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Nazeo Aelko Nezen (♫)

The eponymous snarky Touhou Fan


Human/ Were-Hakutaku Aelko Nezen




Editor, Soldier


The World That Never Was




G.R.A.Y., U.S. Army


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Nothing as of this moment, however I may pop in every once in awhile

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About me[edit]

I am the Nazeo. In real life I am a soldier serving in the National Guard with the 121st Field Artillery Regiment. Currently I am going for a degree in programming. I enjoy cosplaying, roleplaying and other such activities.

Online I am a Touhou Fan. I used to be an admin for several places before resigning as well as doing miscellaneous things in the fandom up until my resignation. I've decided to go onto solely the technical side for the roleplaying wikis, you probably won't see me on the irc as that reason. For some odd three-four years, I worked with developer NamelessLegacy as the Relations Manager for the Touhou Patch Center he has designed until his own resignation and my own. On March 24 2015 after seeing the project being stagnant for several months, I took them helm of the project, alongside MuffinPimp who is the website maintainer and Brliron as the developer for the engine. As of what became of NamelessLegacy, he currently is creating the ReC98 project. I've also gone to being tech support for the Edge of Perspective & Gensoukyou: Eastern Story roleplaying sites.

On my down time, you can catch me working on this and that on Touhou Wiki as well as taking any requests people ask of me ( which is something I really enjoy doing ); if it's within my power, consider it done.

You can find me on the IRC under the handle "Nazeo" or it's other variants.


These symbols are some of the aliases I have used over the years.

◒◒ G.R.A.Y.

(_) The Albino Monster

Nazeo (Everything)

❂❂ Malakos

Places to Find Me[edit]

Place Availability
nazeo_aelko_nezen on Skype Frequent
#touhou @ Esper on IRC Frequent
#shrinemaiden @ PPirC on IRC Frequent
#thcrap @ Freenode on IRC Frequent
#gensoukyou_ooc @ Edge of Perspective on IRC Frequent
#General @ Gensoukyou: Eastern Story on IRC Frequent
Tumblr Frequent
[email protected] (E-mail) Frequent
Twitter Frequent
MotK Moderate


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