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Before reading: i don't know how to personally contact other wiki users, if you manage to come upon this page and if this isn't the way to do it, i am terribly sorry, please pardon me.

Hello. It seems that you have deleted my edit on the article of gensokyo. May i ask why do you think this edit of mine was wrong and is unreadable? If it was because i have bad grammar, i get it, but i got the source of information from nico nico Wikipedia, which a lot of Japanese users used, and another Wikipedia site called 'namu wiki' where a huge amount of koreans use for a source of information.
In the nico nico wiki, it's stated as "しかし、500年以上前、人間の文明の発達と人口の増加により妖怪の勢力が人間に押され気味だったため、境界を操る程度の能力を持つ妖怪、八雲紫が「妖怪拡張計画」を立案・実行して「幻と実体の境界」という結界を張った。
In the namu wiki, it's stated as "시간이 흘러 기술과 문명의 발달로 인간의 세력이 늘어나 요괴들과 환상향이 위험에 빠지는 것을 염려한 요괴의 현자인 야쿠모 유카리, 마타라 오키나 등에 의해 약 500년 전, 환상향에 환상과 실체의 경계가 쳐지게 된다. "
Both the wikis say that before the great hakurei barrier, the sages put up another barrier that divides fantasy and reality which was 500 years ago, and i edited this page's gensokyo just like that too. May i hear the source of your information too to see if i had made any mistakes?
Ah, yes, excuse me. I read through PMiSS[[]] page again and it turns out to be true, I must have missed that. I was just sort of confused what you wrote, if you want to I can help you by proof-reading your text. I'll try to reinstate what I removed.
[[User:Belone|Belone]] ([[User talk:Belone|talk]]) 14:00, 14 June 2022 (UTC)
I've reinstated what you added and corrected the grammar, sorry once again if I was rude.[[User:Belone|Belone]] ([[User talk:Belone|talk]]) 14:10, 14 June 2022 (UTC)

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