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{{Infobox Location
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| nameJp = {{lang|ja|クリーブランド}}
| nameEn = Cleveland
| image = [[:Wikipedia:File:Clevelandcityscape.jpg]]
| caption = Image of Cleveland.
| creator = [[Wikipedia:Moses Cleaveland|Moses Cleaveland]]
| location = [[Wikipedia:Ohio|Ohio]], [[Wikipedia:United States|United States]]
| residents = *A guy with at least 2 DUIs
*"This Guy"
*[[User:Nazeo|Nazeo]] (Formerly lives here, comes back time to time)
*HIV-positive fish
*[[:wikipedia:LeBron James|LeBron James]] (Former)
*Poor people
*Cleveland Tourism Board (Former)
*<s>Cleveland Browns</s> (Deleted: Not notable)
*[[User:K|K]] (Had to wait in Cleveland to be picked up)
| appOther = *Sometimes talked about on the [http://webchat.esper.net/?nick=NamelessFairy...&channels=touhouwiki&prompt=1 IRC]
'''Cleveland''' ({{lang|ja|クリーブランド}} ''Kurīburando'') is a city in the State of Ohio, founded in 1868 along the mouth and banks of the Cuyahoga River and the south shore of [[:wikipedia:Lake Erie|Lake Erie]].
==Geography and People==
Cleveland is known for its Flats section, which have been given the appearance of [[:wikipedia:Ghost town|ghost towns]] from the [[:wikipedia:Scooby-Doo|Scooby-Doo]] animated cartoons by their residents.  The city is coursed through by the [[:wikipedia:Cuyahoga River|Cuyahoga River]], which has such high levels of [[:wikipedia:Pollution|industrial]] and [[:wikipedia:Urban runoff|urban runoff]] that the river has [[:wikipedia:Spontaneous combustion|spontaneously ignited]], along with large sections of the river being devoid of life.  The few remaining fish populations in the live sections the Cuyahoga are known to be near-completely [[:wikipedia:AIDS|HIV-positive]]. The eastern districts have a high rate of mortality for vehicle occupants traveling at low velocities.
Cleveland is known for its vast rail transportation network, which has specialized in the export of various mental illnesses to outside regions. Other forms of industry include the ruined sections of the previously-mentioned ghost towns.  The city is also notable for its active real estate sector and its strict use of a local currency, involving the trade of used [[wikipedia:Videocassette recorder|videocassete recorders]].
Cleveland is notable for its outdoor art, pieces of which being a large "FREE" stamp sculpture.  The city is renown worldwide for its specialty cuisine, prepared along the various avenues in the downtown areas, along with its fine cuisine purveyors along the western reaches of 6th Street specializing in the French "Shower Cap" styles.  Architecturally-wise its known for its two significant buildings, the [[:wikipedia:Key_Tower|Key Tower]] and [[:wikipedia:Terminal Tower|Terminal Tower]].  The city also maintains a collection of 20th century communications devices, distributed around the downtown areas, along with an assortment of elderly mass transit systems similarly dated, occupied with period actors in a "poverty" role.
Cleveland has been awarded the title of "We're not Detroit" twice in a row.
==Official Profiles==
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===The video of "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: 2nd Attempt"===
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===Browns FTW!===
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==See Also==
*Wikipedia entry for [[Wikipedia:Cleveland|Cleveland]]

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