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西行寺 (さいぎょうじ)  幽々子 (ゆゆこ)
Yuyuko Saigyouji
Yuyuko Saigyouzi
Yuyuko Saigyouji
Yuyuko Saigyouji in Ten Desires
Dreaming Ghost
More Character Titles

Ghost (Bourei)


Manipulation of death, Manipulation of departed souls


Dead/Immortal (Existed for at least 1000 years)


Departed spirit princess



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Yuyuko Saigyouji (西行寺 幽々子 Saigyouji Yuyuko) is the ghost 'princess' head of Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld. She first appeared as the stage 6 boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom and appeared in several subsequent works as well.

General Information[edit]

Unlike many departed spirits, she resembles a living human. She is very cheerful and friendly: Her playful, good-humored personality, otherworldly beauty, and courtesan charm can have a disarming effect. She often makes bizarre and apparently nonsensical remarks and sometimes seems to overlook the obvious, leading to her characterization as an airhead or a ditz. As an instance, in Bougetsushou, she toyed with Youmu as a daily occurrence even with Ran Yakumo present.
However, at other times she will reveal an extremely cunning and perceptive side and will also sometimes display an extraordinary level of knowledge. For instance, in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she was the quickest one to identify the culprit as Tenshi Hinanawi when the incident was in the omen stage (Yukari Yakumo spoke of the dwindling of phantoms as Komachi Onozuka's negligence, but Yuyuko guessed correctly). Additionally, in Ten Desires, she obliquely informed the playable character about the location of the incident regarding the divine spirits. She is also known for her incredible appetite and seems to have a food-related metaphor for any situation: Yuyuko is truly "dead and loving it".

Character Basis[edit]


Her surname Saigyouji (西行寺, lit. ""West journey temple"") obviously comes from her motif as a daughter of the famous Japanese poet Saigyō Hōshi (西行 法師) but adding an extra kanji ji () at the end. Her first name Yuyuko (幽々子) actually doesn't have much meaning but can be literally translated to "ghostly child" or "ghost ghost child". The -ko is a common suffix in Japanese that is used in female names which literally means "child". The symbol is used in the Japanese main title of Perfect Cherry Blossom (東方妖). "" is often confused as being a kanji, but it's actually a punctuation mark that indicates to repeat the previous letter, thus her name is equivalent to "幽幽子".


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  • Maroon eyes, short wavy pink hair, normally surrounded by several small formless phantoms. Wears a light blue and white kimono with dark blue trim and white designs, and a blue mob cap on the front of which is a hitaikakushi with a red ghost insignia.
  • (Touhou 7) Same as above, except hat has a light blue veil on the back, the designs on her kimono are of flowers, and one of the phantoms around her carries a cherry blossom twig. Generally, this palette is lighter than the rest.
  • (Touhou 8) Same as above, except the floral designs on her dress have been replaced with clouds and moon designs. One of the phantoms now carries a small blue lantern.
  • (Touhou 7.5) Same as above, except designs on kimono are of butterflies and flowers, and the phantoms no longer carry anything. Has a light blue veil on the back of her mob cap.
  • (Touhou 7.5, alternate outfit) Kimono is dark blue with white trim instead of light blue with pink trim. Her hair is brown instead of pink. The ghost insignia on her hat is blue instead of red.
  • (Touhou 10.5) Same as 7.5, except her hair is slightly longer and her veil is more white than blue.
  • (Touhou 10.5, alternate outfit) Same as above, except her kimono is white with blue trim instead of light blue with light pink trim. Her hitaikakushi is blue with a yellow ghost insignia instead of white and red. Her eyes are now golden and her hair is blonde.
  • (Touhou 13) Hair is a paler shade of pink. Her kimono is still a light, pale blue, but the designs on her kimono are of ghosts. The ribbon around her waist, the one going down her kimono, and the bands and lacing on her arms and collar are black instead of white and blue. Wearing a transparent layer underneath. Her mob cap lacks the veil it had in 7, 7.5, and 10.5. Her hitaikakushi's insignia has changed shape. She is wearing black shoes and folded socks, unlike her previous frilly socks.


Perfect Cherry Blossom

During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, she made Youmu Konpaku find a way to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom to resurrect the corpse buried beneath it, apparently unaware that it was her own body. Forced to abandon her plan due to obstruction by Reimu and the gang, she resigned herself to continuing her existence as a ghost.

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Immaterial and Missing Power
Imperishable Night
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Touhou Hisoutensoku
Ten Desires

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Youmu Konpaku

Youmu is Yuyuko's gardener, bodyguard and fencing instructor. Youmu is unquestioningly loyal to her master, though she has a hard time understanding Yuyuko's riddles.

Youki Konpaku

Youki is Youmu's predecessor, who taught Youmu all that she knows. He also knew the full story of Yuyuko's connection to the Saigyou Ayakashi even after Yuyuko herself had forgotten. Yuyuko found him harder to rely on than Youmu.

Yukari Yakumo

Yuyuko has been friends with Yukari since before her death, and is one of the few people who can see through her plans.

Minor Relationships[edit]

Saigyou Ayakashi (Youkai Tree in her Garden)

Refer to the Saigyou Ayakashi section

Lunasa, Lyrica, and Merlin Prismriver (Regular performers)

Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

Yuyuko's different color palettes from Touhou Hisoutensoku. The 2nd one corresponds to her second color palette in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, while the 3rd one corresponds to her Immaterial and Missing Power palette.


  • Following Imperishable Night, Yuyuko became famous as a "hungry ghost" due to several "gluttonous" lines uttered during her scenario. She is often depicted in doujinshi as having an immense appetite and/or attempting to eat other characters, most notably Mystia and Youmu's ghost-half.
  • The symbol on Yuyuko's hitaikakushi resembles the Sega Dreamcast logo. Many fanworks make fun of this.
    • As of Ten Desires, it has changed however.
  • She is sometimes depicted in fan-works as having had brown or black hair when she was alive. This is because her Perfect Memento in Strict Sense entry mentions that she is said to have lighter hair color and skin tone since her death.
  • As soon as she appeared as a first boss, people started making comments that she has become 町人A (Chounin A) or "Merchant A," a typical designation in battles against small-fry enemies in RPG games, like "Merchant A," "Merchant B," etc.
  • It is never stated exactly how she committed suicide but some fan works often show her committing suicide with a knife (this is shown in the flash video True Blossom).
    • While generally not seen in fan works due to the difficulty of depicting it, another common fan theory is that Yuyuko used her ability to invoke death on herself.
      • Going along with the above, sometimes the Saigyou Ayakashi's trunk is sometimes shown in the aftermath as being stained in the blood spatter of said suicide
  • Some fanart depicts Yukari Yakumo as having been present when Yuyuko commited suicide, or right after she did. In some cases, Yukari is then shown grieving.
  • Most derivative works do not depict the phantoms around her, probably because it is bothersome to depict. However, since they have always been depicted in print works such as Silent Sinner in Blue, they are probably 100% necessary.
    • Some derivative works depict Yuyuko as having two "myons", presumably as being the phantoms, although there is a difference.
  • Various fanworks have the giant fan seen in some of Yuyuko's PCB spell cards appear as a sign of her readying to maim someone, often someone who made her angry (not an easy feat given her easygoing personality). Sometimes this is parodied by having her require wires or frameworks to hold up the fan, which are prone to collapsing.
  • Because the symbol doesn't exist in the proper Chinese language, her name is usually written as 西行寺幽幽子 in the Chinese community.

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