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List by song redirects

Why have you redirected all (or many) song titles to respective List by Song sections? It would be more logical to redirect to music listing (ZUN's comments) pages instead. Also I doubt that people enter exact title in the search field, because translations are usually inconsistent. --WGH 07:57, 13 March 2011 (PDT)

It might be more logical, but I did it because that's where older, already existing redirects went to. For example, Septette for the Dead Princess, among others. So it was already broken. I just mucked it up further and added more work because I wanted to be consistent to match the other redirects.
In light of this, maybe we should be changing all redirects to point to music listings instead, and then linking respective List by Song pages to that.
Second, while having to remember and enter exact titles in the address bar is annoying, it's rather moot as far as the search box goes. Enter the first couple letters of any page and it does everything for you anyway. If translations, formats, or spellings are so inconsistent and that much of a concern, I don't believe there's anything wrong with creating alternate pages. UTW 09:47, 13 March 2011 (PDT)

Ichirin necroposting

Hello! 6 years ago, back in April of 2012 you've added a Backstory section in Ichirin Kumoi article. I just wanted to inquire about your sources in that section, as I cannot seem to find anything supporting it in official works. Lemington (talk) 03:40, 27 April 2018 (UTC)

It was Ichirin's section in Symposium of Post-mysticism, but the translation has apparently changed since then so one or two of the details no longer match. UTW 15:46, 3 June 2018 (UTC)