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(I hope someone will pick those abandoned projects up ;_;)
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{{Infobox Person
{{Infobox Person
| nameEn = Mai88
| nameEn = Mai88
| other_name = Fate88, THxMai88, Mai88tan
| other_name = Fate88, Miya
| image = [[File:User-Mai88-Avatar.png]]
| image = [[File:User-Mai88-Avatar.png]]
| caption = [[Reimu Hakurei|Reimu]] (self-made)
| caption = [[Reimu Hakurei|Reimu]] (self-made)
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http://mai88eternalscarlet.wordpress.com/ <br />
http://mai88eternalscarlet.wordpress.com/ <br />
http://myanimelist.net/profile/Mai88 <br />
http://myanimelist.net/profile/Mai88 <br />
http://www.youtube.com/user/THxMai88 <br />
http://mai88.deviantart.com/ <br />
https://twitter.com/Mai88tan <br />
https://twitter.com/Mai88tan <br />
http://pixiv.me/mai88tan <br />
https://soundcloud.com/mai88tan <br />
https://soundcloud.com/mai88tan <br />
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[[Special:Contributions/Mai88|my contributions]]
[[Special:Contributions/Mai88|my contributions]]
== Projects ==
''<u><span style="font-size:120%">Current main project(s)</span>:</u>''
*[[DiGiTAL WiNG]]
*[[LiLA'c Records]]
*[[Amateras Records]]
''<u><span style="font-size:120%">side project(s):</span></u>''
''<u><span style="font-size:120%">circles awaiting their completeness:</span></u> (a.k.a. I'll work from time to time on them)''
*[[White Elephant]]
*[[Sequence Club]] (Inami)
''<u><span style="font-size:120%">planned/when there's spare time</span></u>
*[[とらのあな]] (Toranoana)
**[[東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ]]
*[[Yonder Voice]]
*([[Lapis moss]])
*([[Rolling Contact]])
*[[Babbe Music]]
*[[ユウノウミ]](only Toho Warfare)

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Also known as Fate88, Miya
Reimu (self-made)

Germany, NRW




student, hobby scanlator



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About me[edit]

Hey! I'm Mai and just an orinary girl who is seriously addicted to likes Touhou Doujin Music. German is my second 'native' language, thus I can help if it's translating German. Additionally, Japanese is the 5th language I'm learning, so please consider that I'm still beginner.

Things that I like: Anime, Manga, Touhou, KanColle, Doujin music, cooking, Cryu and drawing.

As I'm really fond of Doujin music, I know quite a lot of circles/artists. I'm not fixed to one group nor genre, but if you're interested in knowing my preferences, here's a subpage.

If you have sth. on your mind, feel free to use my talk page or contact me at one of my websites.

On a side note: I got permission by kafka-fuura, Jaefine (Mirror of Paranoia) and Veto to add their lyrics to this wiki as long as we give them as the source. So you can add them without having a bad conscience.

Quite inactive recently due to university and stuff. I'll come back when I have spare time. I may translate/transcribe lyrics from time to time, but since I'm also working on scanlation/doujinshi projects, you won't see me so often here anymore...

Anyways, if you have to contact me urgently, please leave a message on my blog (so I'll get an email) or on twitter. Thanks.

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