese and vietnamese), and understand no Japanese at all. I've spent many hours looking for translation patches to games and now I have a decent if, not complete, collection of Touhou games from the 6th one on.

I'm also now looking for more fan games to add to my collection. RPGs specifically but almost any kind of game will do.

My favorite pages[edit]

A list of games[edit]

  • = Still play

% = "Quit" but still can play (ie. kept account info)

@ = May start playing in the near future








  • League of Legends


Contact Info[edit]

Email: [email protected]

Chat Space[edit]

Feel free to use this space to talk to me if you're not comfortable with emailing me. I can't say that I'll be checking this page consistently but it's better than nothing.