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ZUN's Strange Works

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Other Works ~ ZUN's Strange Works (その他の作品 ~ ZUN's Strange Works) are a group of six tracks composed by ZUN in MIDI format for the SC-88Pro, either before or during the early stages of Shuusou Gyoku's development.

High quality recordings of these files made with a real SC-88Pro can be found here


(Taken from the .txt files found in each song's archive.)

Violently in fantastica (ふぁんたすていかに激しく)
宵闇の魔術師 Magician of the Twilight




It's, well, game music-ish. (By my standards)
I made this with something like an image of a boss fight theme for RPG (well, shooter in my case).

I made it a while ago, but it doesn't differ from my recent songs. (Laughs)

I do have original works, but since I make music for Touhou, too, it all kinda feels 'original'...
Well, I guess they're more like unused tracks rather than original ones. (Laughs)
I hope that some day I can use it in my games in some other way.

Cruel Alice series (残酷なアリス系)
Magic of Life Magic of Life

自分の得意な(好きな)、アリスミュージックです。アリスミュージックとは、【 夢消失 ~Lost Doream 】(東方夢時空)、【 アリスマエステラ 】(東方幻想郷)、【 不思議の国のアリス 】(東方怪綺談)、あたりの西洋風な曲のことです。





I pulled out one the tracks I made a little while ago.
It's what I do best (and what I like); Alice music.
Alice music refers to [Yume Shoushitsu ~ Lost Dream] (Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream),[Alice Maestra](Lotus Land Story), [Alice in Wonderland](Mystic Square),
and those such songs that have a western touch to it.

I like the feeling of despair in this song.

But. If I were to only make songs like this, it'd be very...

Well, the maker has very feminine preferences. (rofl)
How would you like songs like these once in a while? (^^;;

Shuusou Gyoku '99 (named arbitrarily) Stage 1 Theme
Plastic Space Plastic Space

Notes: Used as Stage 1 theme in the Shuusou Gyoku prototype.
1Hato Matsuri refers to the Tokyo Denki University Hatoyama Campus's university fair (a.k.a. Hatoyama Matsuri). ZUN studied at this university.

The origins of Shuusou Gyoku (Project Gian) was first released in the Hato Matsuri of Year 98.


この曲は、後輩が制作中の Win用STG の、99年度鳩祭バージョンの一面に使用した曲です。今はストーリーも決まって、結果この曲は使わなくなったのでここで聴いてもらおうかと(^^; いまはまた、東方なにがしのような曲を制作開始してます(^^;;

で、この曲は私の中では珍しい部類の曲で、お気に入りでもあります。まぁ、東方なにがしにはあいそうもないけど、昔のSTG の曲っぽくてわりと(^^)


This was the song used in the first stage of the prototype of a Windows shooting game released at the 1999 Hato Matsuri1 that an underclassman was making.
By now, they've already decided on the story, and they removed the song, so I thought I should let people hear it here. (^^;
Right now, I've started making songs for Touhou-related things again.(^^;;

This song is a strange one, but I like it, too. Well, it doesn't sound like it'll go with Touhou at all, but it has it's retro shmup feel to it, which I like.(^^)

Oh, and be careful when you listen to it since the volume's quite high.(laughs)

Shuusou Gyoku '99 Stage 2 theme
Inventive City Inventive City

更新が途絶えて申し訳ない(涙)あと、もう少しなんで(^^;; ちょっと、お茶を濁すようですみませんが、ちょっと前に創った曲をです。 ちょっとレトロなゲームっぽさがちょっとアレな感じでちょっといいですよね(笑)

それにしても、もう少ししたら活動を再開するのでしばしの間ご勘弁をm(_ _)m

I'm sorry I'm not updating as regularly. (tears) I'm almost done, so just a bit longer. (^^;
I might be avoiding the subject and all, but I made this song a little while ago.
Isn't the retro shmup-like part and the part that's kind of like "that" kinda nice? (laughs)

I'll be back to usual in just a bit more, so please excuse me till then. m(_ _)m

Slow-tempo wild music
夢幻回廊 Fantasy Corridor

立て続けに、ちょっと昔のストックからひきだしてみたり(^^; 超珍しくスローテンポの曲です。

RPGとかにぴったりの(嘘)しっとりした曲を作ってみました。 たまには、こんな曲も作ってるよってアピールしとかないとなんだしね(^^;;;


Here I am pulling out another older song from my stockpile. (^^;
It's a really slow song, which is very rare for me.

A soft and moody song perfect for RPGs! (lying)
I need to appeal to people by making these sort of songs once in a while. (^^;;;

But then again, since it has too many of my peculiarities, it might not be too different from what I always make. (sweats)

Shuusou Gyoku Extra stage theme (unused)
蓬莱幻想 ~ far East Hourai Illusion ~ far East




ちなみに、エキストラがこの曲だったときは中ボスの攻撃が避けれなかったです(^^;; やっぱり、ノリ? 曲無しでプレイすると弾避けられないしね。

I tried my best to give it an eastern feel... That would've been nice, but then it didn't really sound like a song for shooters, so I took it out.

The song itself was really close to the image that I originally had...
But that means, the image that I had wasn't fit for an shooter in the first place. (laughs)
But it's rather to my likings.

The image for the song I had in in mind was starting as easy listening and moving to jazz-fusion. There are lots of good Japanese-made jazz out there too (unless they try to mimic songs from foreign artists.)

On a side note, when I used this song as an Extra stage track, I couldn't dodge the mid-boss's attacks. (^^;
As I thought, there was a problem with the feeling. I can't dodge if there is no music.

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