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(The discord server could use more members interested in the game! Cubetype is also in the server.)
(The discord server could use more members interested in the game! Also, Cubetype is in the server o.o)
==Quick tip for starting players==
==Quick tip for starting players==

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Fan of Touhou official games and also fangames. Top-ranked non-JP player in Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle (at least in Score Attack and Arcade modes). I also played EoSD a good bit.

That being said, Kobuto's gameplay is a lot better than people have given it credit for!

Further information about the gameplay section of the Touhou Kobuto V article can be found on the article's Talk page.

If you want to talk about the game or are looking for others to play with, feel free to join this discord:


(The discord server could use more members interested in the game! Also, Cubetype is in the server o.o)

Quick tip for starting players[edit]

About learning controls - You'll have a much fuller experience of Kobuto V if you know about L/R/L+R to modify attacks, L in the air to quick fall, and how to execute spellcards. Then, I would recommend using the main article as a reference for other controls if you'd like.

Video content[edit]

Kobuto V's gameplay becomes more fluid, faster paced, and dynamic as one gets familiar with the controls. However, this is not commonly seen in other gameplay footage found online. So, the following video content in this section is here to show examples of what Kobuto V's gameplay is capable of:

Demonstration of many moves of each character (particularly the standing grounded moves; you might be surprised by what moves each character has to offer)

"Touhou Kobuto Community" channel (I recently acquired)

My YouTube channel

CUBETYPE's channel also streams the game frequently

This JP playlist includes videos demonstrating several different techniques in Touhou Koubutou (impressively, many of which were discovered soon after the release of the PC version of Touhou Koubutou and seemingly all by a single person), but the techniques still also work in Touhou Kobuto V.

I might try to make a compilation video of different techniques in English if there is interest.

Other resources[edit]

Some other members in the discord made these:

Kobuto V data collection and observations spreadsheet by Serp

Some of Kobuto V's differences from the PC version by Shizuku (didn't have the full list saved, but the original list had about 35-40 changes in total)

Some info about finding matches online[edit]

I think this is useful information for anyone looking for online multiplayer matches (as of 24 April 2019):

Online matches can still be found relatively often with Japanese players, at least during after-school/work hours in Japan, on the Switch version of Touhou Kobuto V. In my experience, a number of these players are highly skilled. For other versions of the game (PS4/Vita), the online is not active, but it may still be possible to also find matches against JP players at least during Cubetype's 'battle meetings' during which Cubetype streams the game, which tend to start around ~20:00 JST (UTC +9) on a weekend in Japan; you can keep track of the specific schedule for these by following @cubetype on Twitter (the 'battle meeting' schedules are tweeted in advance, typically accompanied by an image), and the stream is on their YouTube/nicovideo channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yuro123456789 https://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co1349050

(Edit: As of 8 August 2019, Japan is on a different game version with the DLC release of Youmu Konpaku, so currently it may not be possible for those with the NA/EU version of Kobuto V to play against players with the Japanese version, at least until the versions are synchronized. According to Cubetype, NISA is scheduled to release Youmu for the NA/EU versions some time in October, but Cubetype is investigating the possibility to play against Japan sooner through an additional in-game patch via the regulation files, so stay tuned!

Edit 2: Youmu DLC has been released outside of Japan in November [https://twitter.com/NISAmerica/status/1190331450417041408?s=19 and is free for a limited time elsewhere)

You can also find others to play with in the discord linked to above: https://discord.gg/GSSC3Kh

About online points[edit]

I think it's worth mentioning that there's a bug with online points in the JP Switch version of the game, where players are able to rapidly increase in online points. This used to also exist in the NA/EU Switch version, but was fixed in NISA's NA/EU patch (Ver 1.0.3) that was released in March 2018. A win is supposed to provide +2 points and a loss to provide +1 point, but the bug would cause a player to gain possibly hundreds to thousands of points at a time while climbing the online point rankings. So I think it's best if you just compared your online points to those of other non-JP players hah :p (or another alternative is to get the JP version if you really want those ranks)

Edit: Looks like the online point bug has also been fixed in the JP version some time since Youmu's release as well.

I hope you don't mind my redundancy on this user page with the talk page of the Touhou Kobuto V article; just wanted to get the info more exposure y'know