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You may remember me as the modder who worked on the translations for IaMP, SWR, Soku, Maristice, Remidoki, Trap Tower, Nitroid, some of Megamari, and Hellsinker. Also I did some tools for various other games, like Strawberry Bose's games. And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting that I did as a one-off or two.

This might surprise some of you but I'm not a Touhou fan. I mean, I know a lot about the series and its cast, more than the average fan, but I don't really care about it as a franchise. I'm from the games side of things, with a particularly passionate interest in indie games and personal creations. Way back in 2004-ish I was on a big arcade gaming kick and I grabbed a demo of this game called Imperishable Night that was linked from Insert Credit, and was pretty much immediately hooked to the gameplay. Around 2007 I joined Mizuumi's IaMP community, which I'm still an active member of. It kinda snowballed from there to working on fan translations to the rest of doujin gaming and to properly studying Japanese so I could talk with the players and communities overseas.

So it saddens me that I feel much of the franchise, and many of the derivative games, have become focused primarily on the characters, story, and generally just being fanservice at the expense of gameplay. I felt that SWR and Soku were both considerable downgrades from IaMP, despite their massively increased popularity, and I just can't work up any interest at all in Hopeless Masquerade. I've found myself gravitating back towards more traditional fighting games.

There are still derivative games that have really grabbed me, particularly Touhou Dai Undousai and those of Desunoya. (Tobari is a great game go play the demo and then buy it! I worked on the translation officially!)

I'm mostly going to be writing this page to store some of my translation tools as a going-away present to the Touhou community, as I'm retiring from doing fan works. Actually I already have retired from it, but, you know, have to make it official. So I'll be cleaning up some of the code and releasing it. I honestly do not care in the slightest what you guys do with it.

Despite that, I'm fairly opinionated about fan translations. I pretty much don't care for fan-focused works. That's not what a translation is for; it's not about the fans or the translators. It's about the original work, which you are translating for the purpose of showcasing to people who would otherwise not have been able to enjoy them. The second you elevate yourself beyond the original creators and disrespect their wishes is the second I lose respect for it as a work of translation. It is absolutely disrespectful to people who have poured their heart and soul into something, especially when it's something as absurdly niche and personal as doujin creations.

Those of you who have actually tried to create complete, whole works themselves will know what I'm talking about here. It is far divorced from making simple, one-off things or modding others' work, and you pour a heck of a lot of yourself into doing it.

Feel free to harass me on the user talk page but I don't know how much attention I'll be paying to it.

Or on Twitter.


IMPORTANT NOTE: that most of the code I wrote was very sloppy and hastily slapped together because they were never meant to be reused or even read by other human beings. My strategy was the essence of "make a tool to do a single task, use it, and then dispose of it," and it led to a lot of very poorly written code that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So if you come into this expecting a majestic work of art, you're going to be sorely disappointed and might want to go bring some brillo with you instead.


Rollcaster's still up though. It's the best netplay you will ever play. And th075tool is pretty cool too.