Hello, I'm Michezuaka. I am Touhouyamax but I got a new phone so I made a new account. I will update this later.

My work here is to work on fangames anew Touhou fangames that come out. I may also contribute to chataxteere pages.

Touhou game I have played:

I have played all the Touhou games, but I don't really take them seriously except for Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, which I have been playing a lot. Here are my stats for it:

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Stats:

Cleared Easy with:

Reimu Otter

Reimu Eagle

Marisa Eagle

Cleared Normal Mode with: (work in progress)

Cleared Hard Mode with: (work in progress)

Cleared Lunatic with: (work in progress)

Extra Stage:

I haven't finished it yet, but I have practiced it a bit and come as far as Saki's third spell. (I'm bad)


I've got all the secret spirits, and some clears

Highest score:


I have done some scoreruns

No Bomb (planning)

Scoring strat:

I have a scoring strat for this game, here are the steps:

Kill the faries at the beginning of Stage 1 and 2 as possible (you will get resources from them).

Save the spirits you have for the midboss (maybe only recomended with Otter type.

Take as many beast spirits as possible right before the boss to get ready for it.

If you got enough spirits to enter Roaring Mode, collect up the life pieces, bomb pieces, red point pieces and blue boint pieces, this will give you the resources right away to you.

In a boss fight, try to be carerul with the spirits

After the boss battle ends, collect all the beast spirits (because it will dissapear in the next stage.

And vice versa.

Page test for a the locations of the Sealing Club CD's:


the Return of Eastern Wonderland (create page)

SoHW page with new information from the full version.

Page of fangame developer, Gore.

Other fangame projects.



Human, Hashihime


Comparing things


Hakurei Shrine, Youkai Mountain

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