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VAGUEDGE: Revision history

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14 June 2023

  • curprev 02:5602:56, 14 June 2023Maiden in Orange talk contribs 2,326 bytes +2,326 Created page with "{{Circle | arrangement =y | name =VAGUEDGE | logo =VAGUEDGE banner 1.png | dates =2008-2018 (Inactive) | url =https://vaguedge.info/ | social = | genre ={{Genre|Vocal}}, {{Genre|Instrumental}}, {{Genre|Pop}}, {{Genre|Rock}}, {{Genre|EDM}}, {{Genre|Metal}} | intro =Also known as VAGUEDGE DIES FOR DIES IRAE. | members = :Hull — Manager, Arranger, Lyricist, Instruments | description = | discography = {{DiscographyItem|{{lang|ja|東方出流幻想譚}}|VACD-0001.jpg|2..."