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I've noticed that some people are mistaking all the Nameless Fairies for a single poster, or having trouble keeping straight which Nameless Fairy made which post. How about turning on DISPLAY_ID or SILLY_ANONYMOUS to ease the confusion? (The latter could be tweaked for more fairylike names if you're willing to put the time into it.)

IDs on wakaba are broken in that they persist between threads. I always thought SILLY_ANONYMOUS was even more confusing than just one custom name. I think people can figure it out.

Also, oh dear. -7HS 12:46, 20 January 2007 (PST)

Yes...I'll do it eventually.

We REALLY need some moderators with 4chan memes and other trash popping up in the image board lately. At least 1 active one would be nice to clean up the mess.

Like what?
This one in particular needs to be killed before it gets bumped again. Too much fuss over nothing.
Well, that one will soon reach the no-bump limit. This one is worse. - Pilpsie
Oh yeah, speaking of which. The Spengreisen thread itself though I don't know (nor want to know) where it is these days. There are also a bunch of one picture threads lately too. They just sit there for the most part with either no posts, or for no reason. Agreed on the active moderation though. The image board has been infected with rabid 4channers for more than a month now. - Ruka

Forum talk about the image board.

Okay. This is complicated. You can sum it up as...communication is difficult. People post things for a variety of reasons, but I think the majority are looking to express themselves to the community. However, what they're trying to say is imperfectly expressed, due to the medium. Or maybe they're just wrong. Then others reply, and...something goes wrong. The Internet egos come into play, and people respond, and have to show just how wrong the first, or the second, or the 52nd guy is, because it simply wouldn't do to let this obviously incorrect person go unanswered. Or that person is obviously stupid, and what they have to say shouldn't be allowed to exist, because who would want to see such things? Of course, what I have to say is amazing and witty and needs to be shared with the world. Hell, it happened in that thread.
And it ends up in threads like [1] or [2]. Disasters all around. Who is at fault? Is it the initiator? The people who argue? The people who like to think they're clever, whether it's posting image macros or witty comebacks or just plain insults? The poor suckers trying to salvage something from the mess? The trolls are bad, the self-righteous people who respond are worse, and let me tell you, there are 82 IPs in that first thread, and if I was in a banning mood over half of them would go.
So you're afraid that the board will be flooded with idiots? Fine. POST SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Maybe an interesting thought you had about Marisa. A cool event you saw or heard of. A new doujin that's really great. Or just a nice picture. You know what? Probably someone out there thought it was stupid. Maybe it was me.
If someone has made some stupid insult, why not just respond to the original post? Maybe encourage them or say something nice, WITHOUT REFERRING TO THE OTHER POST AT ALL. There is nothing to be gained spewing arguments and insults into a black hole of trolling. Don't try and protect someone's ego. This is the Internet, if they can't take it they'd be gone already.
And if the board degenerates into a cesspool of banal posts, flames, and trolls, I promise it's because they are the majority, and there's little you, I, or a team of moderators could do to stop it and keep the board at all open.
Are you sure about that? What if the trolls get encouraged by the lack of moderation? They see that, hey, they're free to do as they please, so why not keep at it! - Pilpsie
Uhh, there's been people posting nsfw/very inappropriate images and other things, and trolling isn't good for an imageboard period. I mean, if you can't comment on someone's posting constructively, without verbal abuse, then the comment doesn't need to waste space on the board. That's how I run my boards, and I've never gotten complaints for being "heavy-handed" and the community of my boards appreciate the lack of assholes and other things.
If you want to go feed your eGo and troll someone's artwork, go join SA or 4chan and go trash people's artwork there. Trolling maybe part of the internet as a whole, but doesn't need to be part of this corner of it, nor be condoned just because "there's always going to be trolls"
You know, if you find something stupid, you don't have to troll it, or even post in that thread. Just ignore it and, I dunno, let it die? What's so constructive about posting "ohgod this is horrible, you suck for existing". If a thread sucks, how about DON'T POST IN IT, and then it'll just fall back when other good threads are bumped with constructive posts. --TheStupidOne
Anyways, is it so much to ask to just ban ONE person? -Pilpsie
How do you define NSFW? I'm curious as to if I'm arguing a cause the admin doesn't support. Also, it would be amusing if the reason I'm being called a stupid fuck is becuase I'm arguing something the admin supports. -Benny1
P.S. I really do not see how these single posts are a huge problem.

Once in a while we get an Error 500 when posting which causes the double, triple posts, and unrepliable single post threads sometimes. Any idea what's causing this? Just curious. -Ruka

I'd like to put in a hopeful word for some kind of janitor on the board as well. Not a moderator, I understand the concern about moderation and I'm not going to open that can of worms - but I'd like to ask for a janitor. There's always sprinkle here and there of outright hands-down nsfw content, a TON of triple and even QUADRUPLE posts lately, and so on - things that just unarguably don't belong on the board or clutters it up without anyone being able to clean it. (Also, nothing new, but the spam filter is still kicking countless ass.) -NF


In case you don't check Recent Changes often, the wiki has been undergoing an attack by spambots for the past few days. Please save us!

This is of utmost importance. They are attacking pages with reckless abandon. Moogy (talk) 10:07, 24 August 2007 (PDT)

Something needs to be done. Most of the edits these days are rv. And though this isn't exactly hard to do, it's not exactly fun, either. I honestly think the best way to do it would be a registered edit only wiki, but I don't know how people would object to that.

Why would people object to that? Most of the unregistered edits are either spammers or rvs. - Setherzam

Blocked .i n f o for now. I think that should take care of a lot of it. We'll see.

that domain has legitimate uses, such as in Blaze.-- ふのっふ! 09:23, 31 August 2007 (PDT)
Of course it does, but blocking the spam far outweighs any inconvenience it might cause. - Pilpsie
Also, a tinyurl can be used if necessary.

Here is the PHP source code for an anti-spam measure that implemented which is apparently somewhat effective. Consider giving it a try. -7HS 22:20, 5 January 2008 (PST)

...Actually, I think the effect of the extension was just to break anonymous editing completely, which itself has curtailed spam quite a bit - but it might be better to disable anonymous editing the usual way, since the extension doesn't attempt to spamcheck registered users anyway, and is essentially useless. (I haven't seen any anonymous edits on the Recent Changes for quite some time, and have been unable to edit while not logged in: can someone else confirm?) Or you could get in contact with the admin of (possibly on their IRC channel) and try to get the other hacks they've done to their anonymous-editing system; probably the reason the extension doesn't work. -7HS 15:51, 22 January 2008 (PST)
"I haven't seen any anonymous edits on the Recent Changes for quite some time, and have been unable to edit while not logged in: can someone else confirm?" That would explain why I couldn't edit it without logging in from the university computers. -Ruka 16:13, 22 January 2008 (PST)
Fixed, the code from tanasinn has a misplaced brace.
Oops, I suppose the .txt was kinda out of sync with the actual PHP file. (Anon editing works properly over at, the additional IP to ID hack should not affect this...) :T Sorry for that. I've replaced the txt file with the source code that is actually in use. Also, for the sake of this staying effective, I'd suggest you change the names of the text fields around a little... Anyways, as people seem to be actually using this, I might get around to cleaning the code up a little, making it a little more resistant to basic parsing so it really does require too much effort even to target specifically, making field names easily changeable, and actually releasing it. -- halcy
Also: You're supposed to hide the fields using CSS, so they will not be visible to normal users. The extension was just a quick hack for, so this does not happen automatically.... Place something like this:
#name, #url { display:inline; } #name input { display none; }

div.homepage_url div,div.homepage_url input, div.homepage_url span {display none;  }

(Spamfilter did not like display none, add colons inbetween)

in MediaWiki:Common.css, or wait for me to kind of automate it. --halcy

Right, there we go. bottrop.php v1.0, with some random text inserted everywhere, changeable field names and automatic insertion of CSS. Try it, it will probably work pretty well for this site. --halcy, again.

Could you please whitelist ". infoseek", ". infobears", "kitune. info", "swfup. info", "soundonline. info", and "tanasinn. info"? -Winane 23:43, 6 January 2008 (PST)

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