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==About me==
Semi-native knowledge of Japanese. (Terrible kanji and vocabulary, though.) Currently in my last year of Physics and Pure Mathematics BSc programs.
My favourite [[Touhou]] game is probably IN.
===Touhou accomplishments===
===Touhou accomplishments===
* [[EoSD]]: Hard 1CC, Extra clear
* [[EoSD]]: Hard 1CC, Extra clear

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Touhou accomplishments[edit]

  • EoSD: Hard 1CC, Extra clear
  • PCB: Lunatic 1CC, Extra clear, Phantasm clear
  • IN: Lunatic 1CC, Normal 1LC, Extra no death clear, all spell cards captured
  • PoFV: Lunatic 1CC (as Aya), Normal 1CC with most characters, Extra clear
  • MoF: Lunatic 1CC, Normal 1LC, Extra perfect clear
  • SA: Lunatic 1CC, Extra clear
  • UFO: Lunatic 1CC, Extra perfect clear
  • DS: All scenes cleared (as Aya)
  • FW: Normal 1CC all routes, Extra clear
  • TD: Normal 1CC, Extra clear

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