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I have come to think that Japanese people are definitely not as cool as one might think they are if one only superficially knows about them, and I have even come to dislike Japanese society a bit as well, but I do think that the doujin world is something that the western world lacks. Regardless of whatever "quality" or "meaningfulness" Touhou has, it is, unlike everything else, fundamentally something non-commercial - shall we say "anti-commercial"? According to this, ZUN himself has said that the two biggest reasons for Touhou's popularity is:

  1. 続編のつくりやすさ - translation: The ease in making continuation [i. e. derivative] works
  2. アンチ商業 - translation: anti-commercial (As it is not commercial, it is anti-commercial)

Twitter:!/Tosiaki1 (nothing much to see here - only one tweet apologizing for a past mistake)

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People I'm Watching[edit]

Personal greeting: Yahoo! (やふー, Yafu-)
Favorite characters: Satori, Prismriver Sisters, Kanako
Nico Repo
Meiiden (2nd time)
Soujinengi Zansho
Meiiden EX
Kano G
Gensoumaroku (Part 1)
(Still awaiting Meiiden SB)
MILENE (ミレーネ)
Personal greeting: Hello (haro-) minna-san konnitiwa (はろーみんなさん、こんいちは)
Favorite character: Yuyuko
Nico Repo
Meiiden (2nd time)
Meiiden EX
Meiiden SB

Things I'm Watching[edit]

Touhou GTA
Everything tagged under 東方GTA4
Gensokyo a Hundred Years Later
The Road of the Spring Messenger Fairy
Inaba, Keep it Steady!
Still checking for updates sometimes
Koakuma-san of the Scarlet Devil
Sakuya Izayoi's Errands
Aya's Journalism Daybook
How Do You Like Touhou GTA?
The Returned Ice Fairy Swordsman


風の神社 Shrine of the Wind Unused Track 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers
少女秘封倶楽部 Girls' Sealing Club Track 2 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club
永遠の巫女 Eternal Shrine Maiden Hell Route Stages 16-19 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers
永遠の巫女 Eternal Shrine Maiden Track 12 蓬莱人形 ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
天空のグリニッジ Greenwich in the Sky Track 2 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy
いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで Now, Until the Moment You Die Sariel Theme 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers
魔法少女十字軍 Magical Girl Crusade Track 9 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club
妖精大戦争 ~ Fairy Wars Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars Stage 3 Boss Theme 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精
サニールチルフレクション Sunny Rutile Flection Track 1 東方三月精 ~ Eastern and Little Nature Deity
サニーミルクの紅霧異変 Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident Track 1 東方三月精 ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity
妖怪モダンコロニー Youkai Modern Colony Track 2 東方三月精 ~ Oriental Sacred Place

Notable Arrangement for Shrine of the Wind </toggledisplay>