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User: mr.deagle

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I'm a Touhou music fan who also happens to be a web developer, programmer and experienced MediaWiki user. My other interests include visual novels, anime, and Vocaloid music.


Song translations generator

Worked on Antinomy of Common Flowers/Music.

(function () {
	var rows = document.evaluate("//div[@id='mf-section-1']//tr[td[3]]", document),
		translations = {},

	while (row = rows.iterateNext()) {
		let $row = $(row);
		translations[$row.children('td:eq(1)').text().trim()] = `${$row.children('td:eq(2)').text().trim()} [${$row.children('td:eq(0)').text().trim()}]`;

	return translations;

Kanji isolator

Bookmarklet for copypasting original lyrics.

javascript:(() => {const style = document.createElement('style'); document.body.appendChild(style); style.sheet.insertRule('td:nth-child(n+2), rt { display: none !important; }')})();