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八雲 (やくも)   (ゆかり)
Yukari Yakumo
iakɯmo iɯkaɽi (♫)
Yukari Yakumo
Youkai of Boundaries
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Manipulation of boundaries


At least 1,200 years old, older than the history of Gensokyo itself


Sage, maintaining Gensokyo's balance and order


Somewhere along the boundaries of Gensokyo

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Yukari Yakumo (八雲 紫 Yakumo Yukari) is a legendary youkai who is able to manipulate boundaries. She is the master of Ran Yakumo. She is called the "gap youkai" (すきま妖怪 sukima youkai),[1] although "gap youkai" is not the name of a species, as she is more of a one-of-a-kind type of youkai.[2] Regardless of her power, Yukari appears to be the most well-informed being in Gensokyo of any kind and usually achieves her goals through manipulating events rather than direct combat.

General Information[edit]

Yukari first appeared as the phantasm stage boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom with Ran Yakumo serving her as shikigami. Despite being a high-class boss compared to other Extra and Final stage bosses, she's made occasional appearances in later games. She was a playable character in Imperishable Night, partnered with Reimu Hakurei (and supported her in Subterranean Animism), and was playable in the fighting games, but was only a cameo in the background of Hopeless Masquerade. Also, she was also an Extra stage target in Shoot the Bullet and appeared on the Final Day of Impossible Spell Card.

She is one of the oldest youkai in Gensokyo, one of the strongest of youkai, and is praised as one of the wisest of youkai.[3][4]. She was one who proposed the Great Hakurei Barrier, which covers Gensokyo, and is therefore tied to Gensokyo's creation. She is the only known youkai who is able to pass this barrier in order to access the Outside World, although there are a few instances like Mamizou Futatsuiwa who's passed it. She also performs surveillance and safety administration (mainly for Ran Yakumo). She is simply one of the most mysterious youkai living in Gensokyo.


Yukari is known for being a very youkai-like youkai who sleeps all day and lives for the enjoyment of life. Though she rarely leaves her house, she's well-connected and is acquainted with most of the most powerful youkai as well as anyone having anything to do with the Great Hakurei Barrier or the outside world, although she rarely attacks humans.[3] She has a tendency to toy with her opponents rather than use her full power from the start. If anyone is suited for the role of "mastermind", it's Yukari. She excels at mathematics and is experienced due to her long life.

She possesses superhuman intellect and especially surpasses in dealing with numbers. In Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, as Ran Yakumo said, this intellect is something that even Ran is not able to understand, to the extent that for example that she is able to determine the depths of the darkness of Avici or determine in an instant how long it would take for Ursa Major to devour the North Star, as it seems. Concretely to what extent this amazing intellect goes is hard to know, but it would be no mistake to think that this intellect far surpasses that of humans.

She often has a great deal of insight and understanding about whatever happens in Gensokyo, and possesses considerable intellectual prowess, as well. Though she seems flaky and unreliable most of the time, when the safety or security of Gensokyo is at stake, she won't hesitate to get involved, even if it means using others to do the work for her. For example, in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she treats Tenshi Hinanawi with much hostility after finding out the plot of the Heavens. She could easily be either a villain or a heroine, depending on her whims.

Yukari deals with problems by manipulating others to act to resolve things for her. She seems to rarely act directly except in particularly egregious situations. In all cases, she rarely lets anyone know what her true aims or goals are and sometimes these goals are extremely abstract. Yukari has a well-deserved reputation of being fickle, whimsical and lying often and thus many characters in Gensokyo dislike her. For whatever reason, Yukari takes it all in stride and does not seriously deny any of those comments. She seems to actively try to keep her more obviously-altruistic actions a secret, such as her donations to the Hakurei Shrine in Strange and Bright Nature Deity. She possibly cultivates this image to ensure that people continue to fear her as a youkai, as this is what her true goal for a particularly complex gambit is revealed to be at the end of Cage in Lunatic Runagate.

Abilities and strength[edit]

Yukari is with no doubt one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo. She has been described as an extremely powerful being more than once,[5][6], with easily enough power to destroy all of Gensokyo if it's needed.[7]. In Silent Sinner in Blue, Yukari claimed Watatsuki no Toyohime was stronger than her and avoided a direct confrontation with her, although at the time she was purposedly letting herself being captured.

Her physical strength is what you'd expect from a youkai. While the extent of an average youkai's strength is never really specified, their bodily ability is typically very high, so her strength is still far from that of a human. There are some examples and statements which show Yukari's physical prowess:

  • In Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 12, Yukari's hand is able to effortlessly block and brush aside a mallet swung by Rinnosuke Morichika with all his might, leaving him shocked that a small slender feminine hand was able to pull off such a feat. Rinnosuke said that it feels like he hit a pillow.
  • Hong Meiling, in one of her Touhou Hisoutensoku win quotes, notes that she felt a odd resistance from Yukari's body (presumably after punching and kicking her a lot), to the point where she wondered if Yukari was wearing something else under that presumably delicate dress of hers.

Yukari states in her own win quotes in Immaterial and Missing Power that she has no weaknesses, and even shooting, cutting, stabbing, hitting, or killing her is useless.[8]


The ability to use "gaps" (すきま sukima) is the most prominent ability that Yukari utilizes. They act as portals between two places, where she's able to hold, sit on or emerge from such gaps. Because of this, she's able to show up at any place and can freely travel to places like the Outside World. Within these gaps one can see a lot of eyes, which according to the description of Yukari's Magic Eye "Laplace's Demon" spell card she can also use to see. Yukari can create gaps through which only she can pass, or which anything can pass through.[9] Moreover, while the main use of gaps is traveling to different places, Yukari also uses them in battle either by virtue of being able to use almost any object (such as tombstones, road signs, and even running trains) as a weapon,[10] by retreating inside them to avoid being hit or land unexpected attacks,[11] sucking in an opponent's attacks to throw them back.[12], or merging different gaps to create harmful spatial distortions.[13]

Though seemingly limitless, Yukari's gaps have a limited range to where she's able to connect spaces. During the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Yukari has to use multiple gaps to travel up Youkai Mountain in order to reach the summit to get to Heaven.

By mostly moving around in gaps, one would usually not see her as doing much physical labor at all, and according to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, since she ends up in blurting out herself such sayings like "to do mountain climbing at such an age", there is the image that she is like an indoors-type youkai, but in the end, she is still a youkai.

Manipulation of boundaries
Yukari's "Danmaku Barrier", as illustrated in The Grimoire of Marisa.
Yukari using a border for transportation in Silent Sinner in Blue.

Yukari's main ability is manipulating any kind of boundaries.[14] This ability has been described as logically being able to affect essentially anything.[15] In her monologue during A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years, she explains that this power allows her to control or remove the boundaries between any and all things, like Gensokyo and the Outside World, the worlds of the living and the dead, humans and youkai and even the day and the night. [16]

In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, manipulating boundaries is described as a terrifying god-like ability with no weak points which there is no defense or countermeasure against, capable of fundamentally undermining reality itself and as one of the most dangerous abilities that youkai are known to possess, while Yukari's manual profile in Imperishable Night says that "the danger and potency of her ability is beyond imagination".[17]

Ultimately, everything is built upon the existence of boundaries; if there were no boundaries everything would effectively exist as a single enormous object. Because of this, the ability to manipulate boundaries is logically an ability of both creation and destruction: by making a new boundary is to create a new existence, and to destroy a boundary is to negate an existence. For example, as said in Perfect Memento, if there was no water surface there could be no lake, if there was no sky line neither mountain nor sky could exist and were it not for the Great Barrier even Gensokyo itself wouldn't exist. Furthermore, it seems that not only are physical boundaries, but also the general idea of boundaries can be manipulated and it seems like she would be able to manipulate the boundary between dreams and reality, which could very well be how she was able to drag the real Sumireko Usami out of the Dream World in Antinomy of Common Flowers. Yukari is also capable of seeing (and seeing through) boundaries that are normally invisible; when the Human Village was displaced from history by Keine Kamishirasawa, Yukari was completely unfazed and still able to see it.[18][19] She also tells Marisa that it would easy for her to manipulate the boundary between Winter and Spring.[20]

It's shown that Yukari can control the boundaries and bend them to her will as seen in Immaterial and Missing Power when she adjusted the sky by manipulating the border between the daylight and moonlight to unite the day and the night.[21] According to Marisa Kirisame, Yukari can even control the boundary between "a danmaku for play and a danmaku for battle".[22]

Yukari is also capable of sensing and repairing damage to the Great Hakurei Barrier, and although in Perfect Cherry Blossom Yuyuko Saigyouji doubts Yukari could make such a strong barrier,[23] she has been refered to as its creator in various occasions.[24][25] To add to all this, Hieda no Akyuu writes that "manipulation of boundaries" is theoretically a godlike power which would allow Yukari to create or destroy anything, but that all the stories about it are impossible to confirm.[3]

In Silent Sinner in Blue she is able to utilize her ability to create a portal to the "fantastic" side of the Moon using the moon's reflection on a lake's surface (a boundary) and only during the full moon, which is the only period of time during which the passage is open. For some unknown reason she is unable to use her powers to bring a living being on the far side of the Moon, which is where the Lunar Capital is located. Despite how limitless her ability sounds, there are in fact limitations, usually in relation to other powerful entities.

Examples of the usage of this ability:

  • Neutralized Suika Ibuki's ability by forcing the oni, which was spread as mist over the entirety of Gensokyo, into her normal form so that she could be seen and interacted with by others.[26]
  • Adjusted the sky by manipulating the border between the daylight and moonlight, to unite the day and the night.[21] Possibly, this also allowed Yukari to stop the night in Imperishable Night.[27]
  • Manipulation of the boundary between the true and illusionary moon, which allowed her to open a gap, that lead from Gensokyo to the Moon, on the lake surface. (Lunar War, Silent Sinner in Blue)
  • By creating the Boundary of Fantasy and Reality, she estabilished the Outside World as the real world, and Gensokyo as an illusionary one, allowing youkai to disappear from the former and thrive in the latter. (Youkai Expansion Project, over 500 years ago)
  • She is widely acknowledged as the creator of the Great Hakurei Barrier, which isolates Gensokyo from the Outside World. (The Great Barrier Disturbance)
  • Upon Yuyuko's request, weakening the Border of Life and Death between the world of the living and the Netherworld, making it possible for denizens of both world to easily cross it. (Perfect Cherry Blossom)[3][28][29]
  • When the Great Hakurei Barrier has loosened, she returned Rinnosuke Morichika to Gensokyo who has been ejected into the outside world (Curiosities of Lotus Asia)
  • Dragged the real Sumireko Usami out of the Dream World (Antinomy of Common Flowers)
  • By manipulating the border of master and slave during the Perfect Possession incident, she thwarted Joon and Shion Yorigami's scheme that allowed Joon to win any battle by forcing Shion as the enemy's slave (Antinomy of Common Flowers)
  • Many of her Spell Cards and attacks allude to various circumstances involving boundary manipulation or creation, such as: Barrier "Balance of Motion and Stillness", Barrier "Mesh of Light and Darkness", "Boundary of Humans and Youkai", Barrier "Charming Quadruple Barrier", between many others. The description of Yukari's "Boundary of Intellect and Feet" states that she would be able to cut anything by using boundaries, a motif also used in her Splitter "Thing That Splits All Into Two" Spell Card.
  • According to herself, when humans have noctambulism it's because she manipulates the boundary between sleeping and being awake.[20]

Yukari is skilled in Onmyoudou, the Taoism-derived arts of traditional Japanese court wizards, and specializes in spells which create and manipulate barriers (presumably due to overlap with her innate abilities). Yukari has been able to teach some of her spells to Reimu Hakurei, whose own techniques have similar roots.

Yukari also displays great aptitude with shikigami, binding a powerful kitsune and numerous lesser servants at once. As Shikigami are stronger when following the right orders, Yukari must also be skilled at giving the correct orders to fully maximize her shikigamis' potential. In an interview with Aya Shameimaru, Ran Yakumo states that despite sleeping most of the time, Yukari is capable of giving orders no one else would think up the instant she opens her mouth, and Yukari uses complex equations to increase Ran's power indefinitely (This manner of using shikigami is likely one of the reasons Yukari views computers and shikigami as one and the same).

  • Talking without sound: Yukari was able to talk to Luna Child even after the fairy erased all sound around her. As decribed, it was a voice that Luna heard in her own heart. It's unknown if this ability is part of her main ability over boundaries. (Fairy of the Moon)
  • Resisting Suika's power: According to Suika, Yukari was the only one able to resist her power, which she used to gather everyone's thoughts making them have banquets for several days.[30] (Immaterial and Missing Power)


According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, an apparent article on Yukari appears in the first edition of the Gensokyo Chronicle from 1,200 years ago. However, this article did not refer to her name as "Yukari Yakumo"[3]. It is believed she chose this name for herself, the name "Yukari" signifying that she was a youkai of boundaries, and the name "Yakumo" from a poem about creating a great fenced mansion where one can live a peaceful life in seclusion, and a strong fortress to keep the gods trapped inside.[31] This land would be Gensokyo.

Saigyou Ayakashi Occurrence[edit]

Over a thousand years ago, Yukari met and became friends with a human girl named Yuyuko Saigyouji. Over time, Yuyuko was driven to suicide out of despair over her ability to control death. After Yuyuko died, her body was used to seal the Saigyou Ayakashi, a youkai tree which drained the lives of too many humans, by an unknown individual who hoped Yuyuko would never have to suffer and experience pain again. The seal was created as the boundary between life and death. Yukari continued to be friends with Yuyuko's ghost, although Yuyuko gradually forgot who she had been and why she had died[32].

It is not stated who sealed the Saigyou Ayakashi. It was someone who held Yuyuko very dear, judging by the record ("My wish... is that she will never again reincarnate, and never again suffer pain..."). Yuyuko's profile describes the hypothetical breaking of the seal as "breaching the boundary". The boundary sealing the Saigyou Ayakashi is apparently the boundary between life and death, as this is what the BGM that plays during the Saigyou Ayakashi's reflowering represents. Boundary of Life and Death is one of Yukari's spell cards. This possibly implies it was Yukari who sealed the Saigyou Ayakashi. Yukari's profile reveals she knew all along that Yuyuko's body was sealing it, and gives a clear motive, as the tree was killing too many humans. As another possible indication, The Grimoire of Marisa brings up the butterfly dream regarding Yuyuko's spell card during the Saigyou Ayakashi's reflowering, which is a theme associated with Yukari.

One day, Yuyuko requested that Yukari use her power to repair the border between the Netherworld and Gensokyo. Yukari sleepily set off to do so. She had known Yuyuko's plan to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom could never succeed, but was too busy sleeping to say or do anything about it, or to put the border back to normal after everything was finished, which put her on a collision course with the heroines of Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Lunar War[edit]

Also over a thousand years ago, the youkai now named Yukari Yakumo[33] organized an army of youkai and led them in an invasion of the Moon, of which Yuyuko was also present for[34][33]. Publicly, Yukari states the invasion was to take the Lunarians' source of power, an infinite energy source which let them play all day.[35]

However, the youkai were subsequently routed by the Lunarians, who possessed superior technology and magic, and forced to retreat to Earth. While Yukari claims she organized the invasion out of desire for that power, her true purpose may be that she did it to teach the youkai a lesson about starting wars of conquest; namely, that it was a bad idea, as since that time, no youkai have attempted to expand their territory beyond Gensokyo.[3]

Border of Gensokyo[edit]

Since then, Yukari has had numerous roles in managing Gensokyo and the youkai. She authored a system of constellations for the youkai[36]. She enacted the Youkai Expansion Project 500 years ago by creating a border between illusion and reality around Gensokyo. She was one of the sages who suggested the creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier 120 years ago, and is believed to be its creator,[24] or at least one of its creators[3]

The Gensokyo Record in Perfect Cherry Blossom's prologue says that the original Gensokyo boundary (presumably the first "boundary between inside and outside" mentioned in Yukari's Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article) was created by priests, but ZUN said in his e-mails that the Gensokyo Record is not reliable, and that only the long lived youkai knows the true history of Gensokyo. Hieda no Akyuu firmly believes Yukari was involved, and the prologue of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Chapter 26,[25]. states that Yukari being the creator of the barrier that separates the human world and Gensokyo is an ongoing rumor. According to Rinnosuke, Yukari's power is what separates Gensokyo from the outside world,[25] and Reimu refered to Yukari as the creator of the barrier when explaining its properties to Kasen Ibaraki and Marisa Kirisame.[24]

Yukari and "The Vampire Incident"[edit]

Regarding the Vampire Incident in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it is not stated who were the powerful youkai that defeated the vampire, who signed the contract with the vampire, or who was the one who wrote the original draft of the Spell Card rules that came afterwards (as it was also written on youkai contract paper, Hieda no Akyuu feels it wasn't the Shrine Maiden). However, the colophon at the end reveals that Yukari is the author of a work called "Vampire Pact". This possibly implies her involvement in at least one of these things (if not all three) in the fact that Yukari may've had been involved in the deal with the devil, Remilia Scarlet. At the very least, Strange Creators of Outer World states that she was apparently involved in the creation of the spell card rules.

On the related note to the contract, it's explicitly stated in her Perfect Cherry Blossom profile that she's the one responsible for outsiders ending up in Gensokyo, where most of them get devoured by youkai. Her involvement is made even more explicit in Chapter 14 of Wild and Horned Hermit, where Yukari reveals to Kasen Ibaraki that having the zashiki-warashi sent to the outside world takes precedence above keeping them in Gensokyo, and then cryptically comments, "Gensokyo's getting the food to fill the stomachs of all of its youkai from somewhere." This could further extend to an article on Symposium of Post-mysticism, where there were human bones near a well, but no human of Gensokyo was missing and Yukari made no reference to the outside world humans, calling it a "misunderstanding"; the bones later on disappeared.

Underground Agreement[edit]

She made a deal with certain youkai to allow them to have their own realm underground in Former Hell if they pacified the evil spirits there[37]. For a while, Yukari took it upon herself to make regular check-ups on various aspects of Gensokyo such as the Human Village or the barrier, but eventually took on Ran Yakumo as a shikigami and left such tasks to her.[38]

Character Basis[edit]

Yukari, as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

Name and origin[edit]

Her full name is Yukari Yakumo (八雲 紫). The characters for Yakumo (八雲) literally mean "eight clouds", but can also mean "countless clouds", and Yukari () means "purple" or "violet" (In ordinary Japanese perspective these two colors are not discriminated).

Chapter 26 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia reveals that Yukari gave herself that name, in which she didn't have that name 1,200 years ago[3]. Probably a coincidence, there is a train service in Japan called "Yakumo" (やくも).

Yukari's name related to colors

All of the Yakumo family are named after colors. The light frequencies (energies) of the colors are proportional to their powers: Chen (orange) << Ran Yakumo (indigo) < Yukari (violet). The energy of violet light is the highest in the visible spectrum, and violet light is the boundary between visible and invisible light. Red light (the symbolic color of Remilia Scarlet or Reimu Hakurei) is another boundary, but they are stronger than Chen. Fittingly, when Reimu and Yukari team up in Imperishable Night, they are called the "Boundary Team". In addition to maintaining the Great Hakurei Barrier, their colors form the two boundaries between visible and invisible light. In addition, the word "yukari" is uncommonly used to mean "border" or "edge", albeit with a different character.

Occasionally, double rainbows form after rainfall—there's the rainbow one usually sees (red on the top, and violet at the bottom), and another, larger, fainter one above it. The colors on the second rainbow are reversed—red on the bottom, and violet at the top. In other words, the outside edges of the rainbow are violet—or, put another way, violet forms the boundary between the sky and the rainbow. Thus, Yukari's given name strongly signifies the idea of boundaries.

In Japan (and many other countries) "purple" or "violet" had been thought as a noble color, and used occasionally as a color for high ranks. In fact, ZUN mentioned in some of his interviews[citation needed] that he was aware of this fact and uses the color on certain character designs to show levels of power and nobility, thus in this sense using both "violet" as her name and in dress shows that Yukari was designed to be powerful and high ranking.

Yukari's name related to Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn)

There is an assumption that her name Yakumo is taken from the writer Lafcadio Hearn, who naturalized as a Japanese citizen and renamed to "Koizumi Yakumo". When fans asked about the implied connection between Yukari and Maribel Hearn in a high school open lecture program, ZUN brought up Lafcadio Hearn but did not elaborate, yet his answer in some way semi-confirmed this connection. See Maribel Hearn article page for details.

Yukari's name related to an ancient poem

Yakumo also comes from the first ancient poem written in what would become the Japanese "Tanka" form:

"Yakumo tatsu / Izumo yagegaki / Tsuma-gomini / Yaegaki tsukuro / Sono yaegaki wo"
Definitely in keeping with the character's origin/age in the storyline. The translation into English is:
"Eightfold rising clouds/ Build an eightfold fence / An eightfold Izumo fence / Wherein to keep my bride-- / Oh! splendid eightfold fence"
This poem was attributed to the god Susanoo. Interpretations vary as to the meaning of the poem.

Yukari's name is thoroughly analyzed in chapter 26 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia by Rinnosuke Morichika. However, Rinnosuke implies at the end that there may be even more meanings hidden in it.


Her first appearance was in Perfect Cherry Blossom, where she is depicted with purple eyes and long blonde hair. She carries a pink lace parasol and a paper fan and rides on a red gap that leads to an unknown destination. She wears a deep purple dress, a pale pink mob cap with a thin red ribbon and smaller ribbons tied liberally on her accessories and the tips of her hair.

In her appearances in Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, her eyes have become dark golden. She wears a purple Chinese-style tabard with various Trigrams over a pale pink Western-style dress (similar to Ran Yakumo's outfit), wears her hair coiled up into her mob cap, and usually carries a pink parasol. She wears the same outfit in Imperishable Night, but her hair is left loose. In the Japanese community this outfit is known as the "Taoist outfit" (道士服).

In Antinomy of Common Flowers, her sleeves get black bands with a white design on them.

According to ZUN, the purple dress in Perfect Cherry Blossom is her casual daywear and the pink one with the Ba Gua symbol in Imperishable Night is the work attire she wears when she commands her Shikigami.[citation needed]


The outfit Yukari wears in post-Perfect Cherry Blossom games has two groups of solid/broken lines called trigrams on the front. A solid line represents Yang and a broken line is Yin. The top trigram () is "dui" or "tui" (open) and is associated with west and water. The bottom trigram () is "kūn" (field) and is associated with southwest and earth, as well as Yoni (divine passage). The two trigrams together in that order form the hexagram for "clustering," "gathering together," and "finished", which sounds more fitting for Suika Ibuki.

The hexagram "Ts'ui" formed by the combination of "tui" and "kun" results in a meaning of gathering together to persevere towards a destination. This hexagram signifies also great wisdom which is necessary for leadership when directing an assembly together to create overall prosperity for everyone. Yukari herself can be seen as an overseer of Gensokyo. Her ability to create boundaries would definitely give her the ability to bring everyone together while maintaining the harmony of the "created" world.

Yukari's Appearances[edit]


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Perfect Cherry Blossom
Yukari's sprite in PCB

Yukari appears as the phantasm boss of the game. After defeating Ran, the player encounters Yukari and request her to fix the barrier.

If the player is using Reimu, Reimu will request her to fix the barrier immediately, and Yukari says that she was going to do it anyways. However, after being defeating she will claim that she is tired and she goes back to sleep.

If the player is using Marisa, while Marisa tries to discover what type of youkai is Yukari, is being attacked by her. After defeating her, Marisa complains about the time she wasted with Yukari.

If the player is using Sakuya, Yukari explains that Sakuya is between the boundary of Gensokyo and Hell, to what Sakuya responds saying that there are people worse than the onis. After Sakuya compared herself with a spider, Yukari tells her that if you see a spider in your house it means you are going to be robbed. Sakuya leaves after Yukari starts to list the things she get stolen.

Imperishable Night
Yukari's back sprite in IN
Yukari's sprite in IN

Yukari teams with Reimu to encounter the culprit of the Fake Moon incident. After defeating some enemies, including Marisa, she is locked with Reimu by Reisen Udongein Inaba, in a place where Eirin explains that she is the culprit. After defeating Reisen, they follow Eirin, who locks them in a never ending corridor. Although Eirin told them she will return the Moon back to normal the next morning, Yukari and Reimu get impatient and fight her. Afterwards, they meet, Kaguya, who they defeat too knowing she was part of the incident too.

Subterranean Animism

Yukari is one of the chracters to choose as partner of Reimu, being the other two Suika Ibuki and Aya Shameimaru. After modifying Reimu's Yin-Yang Orbs so she could communicate with Reimu, she tells her to beat any youkai she meets, without exception. After defeating Rin and Satori, Reimu finds thanks to their indications the real culprit, Utsuho Reiuji and defeats her.

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

In Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Yukari appears in Marisa's Pointdevice/No-miss ending. She gets inside Marisa's house through a gap, congratulating the human for saving the Lunar Capital and asking to see the lunar occult ball. Marisa thinks Yukari wants to break the power stone because it might throw Gensokyo's into chaos, but Yukari doesn't consider it nearly enough to bring chaos, saying they are lucky to have gained that kind of power because it could make Gensokyo change even more. Marisa is a bit surprised to hear Yukari talking about Gensokyo changing, but the youkai leaves without laying a finger on the power stone after recommending Marisa to cherish her relations with the creator of the power stone.


Immaterial and Missing Power
Shoot the Bullet

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Yukari on the Extra stage and took photos of her danmaku.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Touhou Hisoutensoku

If connecting SWR with Touhou Hisoutensoku, then Yukari can become a selectable character to play with, although she appears in no scenarios.

Hopeless Masquerade
Yukari in HM

Yukari made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine stage. She is seen sitting on top of the shrine, waving her fan.

Impossible Spell Card

After apparently reading the newspaper by the tengu about a mischief-making amanojaku, she becomes one of the many strong youkai and humans to try and stop Seija Kijin in the final day. She uses spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Yukari is investigating the "Perfect Possession" phenomenon. She already knows who the culprits are and she is looking for a way to deal with them, but many people think that she is involved and fight her. Later, she discovers that Shinmyoumaru Sukuna's Dream World self has taken the place of the real Shinmyoumaru as Tenshi Hinanawi's slave, which gives her the idea of defeating Joon and Shion Yorigami by crossing the border of master and slave. Teaming up with Reimu Hakurei, she baits the sisters into swapping the slaves, and makes Reimu and Shion the masters, so she and Joon are exchanged as slaves.

Violet Detector

Yukari appears as a boss along with other characters but does not have any dialogue.


Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

After hearing a fox's cry, Aya Shameimaru went to investigate. She found Yukari beating Ran Yakumo over the head with an umbrella, which Yukari claimed was only for disciplining her. Because Aya is a crow tengu, she feels animal rights are important and was upset by Yukari's "animal abuse".

During the interview Yukari insisted that it was not animal abuse because Ran is a shikigami, which Yukari considered to make her no longer count as being an animal. Yukari explained that as long as a shikigami follows its master's will then it will be as strong as its master. Ran had apparently disobeyed Yukari by doing something she hadn't been ordered to do. Because of that Ran wasn't as strong as she could be and ended up putting herself in danger while relying only on her own strength. This discipline was meant to remind Ran just who her master is so that Ran won't needlessly be in danger by fighting at less than full strength. Aya didn't think that excused it at all.

Yukari also called the Bunbunmaru Newspaper a shoddy paper and offered to make Aya her shikigami too, which Aya refused.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

Yukari edited Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and was one of its major sources, according to Memorizable Gensokyo, yet did not confirm her involvement in the above events. One common thread regarding them seems to be that they primarily benefited humans, not youkai (the vampire contract even went so overboard towards protecting humans that youkai complained to the shrine maiden). In addition to this, she has her own in-universe article that provides encyclopedic information about her.

Yukari appearance in Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Touhou Bougetsushou

Ran Yakumo tells Remilia Scarlet in Silent Sinner in Blue chapter 3 that Yukari invaded the moon to procure its secret of power to improve the youkai quality of life. This is probably the official reason Yukari gave all youkai for the war, as otherwise, Remilia could confirm Ran was lying just by asking around. However, privately, in Cage in Lunatic Runagate Chapter 5, Yukari reveals to Ran that she knew it was impossible for the beings of Earth to ever win a direct confrontation against the Lunarians. It is never stated when Yukari made this realization, so it is possible she knew this even before the first Genso-Lunar War. In addition, The last chapter of Cage in Lunatic Runagate has the line, "While it was Yukari who led the invasion that had convincingly failed more than one thousand years ago,". The word "convincingly" could imply it was staged. If this was the case, then presumably the outcome where youkai decided to stop expanding beyond Gensokyo was Yukari's true intent.

Wild and Horned Hermit

In chapter 33, while Reimu was cooking for a party, she is interrumpted by Yukari, who brings her some plants to help her in the feast. Lately, in the party, she explains that those plants are western dandelions, an invasive plant which could move the japanese dandelions and change Gensokyo's ecosystem. Because of that, she decides to write an article in the newspaper claiming to be health food for humans and luxury for youkai. As a result, they were very demanded, they were used for cooking and the thread was resolved peacefully.

In chapter 35, Kasen Ibara opens a hole in the barrier to check the reason why she noticed a distorsion in the barrier. She feels an arm and grabs it thinking it was a disappeared villager, but it was just Yukari. She asks about the spiriting away, and Yukari responds that is something she does, but the "humaning away" is relationed to Sumireko Usami. She explains how everytime Sumireko enters Gensokyo the barrier needs to kick someone of similar power in order to lessen the shock. At first, it only affected little things, but now it seems to kick humans too. Yukari comes up with the idea of using dummies with similar weight. Furthermore, she says she will wait as much as necessary until Kasen comes to "this side". Kasen replies telling her that won't happen. They are interrupted by Reimu, who thinks Yukari is the culprit and she defeats her, without noticing that Kasen ran away before she arrived.

Strange and Bright Nature Deity

In chapter 23, Yukari appears at the Hakurei Shrine and make Reimu and Marisa follow her to a tree that grow back to normal after being struck by a lighting. After realizing the Three Fairies of Light wanted to live there, she decided to prove their strength to see if they could make some unwanted secondary effects with their magic. After seeing they were very week and that that concern is not necessary, she leaves them leave there.
In chapter 25, Yukari explains to Reimu and Marisa that that tree appeared in Gensokyo as a result of replacing another, which was in the barrier. As no fairy lived there and Reimu worshiped it as a god and almost intermediately abandon it, the tree started to get worse. That would make a hole in the barrier, but now that Sunny, Luna and Star lived there, the problem was solved.

Symposium of Post-mysticism

Back in 1984, Aya Shameimaru reports that during Gensokyo's winter, children were finding skeletal remains of a human while playing around a dried-up well, to which it ended up that the well was declared to be off-limits. Apparently, a tsurube-otoshi youkai (presumably Kisume) came out of well saying "So is THIS the body you dropped down here?" and threw the bones at them. There were no-one missing, so for who the bones belong to is a mystery.

The bones disappeared while no-one was looking during preparations to bury it in Muenzuka. This rolled onto a case whether there was any sort of incident or not, along with the identity of the previous owner of the bones. Yukari though it was by the youkai from the Underworld and that they wanted to scare the humans since their powers come from the negative energy of humans, but it may've been a simple misunderstanding. There was a non-intervention agreement pact made between the underworld youkai and the surface, so the situation could become complicated.

The incident was settled as silver birch branches have been mistaken for bones, to which no ominous occurrences had happened at the Human Village. At a later date, it was confirmed that the dried-up well was filled in with dirt; who did this is unknown.

Connections with the Outside World[edit]

In Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, when Rinnosuke Morichika had an iPod in Kourindou, only Yukari knew how to actually use it, and further knew that it was considered a trendy item in the Outside World. She similarly knew about the Nintendo Game Boy and DS. She appears very knowledgeable about the outside world.

Because of her understanding of technology from the outside world, there are rumors that she lives in the outside world from time to time. It is confirmed that she at least visits there. Reimu mentions in Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 24 that Yukari told her that she gets to enjoy twice the amount of cherry blossom viewings a year because she also goes to watch the blossoms in the outside world, which occurs at a different time from Gensokyo's. In addition, Yukari at the end of Chapter 25 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity is shown viewing the Hakurei Shrine from the outside world (some panels focus specifically on pointing out there are cars driving by).

Marisa Kirisame once stated that Yukari uses a small box to talk to her shikigami when they are far away from her, which led Rinnosuke to believe that she owns a phone. She has given characters phone-like devices in Subterranean Animism. Yukari mentions in Oriental Sacred Place chapter 10 that radio towers fall into Gensokyo every once in a while. Presumably her phones use those in order to work.

Many of her fighting game win quotes make references to the outside world.

It was said that she lived in an estate somewhere in Gensokyo, but other than that, nothing is known. It is said that her residence is at the end of Gensokyo just like how the Hakurei Shrine is, but the true location is completely unclear.


Using her gap to travel across Gensokyo, despite sleeping a lot, Yukari has encountered many youkai and humans in the Touhou Project. By many residents of Gensokyo, she is commonly referred to as the "Gap Youkai" when she's involved in a conversation.

Reimu and Marisa[edit]

Yukari stealing Reimu's food, as illustrated in Curiosities of Lotus Asia.

Yukari has always had a close tie to the Hakurei Shrine maidens, as one meaning of her name is she controls the Shrine Maidens of Gensokyo. Reimu Hakurei, along with Marisa Kirisame, first met Yukari when she asked her to repair the border between the Netherworld and Gensokyo in Perfect Cherry Blossom. However, Yukari indicated she is already familiar with Reimu and Marisa to an unspecified extent. With Marisa, it resulted in Yukari playing a prank on her by keeping her up way past bedtime.

As a friend, she often visits Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine and often drops by Marisa's house randomly, to which in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Marisa complains that Yukari never uses the door. Yukari steals food from Reimu in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, stays at Reimu's shrine for at least a month into the winter in Curiosities of Lotus Asia, and is among several characters when Reimu complains about youkai visitors to her shrine in Wild and Horned Hermit. She sometimes visits to discuss philosophical matters like in Seasonal Dream Vision, or Strange and Bright Nature Deity where she gave Reimu out-of-season taro roots from the outside world, asking her to think about their meaning.

As an employer, she's given Reimu several missions in Subterranean Animism, Imperishable Night and Silent Sinner in Blue. An offhand comment in the first stage of Imperishable Night shows she compensated Reimu for it.

As a mentor, she is often teaching Reimu not just about Gensokyo (she does that a lot, too, shown several times in Oriental Sacred Place) but also how to do her job as Shrine Maiden. She shows up when Reimu purposefully damages the barrier in Curiosities of Lotus Asia to tell her not to do that, reminds Reimu of her youkai-crushing duties in Imperishable Night's extra, and makes Reimu train hard to prepare for Silent Sinner in Blue (Curiosities of Lotus Asia states the latter is rare for her). The latter included Yukari attacking Reimu at unannounced times.

She seems to be secretly looking after Reimu in other ways, as she sneaks yen donations into the Hakurei Shrine's donation offering box when Reimu isn't looking in chapter 23 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity. Like most characters, Reimu finds Yukari extremely annoying. Yukari doesn't mind, clearly joking "How rude!" or "What a greeting!" to such things. In the case of Seasonal Dream Vision for Marisa, she got angry over Yukari's random visit, but it was because Yukari was curious as to Marisa's thoughts on the matter regarding the flower incident, so presumably many of Yukari's other visits to Marisa are for her own amusement, as well.


Yukari smacking Ran Yakumo, as illustrated in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.
Ran Yakumo

Ran Yakumo is Yukari's main shikigami, a nine-tailed fox who received her current name and identity as part of their contract. An interview in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red with Aya Shameimaru implies that she became Yukari's shikigami because of the power it promised, and is quite satisfied with the result despite losing her freedom. Ran was not born before the Genso-Lunar War, so she must have become Yukari's shikigami sometime after that.

Yukari keeps the relationship on a user-to-shikigami level. This relationship is analogous to a user and its computer in the Outside World, and Yukari insists heavily that Ran is not a fox, but is a tool to be used. Yukari's own thoughts and perspective in Chapter Five of Cage in Lunatic Runagate refers to Ran with computer terms, such as programming or debugging. Ran is still more advanced than a computer, so Yukari attempts philosophical discussion with Ran from time to time, but typically gets boring responses involving numbers and calculations. Yukari loves Ran very much, but in terms of how one would love a favorite tool.

Ran often "forgets" she is a shikigami, taking matters into her own hands without Yukari's orders. This can't be helped because Yukari sleeps a lot. Yukari will physically discipline Ran when this happens (by whacking her with her umbrella). Using a tool and keeping it in good shape (via discipline) shows love for your shikigami (according to Yukari). Ran accepts and seems satisfied with this, and also seems to care for her master, attempting to encourage Yukari after the second Genso-Lunar War failed. But she won't disagree that her master is annoying and is often driven to much frustration by Yukari's double-speak and secrecy.


Ran also has a shikigami named Chen. As Ran's shikigami, Chen follows the will of both Ran Yakumo and Yukari Yakumo, though her shikigami "programming" is not as unified with her original personality as Ran's is, and it's implied she's quite the handful as a result. Unlike Ran, Yukari views Chen as both Ran's shikigami and their pet, saying in Subterranean Animism, "I wonder where our cat went off to? It's such a pain when she just suddenly disappears like that. I wish you'd take care to program your own familiar properly. Without any bugs."

Unlike Ran Yakumo, Chen is never called "Chen Yakumo", even when "Chen" and "Ran Yakumo" show up in the same sentence in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

Yukari's crows

Zenki and Goki are two crows that Yukari and Ran use as shikigami. They might be temporary names for all shikigami crows, as one gets killed by Watatsuki no Toyohime, yet three more spy for Yukari later in Chapter 20 of Silent Sinner in Blue.

Netherworld Residents[edit]

Cover of Silent Sinner in Blue vol. 3, featuring Yukari and Yuyuko Saigyouji.
Cover of Immaterial and Missing Power OST, featuring Yukari and Suika Ibuki.
Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yukari and Yuyuko were friends even while Yuyuko was alive more than a thousand years ago, and continued to be Yuyuko's friend after she became a ghost. Of note is that this friendship between Yuyuko and Yukari does not extend to Yukari's shikigami Ran, and Yuyuko does not mind others beating Ran up.

Yuyuko seems to be the only one who truly understands Yukari. Yukari knows this as well, often just assuming that Yuyuko knows what she's talking about or what's going on (this is clear whenever the two interact, including victory quotes). The two don't think exactly alike, however, which results in Yuyuko acting in ways that surprises Yukari. Yukari will do something just because Yuyuko asked and vice versa.

Yukari believed the Saigyou Ayakashi ate too many human lives. She was always aware that Yuyuko's body was sealing it. It's possible Yukari is the one who sealed it using Yuyuko's body, herself.

Youmu Konpaku

Being Yuyuko's servant, Yukari helps Youmu with lessons and advice every once in a while, like in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

The Oni[edit]

Suika Ibuki

Yukari was Suika Ibuki's friend before the oni went underground. It is unknown how or when they became friends. Yukari looks out for Suika in Immaterial and Missing Power and Suika does favors for Yukari, such as rebuilding the Hakurei Shrine in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody or helping to investigate the underground. The two play danmaku battles with each other, though it's been a while since the last one before Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. In Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 12, Yukari is with Suika at the Hakurei Shrine New Year's Festival.

Suika does get annoyed with Yukari's "dirty tricks", but doesn't go beyond snapping that they're dirty. Suika may know some of Yukari's secrets, as she's referred to Yukari's existence as fraudulent in Immaterial and Missing Power, and stated to Yukari that it was rare to see her "on this side of the world" in broad daylight.

Yuugi Hoshiguma

Yuugi is one of the oni (presumably Suika is another) that Yukari made a deal with. In exchange for keeping the evil spirits of former hell in control, Yukari would give them their own place in the Underworld and keep the overworld youkai from intruding. Unlike Suika, Yukari does not seem to have any personal attachments to Yuugi. As an aside, from Yukari's Immaterial and Missing Power ending, Yukari believes that if the oni ever do come back to Gensokyo, it must be gradual instead of all oni coming back at once.

Sages of Gensokyo[edit]

Kasen Ibaraki

It is unknown how long Yukari and Kasen have known each other, but both are youkai sages. The monologue in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense states it was the youkai sages who proposed the Hakurei Barrier, so Yukari and Kasen probably knew each other since at least that time.

After Kasen came down from the mountain in the present day, Yukari assumed Kasen was always "on her side" and that Kasen's actions were intended to help Yukari's ideals. Kasen finally got fed up by the time of Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 35 and angrily informed Yukari that she wasn't on her side. This caused Yukari a brief visible moment of distress before she regained her composure, but she also stated she would wait as long as it takes for Kasen to come to her side.

Kasen's dream self in Antinomy of Common Flowers calls Yukari a coward who gets others to do her work for her because she's too scared to do it herself. As dream selves are unrestrained exaggerations of the real being, it is uncertain how much of this reflects Kasen's actual view of Yukari, but from Doremy's explanation of dream selves in Reisen's scenario, it does mean Kasen's normal feelings fall along those lines at least somewhat.

Okina Matara

Another one of the youkai sages. It's implied in Reimu's extra stage in Hidden Star in Four Seasons that the two are familiar with each other, and that Yukari helped Reimu defeating Okina by suggesting her to use the "boundary between seasons" to fight her. Okina recognized Yukari's modus operandi, while Reimu said she didn't understand the logic behind the countermeasure method she was using. During the fire works festival that Usami wrote about in The Grimoire of Usami, the two banter about things as equals.

Residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion[edit]

Remilia Scarlet

Yukari uses Remilia as part of her scheme to extract the residence tax and get revenge on the Lunarians in Silent Sinner in Blue. Patchouli reveals Remilia knew she was manipulated but didn't care, because she was bored. Remilia herself has an unexplained rivalry of sorts with Yukari, wanting to get to the Moon in her own way before Yukari could to surprise her. This rivalry might be due to the power struggle mentioned in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense's Vampire article, possibly starting with the vampire incident. The rivalry is mostly on Remilia's part, though Remilia has no objections to Yukari staying for the party at the end of Silent Sinner in Blue or assisting her with investigating in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Dialogues in Immaterial and Missing Power seems to imply they've already known each other before that game. It is possible they met at the vampire incident, and that Yukari was the one that signed "the contract" with Remilia.

Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli first meets Yukari in her scenario in Immaterial and Missing Power. In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Yukari places her in charge of watching the underworld in her victory quote to her. Patchouli later informs and urges her to act about the evil spirits coming out of the underground in Subterranean Animism's prologue. Yukari finally agrees to act because she "can't let them all just do whatever they want again". It is unknown (even to Patchouli) which incident Yukari is referring to (there are many possible ones). Patchouli continues to collaborate with Yukari regarding the underground, as she informs Yukari of the Palanquin Ship in a Touhou Hisoutensoku victory quote.

Eientei Residents[edit]

Along with Reimu, Yukari confronted Eirin and Kaguya Houraisan to restore the full moon in Imperishable Night, making Yukari one of the few characters who knows they're from the moon. After the incident was resolved and the moon restored, the girls all had a round of moon viewing sake with each other.

Unknown to each other, Eirin and Yukari's own history actually goes back further than that. As mentioned by Watatsuki no Toyohime at the end of chapter 17 of Silent Sinner in Blue, one thousand years ago, Eirin set up a trap to catch someone who'd try to invade the moon. Yukari was well aware of the trap, apparently having already triggered it before (assuming her "make-believe" story in Cage in Lunatic Runagate actually happened). She seems to bear a grudge against the Lunarian sage (Eirin) that set it, referring to her as "the much-despised Lunarian sage".

However, Yukari hasn't realized who Eirin is. Neither of them make special note of each other in Imperishable Night and are amicable with each other in the ending. Near the end of Silent Sinner in Blue, Yukari remarks to Ran Yakumo that she's unsure if "the Brain of the Moon" had actually settled on Earth. Yukari suspects Eirin is a spy for the Moon.

The final chapter of Cage in Lunatic Runagate reveals that Yukari orchestrated the events primarily to teach Eirin to fear the unknown, likely because those who live as humans in Gensokyo are supposed to fear the youkai (as stated in Yukari's lecture to Ran earlier about the aliens).

Minor Relationships[edit]

Rinnosuke Morichika

Yukari and Rinnosuke mostly have business arrangements. In exchange for fuel for his kerosene fan heater, Yukari takes merchandise she likes and occasionally provides information on items. While he is grateful, Rinnosuke also doesn't like dealing with her all that much and makes note of how ominous she seems. Although he can't remember it, Yukari once prevented Rinnosuke from being spirited away to the Outside World.

Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

When Yukari senses Eiki approaching in Seasonal Dream Vision, she and Yuyuko leave immediately to avoid talking with her. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense notes that most long-lived youkai were assisted by Eiki at least once and avoid her due to her lectures.

Alice Margatroid

For whatever reason, Alice Margatroid is willing to confront Yukari in Immaterial and Missing Power despite otherwise avoiding strong youkai such as Remilia Scarlet and Yuyuko Saigyouji. Yukari's also set up Alice's dolls off-page to allow for long-range communications in Subterranean Animism. Her dialogue towards Yukari in Immaterial and Missing Power shows that they knew each other before then. Like most characters, Alice is still suspicious of Yukari by default. Alice is aware of various youkai roles and agreements that Yukari is constantly preaching. Yukari also harshly scolds Alice in Alice's second bad ending in Immaterial and Missing Power, much to everyone else's entertainment.

Keine Kamishirasawa

Yukari and Keine met and fought at the Human Village in Imperishable Night. Keine's ability to hide history has no effect on Yukari, who didn't even know she was using her ability in the first place. It is unexplained why, but history and reality are mentioned regarding Yukari so often that there are many possible reasons. Yukari also disliked Keine for being a human-faced beast.

Three Fairies of Light

Yukari met the Three Fairies of Light in a continuation of chapter 0 in Eastern and Little Nature Deity chapter 5, asking if she could join in on their pranks. They ran away from her. Later, in Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Yukari needed to repair a tree that was part of the Great Hakurei Barrier. She did so by moving the three fairies into it, but only after testing that they were too weak to cause serious trouble. They failed the test with flying colors, so Yukari let them move in. Sunny's ability to reflect some of Yukari's danmaku did impress her a bit.









Spell Cards[edit]

From various descriptions of Yukari's spell cards, many of her danmaku consists of light attacks, concentrated spirit power (for her manjis according to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and assuredly her butterflies in Sinister Spirits: "Double Black Death Butterfly"), or even just attacking with boundaries and gaps. Her ability to transport objects via gaps also allows her to use almost any physical object as danmaku, including road signs and even an abandoned runaway train. Attacking with her parasol is not out of the question, and she sometimes uses her shikigami Ran Yakumo and Ran's shikigami Chen as projectiles (that can fire danmaku of their own) for her spell cards. Some of the names and descriptions from The Grimoire of Marisa for her spell cards implies she's capable of attacking with metaphorical concepts.

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