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Vampires (吸血鬼 kyūketsuki) are creatures usually from Western folklore that drink the blood of humans to survive. They possess a number of powerful abilities, including super-strength, super-speed, summoning demons, transforming into a swarm of bats, and regeneration. They also have a lot of weaknesses, including sunlight (which is why vampires are usually active at night) and flowing water (such as rain or a river). There are many vampire equivalents like Jiang Shi from Asian folklore, although they are only similar, not the same.

A Vampire's Weakness[edit]

Contrary to vampires having such enormous power, but at any rate, they have an enormous amount of weaknesses. Also, since the word vampire (吸血) seem to have the Kanji (oni) in them, whatever weaknesses oni have, vampires also have them in a similar way.

Currently, the weaknesses that have been confirmed to be ones that vampires mentioned about themselves.

Turning into ashes or vaporizing upon sunlight
Provided, it is not like how DIO would crumble away on the spot from exposure to sunlight, nor is it like the legends where vampires burn up. It is more to the extent of the skin flaking off gradually. Also, vampires seem to be quite composed when it is not direct sunlight, and therefore they are able to go outside under the shadow of a parasol. Furthermore, when they are burned up due to sunlight, they are able to absorb the residue, and thus become essentially immortal.
Skin burning upon touching roasted soybeans
This is a weakness that vampires share with oni. However, it seems fine if it is not roasted soybeans.
Inability to cross flowing water
Since on a rainy day, the sky and the earth all becomes "flowing water," vampires cannot physically go outside. On clear days, only in certain places there is flowing water, and what this means in the end for rivers etc. is uncertain. The popular theory is that it would not be possible to swim and cross over, but it would be no problem to go on a boat or fly over.
Inability to get close to sardine heads
This is also a weakness of oni.
Inability to get close to broken holly branches
Same as previous.

With regards to these weaknesses, in reality, whatever damage is inflicted, by their aforementioned regeneration ability, they are simply able to return back to how they were originally, and thus in order to do vampire extermination, but if one does not inflict a fatal wound on their first try, then there is no meaning. Thus, the cases where they do not become weaknesses are not few.

Vampires in Touhou[edit]

Vampires are a species of Youkai and considered to be a type of Devil in Gensokyo. Although there are multiple known vampires in or around Gensokyo, they are apparently a relatively new race. In Gensokyo, vampires, like oni, are vulnerable to roasted soybeans. Despite the number of weaknesses, people who plan to fight vampires should not exploit their weaknesses carelessly. Vampires can get around their weakness over the sun by using shading objects such as parasols. Fortunately, when not causing an incident vampires tend to be polite (if not also self-centered).

There appears to be a contract between vampires and other youkai where the vampires do not attack the humans of Gensokyo and the youkai bring them humans for them to feed on. An unnamed vampire is the primary instigator of the incident that led to the creation of the spell card rules.

A Vampire's Weakness in Touhou[edit]

Since all of the above said on the "A Vampire's Weakness" section was what vampires mentioned about themselves, it is uncertain if it's actually true in the Touhou Project. However, the weaknesses to sunlight and flowing water are certain. In Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, Patchouli Knowledge put forth the consideration that "perhaps these weaknesses are for the sake of camouflaging their other big weaknesses". Moreover, Remilia Scarlet likes fermented soybeans, because they're not roasted.

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