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Small Tools

Small Tools[edit]

Some small scripts that I wrote to make it easier to create/edit wiki articles.

  • CDwiki generator (use this to create musicArticle templates. Updated march 2011)
  • Game Entry generator (fill in the fields, get a nice game entry template Updated march 2011)
  • Music Article converter (convert old music templates to the current one. Updated march 2011)
  • Lang Tag Checker (fixes any missing lang tags. Currently supports JA lang tag only. Updated march 2011)
  • Track Artists (parses the album template to give list of all album arrangers, vocals, and lyricists. Updated march 2011)
  • Circle Discography parser (parses a circle's discography. Use this for the input. Updated march 2011)
  • Lyrics parser (Will support three functions: creating template, extracting from template, and updating existing lyrics. Updated july 2011)
  • Album parser (Takes exported XML files and parses all albums into a nicely formatted output for spreadsheets. Updated march 2011)





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