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魂魄 (こんぱく)  妖夢 (ようむ)
Youmu Konpaku
kompakɯ joːmɯ (♫)
Youmu Kompaku
Youmu Konpaku
Youmu Konpaku in Ten Desires
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Half-human half-yuurei


Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques


Unknown, but less than 60 years old


Gardener, swordsmanship instructor



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Youmu Konpaku (魂魄 妖夢 Konpaku Youmu) is a half-human and half-yuurei being that lives at Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld's as a fencing instructor and gardener. She first appeared as the fifth stage boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the seventh installment of the Touhou Project.

General Information[edit]

As a half-human half-yuurei, her substance, a human, is clad in a yuurei. Her life span is far longer than that of a human, and her normal temperature is somewhat lower than that of an ordinary person.

As the fencing instructor to her mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji, and as a live-in gardener, she practices fencing every day. Her shishō is her grandfather Youki Konpaku. However, while her instruction was half-way, he suddenly disappeared, so Youmu is at the height of inexperience.

When an invader shows up, whether they seem to be a human or youkai, she slashes at once. She definitely does not confirm her opponent and says such quotes like "The things that it cannot cut are next to none!". Also, her title is always to the very end "fencing instructor and gardener", and she is not commonly thought of as working for the entire Hakugyokurou household. According to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, it seems that she earns neither vacation nor wages.


The characters for Konpaku (魂魄) mean simply "soul", and Youmu (妖夢) something like "bewitching dream".

Although both Kon () and Paku () are "soul", their elements are different. Kon stands for a "mental" soul, which is separated from a body as soon as human dies and ascends to Heaven; Paku is a "physical" soul, which remains in the body a few days and goes back to the Earth. In this case, Kon is Youmu's ghostly half, and Paku is the human half. The entire Konpaku family is comprised of half-yuurei half-humans, as noted by Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

The kanji that makes up Youmu (妖夢) are also part of the kanji for Perfect Cherry Blossom (東方妖々夢).

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Youmu's name is written in Roman letters Japanese style, with her surname first, during pre-battle conversation with her, even though every other character in the game with a Japanese name has their name romanized western-style, with their first names first. This is one of several typographical inconsistencies in the game (another being the inconsistent spelling of Aya's name).


In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu has short silver hair, bright red eyes. She wears a dark green and white dress with several ghost insignias along the edges and a ghost insignia as well on her breast pocket, and a black ribbon tied off-center in her hair. She carries the Roukanken; a long katana with a cherry blossom insignia and a flower attached to it, and the Hakurouken; a wakizashi (Short Japanese sword). Her ghostly half is a formless white yuurei (Although it is blue in Imperishable Night) as large as her human self.

In every later game, Youmu has slight design alterations such as white hair in Immaterial and Missing Power, eye color changes, and lighter green on her dress. It is also important to mention that in every game after Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu wears short sleeves.

As of Ten Desires, Youmu's appearance stays mostly the same, the only major change being her hair arranged in a messy style.


Youmu's personality has even directly been stated to be unsteady. In Perfect Cherry Blossom she said as mentioned previously, and in Immaterial and Missing Power it was like "for the time being, you shall know when you get cut", and was pretty much was eager to slash others just to test her sword, but in Imperishable Night, Curiosities of Lotus Asia, and Silent Sinner in Blue, her personality turned into something like a dunce. On the other hand in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Ten Desires she was fundamentally too serious. This might just be related to the nature of being half-yuurei. Incidentally, despite being half-human half-yuurei, she is not good at dealing with scary things like obake (especially ghosts).


The white yuurei that floats alongside Youmu is the other half of Youmu's body,[1] and is officially called the "half-yuurei" (半霊, hanrei). According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it seems like it moves by Youmu's volition. However, in Imperishable Night, it was certainly not able to move freely (it depended on the way Youmu moved), and apart from the fact that it was a part that always fired forward, since it has a characteristic of shooting in reverse to the direction of the input direction, so Youmu was able to freely shoot in two directions at the same time if sufficiently good control was used.

However, in the fighting game, it fired danmaku and charged at Youmu's signal, and moves as Youmu thinks. As its appearance was also able to be changed, the prime example being the spell card Soul Sign "Pain of the Living Ghost", where Youmu was able to make a copy of herself.

Although the body of the yuurei is able to pass through objects, since she sent out her yuurei half to attack, it seems that it can cause damage. Like how Alice Margatroid's dolls have a substitute hitbox, it is also able to stop the blow from a part of an attack.

In Oriental Sacred Place, the half-yuurei was caught by Rumia.

Danmaku/Fighting Style[edit]

Since her fencing shows up as danmaku, each time the heroine gets hit and loses a life, the herorine collapses with the illusion of being cut. On the other hand, in Shoot the Bullet etc., she really does chop with her sword. Furthermore, in Imperishable Night, by her bomb she was able to, from herself, chop things.

Rather than entirely "rapid-firing danmaku from self," it is from "flashing sword flashes, danmaku springs forth" that she sends out a lot of danmaku. From the bottom of the screen, from the side, in slow motion, at a godly speed in time, according to the situation, the danmaku that cuts the entire screen is full of variation.

Also, in the danmaku action version, as the valuable "character who is able to do plain fighting," she is provided with surpassing close-range fighting ability. Furthermore a kozuka-like thing reappeared, and her crouching position has a low profile coupled with the fact that her hitbox was small. Also via the fighting games, she is one of the rare characters who has a so-called "throwing move." In Immaterial and Missing Power, using this, she was able to perform an infinite combo.

Nevertheless, to speak of Youmu's amazingness at danmaku action, she has exceptional moving speed, and from a jump she was able to hit using her elbow (Jump A. There is a theory that it is not actually the elbow but rather the sword handle). With earth-shattering speed, beautifully grazing danmaku, those who have conceived of the meaning of katana are countless. In the time of confronting Youmu, it is in this aspect that one searches for a counter-strategy.

In each work she appeared in, she had generally high fighting ability, and has been known as the "steady strong character" (in contrast to Sakuya Izayoi, who became a strong character and was nerfed and turned weak later). In Perfect Cherry Blossom Lunatic, her spell card Hell God Sword "God's Flashing Slash as Karma Gust" has been known to be a high difficulty barrier.

In her first appearance in Perfect Cherry Blossom, she was the chief opponent against whom it was not possible to fight honestly, especially regarding how Touhou beginners would use "pre-planned bombs" to skip battles.


Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques

She handles the swords Hakurouken and Roukanken, using two swords at once (using a two-sword school of fencing), the longer being the Roukanken. The Roukanken has the power to kill ten ghosts in one swipe, and the Hakurouken is able to cleave through the confusion of the person being cut. Furthermore, when she cuts ghosts using the Hakurouken, she sends them to nirvana, so the yama would get angry if she uses it arbitrarily. The longer Roukanken is not ordinarily able to be used by humans, and only the Konpaku family is able to handle the Hakurouken.

Despite having been set this way, in the fighting games there was no action where she used the Hakurouken at close range to cut the enemy (although she does use it in her direct-hitting attack). Considering all that, in Touhou Hisoutensoku's system cards, it is possible to stack up to four of them. But the effect has become to "cut apart confusion (i.e. cancel it) and dash forward."

Species and Lineage[edit]

Youmu was a servant to the Hakugyokurou at the time she was born, but the only blood relative officially confirmed to exist is her grandfather Youki Konpaku. Youki has disappeared, but it is unclear what happened to both of her parents.

Her grandfather was a half-human half-yuurei, and in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it said, "the Konpaku family are not simple yuurei, but are a lineage of half-human, half-yuurei", and as such, Youmu was not the result of parents that were human and yuurei, and there might just be a species called "half-human half-yuurei."

Whether half-human half-yuurei can only find each other as spouses in order to preserve the species or if half-human half-yuurei would result even from mixture with blood from other species is unclear, but if it was the former, then those who would want Youmu as a wife would not only need to pass the hurdle of searching out Youki (or some other relative) and persuading him in order to obtain permission from a close relative, but would also need to become a half-human half-yuurei.


Perfect Cherry Blossom

During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu was ordered by Yuyuko Saigyouji to gather as much spring essence from Gensokyo as she could in order to get the entire cherry blossom garden, including the legendary Saigyou Ayakashi, to bloom perfectly. Youmu's efforts indirectly caused winter to continue unchecked in Gensokyo, prompting the player to find the source of the problem. Youmu tried to prevent the player from reaching Hakugyokurou, but was defeated. She also tried to stop the player's confrontation against Yuyuko, but was defeated again.

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Immaterial and Missing Power
Imperishable Night

In Imperishable Night, she traveled to the world of the living with the intent to fix the moon--although Yuyuko was more interested in having a feasting tour with a "dragon dish" as the crowning attraction.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she was minding her own business but kept encountering various people barging into Hakugyokurou suspecting her of being behind the flower incident. When she traveled to Gensokyo herself to behold the spectacle, she had a hunch about what was going on but only realized it fully when Aya Shameimaru pointed it out. Realizing that an overabundance of ghosts possessing the flowers was causing the incident, Youmu cut down some ghosts to reduce their numbers a bit. This leads her into confrontation with Komachi Onozuka, who tells her she should not be cutting down ghosts while in the world of the living because they haven't received judgement yet. Youmu protests that she's always allowed to kill ghosts while in the Netherworld, to which Komachi replies that ghosts in the Netherworld and ghosts above are two different things.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu hears about Komachi's confrontation with Youmu and comes to meet Youmu, herself. She explains about the ghosts inhabiting the flowers, and that the problem will go away by itself and Youmu should leave it alone. She then goes further about how Youmu's activities in the world of the living are coming dangerously close to getting Youmu classified as living and thus subject to judgement, and decides to carry out a little judgement on Youmu beforehand.

In the end, Youmu arrives back at the Netherworld. Yuyuko was also asked by Shikieiki to teach Youmu more about the nature of ghosts. Unfortunately, Yuyuko Saigyouji ends up misinterpreting that she's supposed to teach Youmu in a general sense, and ends up teaching Youmu how to pour delicious tea. Shikieiki in her storyline ends up having to elaborate and clarify her lecture to Youmu when Shikieiki confronts her again. Youmu's sword works on ghosts by severing hesitation, which is the equivalent of helping someone reach Nirvana, and Youmu is not qualified to judge such a thing. In her winquote to Shikieiki, Youmu apologizes for the trouble she's caused, and thanks Shikieiki while saying she now understands the nature of her sword.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

During the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she set off to investigate, concerned as to how and why someone was slaying ghosts. After a hint from Yukari Yakumo, she found and defeated Tenshi Hinanawi.


Yuyuko Saigyouji[edit]

Youmu's mistress, ever since Youmu was born (stated by Youmu in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red). Youmu is completely loyal to her, but has trouble understanding her.

Yukari Yakumo[edit]

The friend of Youmu's mistress. Youmu respects her greatly and she helps Youmu with lessons and advice, but Youmu doesn't understand her, either. She also treats Yukari's servant, Ran Yakumo, with professional respect, even though Yuyuko says she doesn't have to.

Residents of Eientei[edit]

From Imperishable Night, Youmu is one of the few characters that is aware that three of the residents of Eientei are from the Moon, and presumably keeping it a secret like the others.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu[edit]

As a yama, Shikieiki is one of the superiors of Youmu's mistress, Yuyuko. Youmu is aware of the role of the yama and respects Shikieiki greatly, but hadn't met her in-person until Phantasmagoria of Flower View. In Youmu's ending, Shikieiki also asked Yuyuko to teach Youmu more about the nature of cutting down ghosts. Shikieiki notes if Youmu loses to her in the story mode that Youmu would normally not go to Shikieiki for judging upon death.

Komachi Onozuka[edit]

Youmu and Komachi first met in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. As a ferryman under the yama, Komachi could also be considered a fellow employee of sorts with Youmu, although their lines of work do not cross very often. Youmu is aware of Komachi's position and respects her a lot, often thanking her for her work on ferrying the ghosts whenever the two meet. Komachi also tries to teach Youmu about how Youmu should not cut down ghosts too often, and sees Youmu as "an interesting fellow" in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Others in general[edit]

Youmu is acquainted with many other major characters (be it from their visits to the Netherworld or Youmu's own investigations), but generally not close to them personally. Being straight forward and earnest, Youmu tends to get picked on a lot.

Additional Information[edit]


Youmu's different color palettes from Touhou Hisoutensoku. The 2nd one corresponds to her second color palette in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, while the 3rd one corresponds to her Immaterial and Missing Power palette.
  • Because of Youmu's spellcard "200 Yojana in 1 Slash", she is said to be capable of striking at speeds most would consider physically impossible (200 yojana can be a distance anywhere from 1,320-3,000 kilometers or 825-1,875 statute miles in length). In order to cover that kind of distance in the split-second a typical sword slash takes to execute, she would have to be capable of moving at far beyond hypersonic speed, currently defined as Mach 5 and faster. Her slowest sword slashes have been calculated to move at speeds in excess of Mach 70 (70 times the speed of sound, or 53,200 mph/85,120 km/h at sea level), fast enough to circle the entire Earth at the Equator in less than half an hour, three times the speed required to orbit the Earth (about 17,500 mph or 28,000 km/h), for reference. One doujinshi (Touhou Kaidan Seven #3) went into far too much detail trying to work out the specifics of this, determining that her theoretical top speed was approximately one quarter of the speed of light.
  • Her theme song is titled "Hiroari Shoots A Strange Bird ~ Till When?", named after a story in which a warrior named Hiroari slays a youkai known as the nue. This is a pun on the storyline. The "strange bird" is a nue, also called the "Itsumaden", since it makes this cry near unmourned corpses, meaning "How long (will this corpse remain unattended)?". Judging from the story of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the heroine plays the role of Hiroari, Youmu is the nue, and the corpse is probably Yuyuko Saigyouji. (See also Flandre Scarlet and Yukari Yakumo.)
  • Ironically enough, considering her species, Youmu is afraid of ghosts, as shown in Imperishable Night's Extra. After defeating Fujiwara no Mokou, Yuyuko pretends there is a ghost under a tree, earning a terrified shriek from Youmu. It is a wonder why she doesn't cower away from Yuyuko, whom herself is a ghost.
  • Youmu seems to have some knowledge of Chinese legend and history because of her particular win quote against Hong Meiling, in which she asks why the latter does not wield a weapon, such as a green dragon blade. This can be a source of confusion, since many would imagine the legendary Green Dragon Crescent Blade wielded by the famous Chinese general Guan Yu, but women seldom use pole arms in Chinese martial arts. In Japan, the term has become a common misnomer for the liuyedao and other Chinese sabers. As Youmu admits she has only heard about them in stories, the use of her local, incorrect term is likely intentional.
  • There is a reference to Youmu in the game League of Legends. There is an item called "Youmuu's Ghostblade" which fits with Youmu since it shares her name, she is a half ghost and uses a blade for her attacks. Another reference to Youmu in League of Legends is the New champion Orianna: Her "pet" ball is referring to Youmu and her ghost half.
  • In Touhou Hisoutensoku, one of Youmu's new Spell Cards resembles one of Grant's supers from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
    • Also in Touhou Hisoutensoku, one of Youmu's palette swaps seems to resemble Nue Houjuu.
  • Due to artworks and her sprite in Touhou Hisoutensoku, Youmu may be ambidextrous.


Compared to many other characters, Youmu has relatively few fanon that deserve special mention. The usual image of Youmu is "the role of the regular person", "abused by Yuyuko", and "pressed to do regular tasks (being good at all regular tasks, despite having specified to be a gardener)". However, she still appears in many fanworks and is loved by many fans. She is very loved, she even won the western tounament Touhou Seimoe 2011, which was created by Suzuran. The character who came second was Kogasa Tatara.


Many fans call Youmu "Myon", but this is partly canon since this term originates from something she has said when she asked Yuyuko Saigyouji why she is present at such a "myon" place in the Perfect Cherry Blossom extra back story. "Myon-na" is a portmanteau of "hyon-na" (unexpected) and "myou-na" (strange). Also, her half-yuurei is also sometimes called Myon by western fans for some strange reason (despite that "Myon" usually refers to all of Youmu, not just her half-yuurei).


Since she is generally confined to Hakugyokurou, compared to how often she has showed up in the works, she has few definite friendship relations. Fortunately, as she has become a player character several times, in the stories of those games, she has had much experience in meeting others. She is generally paired with the following characters in fanon:

  • Yuyuko Saigyouji: Self-explanatory. Master and servant banzai.
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba: As they are both worldly-wise people in fanon, they are a duo with the common trait of being servants. In the fifth stage of Imperishable Night, she felt a little sympathy with Reisen. Other than that, in the ending of Imperishable Night, as her eyes became like Reisen's red eyes of insanity, there was a scene where she received a medical examination.
  • Sakuya Izayoi: In fanworks, they are connected by battle as they both fight with edged tools. In this case, Sakuya's perfectly elegant style is contrasted with the half-human Youmu full of feelings of adoration and envy. They are also comrades as they are both servants. Youmu also sometimes addresses Sakuya as "Onee-sama", a title usually used to refer respectfully to an older sister or to an older woman one respects or admires.
Jojo association

Youmu frequently gets crossed over with Jean-Pierre Polnareff from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. He is a fast-moving sword stand-user. This is even present in Touhou Hisoutensoku, where one of her alternate palettes turns her completely silver, a subtle reference to Silver Chariot, Jean-Pierre Polnareff's stand. One of her spell cards has her assault her opponent with multiple copies of herself, just like one of Polnareff's supers in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game. Both Sakuya and Youmu can be seen in the style of "gold&silver" due to these palettes.


  • Half-yuurei abuse: Youmu's half-yuurei often receives terrible treatment in canon (for example, in Touhou Hisoutensoku, upon losing to Sanae Kochiya, Sanae asks her how "the marshmallow looking-like thing" tastes), and in fanon, Yuyuko abuses it, sometimes treating it as food.
  • ZUN art: Since ZUN's drawing style changes a lot in each work, she has been called "Youyoumu Youmu" (妖々夢妖夢 or YYY) from Perfect Cherry Blossom and "The face that knew men" (男を知った顔) from Ten Desires.
    • The face that knew men: Japanese fans have noticed that her portrait in Ten Desires makes her look more cuter, charming and youthful compared to her portraits in previous games. For some reason, some fans have taken this as a sign that Youmu may have made a boyfriend, speculating that she has made efforts to better take care of her appearance as a result. This resulted in 男を知った顔 becoming a nickname for her drawing in Ten Desires. Reactions have ranged from agreeance to complete outrage.

Spell Cards[edit]

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Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 40
幽鬼剣「妖童餓鬼の断食」 Ghost Sword "Fasting of the Young Preta" PCB St. 5: E/N
餓鬼剣「餓鬼道草紙」 Preta Sword "Scroll of the Preta Realm" PCB St. 5: H
餓王剣「餓鬼十王の報い」 Hungry King Sword "Ten Kings' Retribution on the Preta" PCB St. 5: L
獄界剣「二百由旬の一閃」 Hell Realm Sword "Two Hundred Yojana in One Slash" PCB
St. 5: E/N
獄炎剣「業風閃影陣」 Hell Fire Sword "Sudden Phantom Formation Slash of Karmic Wind" PCB St. 5: H
Hell God Sword "Sudden Divine Severing of Karmic Wind"
Third Card "Sudden Divine Severing of Karmic Wind"
St. 5: L
畜趣剣「無為無策の冥罰」 Animal Realm Sword "Karmic Punishment of the Idle and Unfocused" PCB St. 5: E/N
修羅剣「現世妄執」 Asura Sword "Obsession with the Present World" PCB St. 5: H/L
人界剣「悟入幻想」 Human Realm Sword "Fantasy of Entering Enlightenment" PCB
St. 5: E/N
人世剣「大悟顕晦」 Human Era Sword "Great Enlightenment Appearing and Disappearing" PCB St. 5: H
人神剣「俗諦常住」 Human God Sword "Constancy of the Conventional Truth" PCB St. 5: L
天上剣「天人の五衰」 Heaven Sword "Five Signs of the Dying Deva" PCB
St. 5: E/N
天界剣「七魄忌諱」 Deva Realm Sword "Displeasure of the Seven Hakus" PCB St. 5: H
天神剣「三魂七魄」 Heaven God Sword "Three Kons, Seven Hakus" PCB St. 5: L
六道剣「一念無量劫」 Six Realms Sword "A Single Thought and Infinite Kalpas" PCB
St. 6: E/N/H/L
人符「現世斬」 Human Sign "Slash of Present World" IaMP
人鬼「未来永劫斬」 Human Oni "Slash of the Eternal Future" IaMP
断命剣「冥想斬」 Life-Cutting Sword "Slash of Meditation" IaMP
断迷剣「迷津慈航斬」 Hesitation-Cutting Sword "Slash of Departure from Hesitation" IaMP
魂符「幽明の苦輪」 Soul Sign "Wheel of Pain of the Living and Dead" IaMP
魂魄「幽明求聞持聡明の法」 Konpaku "Dharma of Gumonji Wisdom of the Living and Dead" IaMP
符の壱「二重の苦輪」 First Card "Double Wheel of Pain" IaMP Story
符の弐「心眼迷想斬」 Second Card "Slash of Delusional Inner Eye" IaMP Story
奥義「西行春風斬」 Arcanum "Slash of Saigyou Spring Wind" IaMP Story
「待宵反射衛星斬」 "Matsuyoi-Reflecting Satellite Slash" IN
迷符「纏縛剣」 Hesitation Sign "Sword of Binding Desires" PoFV Use
迷符「半身大悟」 Hesitation Sign "Half-Body Disillusion" PoFV Use
人智剣「天女返し」 Human Knowledge Sword "Turning Angel Cut" StB
St. 6
妄執剣「修羅の血」 Obsession Sword "Blood of Asura" StB St. 6
天星剣「涅槃寂静の如し」 Celestial Star Sword "As the Silent Nirvana" StB
St. 6
四生剣「衆生無情の響き」 Four Births Sword "Echoes of the Inclemency of All Beings" StB St. 6
剣伎「桜花閃々」 Sword Skill "Cherry Blossom Flashing" SWR Use
断霊剣「成仏得脱斬」 Spirit-Cutting Sword "Slash of Ascension to Buddhahood" SWR Use
桜花剣「閃々散華」 Cherry Blossom Sword "Flashing Scattered Flowers" SWR Story
断想剣「草木成仏斬」 Thought-Cutting Sword "Slash of the Buddhahood of Flora" SWR Story
瞑斬「楼観から弾をも断つ心の眼」 Closed-Eye Slash "The Bullet-Cutting Spirit Eye from Roukan" SWR Story
転生剣「円心流転斬」 Reincarnation Sword "Slash of Circular Vicissitude" Soku Use
空観剣「六根清浄斬」 Voidness Sword "Slash Clearing the Six Senses" Soku
光符「冥府光芒一閃」 Light Sign "Light Flash of the Netherworld" ISC St. 7
彼岸剣「地獄極楽滅多斬り」 Higan Sword "Hacking Slashes of Hell and Paradise" ISC St. 7


Official Profiles[edit]

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt

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Youmu Konpaku PCB  ○幽人の庭師

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく・ようむ)



  先代、魂魄 妖忌(こんぱく ようき)は、300年程庭師を務めたあ








Ghostly Gardener

Konpaku Youmu a Stage 5 boss, a being of half-human and half-yuurei. She's both the second gardener for the Saigyouji clan and the guardian of their mistress. Mainly she posses the ability to the extent of handling sword techniques.

Youmu looks after the garden with two swords: Roukan-ken is a longer sword that has the power of killing ten ghosts; Hakurou-ken is a shorter one that can slash down the confusion of humans.

Youki Konpaku, the former gardener, had been the one for about 300 years, but suddenly became a hermit after having made a very young Youmu his successor. Youmu's ability of swordsmanship has still been in progress, so she needs daily practice. Though Youmu herself has no clue where her master is, she thinks of her master's absence as a lesson from him.

This time, following the order the mistress of Saigyouji gave her, she has gathered all of spring essences in Gensokyo to make Saigyou Ayakashi bloom fully.

Here in Hakugyokurou, there are so many cherry blossoms besides Saigyou Ayakashi, which has never bloomed. The former gardener said, "I've seen the fully-bloomed Saigyou Ayakashi before, but this might be the last time." At that time, Youmu had no idea what he meant and why the mistress of Saigyouji gave her such an order.

Youmu sweeps the garden of the Saigyouji family; it's about 200 yojanas long (The mistress exaggerates, of course). This garden has a large amount of cherry trees, where is a good site for residents all over the Netherworld. When spring comes, Youmu is very busy in sweeping. ^ 

This year isn't the exception, too. The ghosts are really thrilled by the wonderful cherry trees. Everyone said, "I'm happy to be a ghost!" On the other hand, Youmu, the half-human saw this raving scene and half-sympathised by saying: "I'm half happy to be a half yuurei!"

Now, all she should do is wait for the blooming of Saigyou Ayakashi.


Immaterial and Missing Power - 上海アリス通信.txt

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Youmu Konpaku IaMP  ○半分幻の庭師

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱくようむ)






Half-phantom Gardener

Konpaku Youmu

Species: Half-human Half-yuurei
Location: Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld
Ability: Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques

A gardener who works in Hakugyokurou and lives there. She's half-human and half-yuurei, half-dead and half-alive, half-yuurei and half-reality, and altogether half-baked. Yet she has two swords.

She applies all her effort to anything and everything, but it hardly ever pays off. Compared to the quirky cast of characters that inhabits Gensokyo, her all too straightforward personality is very easy to understand.

She's very good at fighting arts for someone so half-baked. She's also quite good at magic for such a half-baked character, and actually has a good sense of balance between the two. Using the Roukanken and Hakurouken, which were said to be forged by youkai, she can cut through enemies and ghosts and bullets and people's worries. The things she can't cut through are next to none.

Roukanken (the longer one) has the power to kill ten ghosts in one slash. Hakurouken is said to be able to cut through people's confusion, but of course, both of them can also kill living humans.


Imperishable Night - Manual

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Youmu Konpaku IN  ○半人半霊 魂魄 妖夢(こんぱくようむ)





Half-human Half-phantom Konpaku Youmu

A being that is half a human and half a yuurei.
She's a half-human and half-yuurei in the Netherworld. She possesses the ability to the extent of handling sword techniques.
She attacks her enemy with Roukanken and Hakurouken. She has two kinds of body: human and phantom. This means she's an incompletely useful girl.
She's supposed to be the swordsmanship teacher of Yuyuko-sama, still, she's treated as a gardener so far.

She's so immature you can't help liking her because of her straightforward and pure character, yet she's always made fun by anybody for her nature.
The nature of residents in Gensokyo is beyond simplicity.

Main weapon is the swords, and her effort.

This time, she makes her trip with Yuyuko.
Focused movement is only available when she's alone.
It's hard to use because of her narrow range of attack and the unique movement of her soul figure.
When you use her Spell Card, you can't attack for a while.
Besides, her Spell Card is also hard to use...
By the way, you can return the soul figure back to Youmu by changing to Yuyuko.
This matter is absolutely important when using her.


Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt

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Youmu Konpaku IN  ○半人半霊

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)
  Youmu Konpaku




Half-human half-phantom

Youmu konpaku

Species: Comprised equally of human and yuurei
Abilities: Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques

She's the gardener of Hakugyokurou (which is in the world past death), but originally she was a swordmanship teacher for Yuyuko.

Even she herself is not certain either she is alive or not, human or phantom. However, she slowly but surely grows older as time passes, so maybe she's alive. Konpaku's swords were designed primarily for use against ghosts and spiritual beings, but they still seem to work well against living beings.


Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Manual

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Youmu Konpaku PoFV  ○半人半霊の半人前  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)



Half-human Half-phantom and Half-baked Konpaku Youmu

Ms.Half-being, half-human and half-yuurei.
A gardener of Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld. She possesses the ability to the extent of handling sword techniques.
Originally, she's a swordsmanship teacher of her mistress.

Knowing that the flowers were in full bloom in Gensokyo, she came to see the scenery. Though she saw lots of ghosts hiding behind the flowers, she pretended not to see them.


Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

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Youmu Konpaku PoFV  ○半人半霊の半人前

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)
  Konpaku Youmu




Half-human Half-phantom and Half-baked

Konpaku Youmu

Species: Both human and yuurei
Ability: Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques

A gardener of Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld.
Originally, she's the swordsmanship teacher of her mistress.

Knowing that flowers are in full bloom in Gensokyo, she came to watch the scenery. Though she saw lots of ghosts hidden behind the flowers, she pretended not to see them.


Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - chara.html

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Youmu Konpaku SWR  ○半分幻の庭師

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)


Half-phantom Gardener

Youmu Konpaku

Race: half human half yuurei
Occupation: gardener
Place of residence: Hakugyokurou, in the afterlife
Ability: ability to the extent of handling sword techniques
Personality: doesn't pay too much attention to her own style.
Tries very hard, in many ways.
She's straightforward and often speaks her mind, but never whines about anything.


Ten Desires - omake.txt

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Youmu Konpaku TD  ○半人半霊の庭師

  魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)
  Konpaku Youmu





Half-human half-phantom

Youmu konpaku

Species: Comprised equally of human and yuurei
Abilities: Ability to the extent of handling sword techniques

She is both the gardener of Hakugyokurou (which is in the world past death) and the swordmanship teacher for Yuyuko.

She is always busy doing her chores as the gardener of the incredibly large Hakugyokurou garden. She's straightforward and always on her duty, but very easy to be deceived. Her life was quite peaceful as the ghosts wouldn't make much of a fuss these days.

Then there was a sudden appearance of a mysterious spirits - the divine spirits were beings that was composed of the desires of humans. Their existence is very transient, so they disappear quickly. But she went off to investigate hoping that there will be no more incidents relating to any kind of spirits in the future.


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  1. ZUN's comment on the second Touhou popularity poll. In the Meiji University talkshow "Dawn of Touhou," ZUN commented (on the fourth page of the transcript) that he indeed participated in the popularity poll, confirming that it was truly ZUN's comment.


[1]Yojana is a unit of the distance that ancient India's imperial army could move per day. 1 yojana equals about 10-15 km. In other words, the Saigyouji's garden is about 2,000-3,000 km. long... Is that so?)