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Nazohato (EnigmaticPigeon)


9 June 2000 (2000-06-09) (age 24)


Poland, Warsaw



Notable from

yt I guess??


JK, I do shit on yt, I translate and sometimes sing


Wordpress (Translations)
Discord: Nazohato#2666

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Hello, everybody! My name is Nazohato! I am a Diao ye zong worshiper and a die-hard fan of circles like 8686m, FELT and BUTAOTOME.
I try to edit the wiki as frequently as possible, and starting 24.06.2017 I'll try to complete a goal of making 1 album page per day until the end of my summer break (1.09.2017).
I am going to document my progress on this page. Besides this, I plan on adding translations and other minor pages.
If I find time, I might catalog all of my Touhou-doujin related stuff like CDs or comic doujins on here as well.
If possible, please contact me on Twitter/YT/Discord regarding any issues related to the wiki (or not), I don't really like the messaging system in here ^^;

The "1 album per day" Challenge progress!

Well, I ended up failing the challenge, I'm going to repeat it next summer vacation though, this time with more positive results, hopefully!