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東方ブル嘘つき (真実を語る)
Touhou: Double Liar
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Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode


Scratch , Scratch Offline

真実シーク (東方夢終劇 ~ Double Liar, lit. "Truth Seek") is a Touhou Project fangame by -SV-, originally a script set for Scratch. It is the Fourth game in -SV- alternative Touhou series, and has massive improvements over the first game – Cirno's Untold Story.


Double Liar features two playable characters to choose from: Aya Shameimaru goes through the first scenario, fighting three bosses; while Hatate Himekaidou is the second scenario where she fights one boss.

The main game features 3 stages, fighting Hatate at the end. In Hatate's scenario, Hatate fights one boss, and Aya immediately after that boss. The bomb both characters have is similar in concept of taking pictures in Shoot the Bullet, Double Spoiler, Impossible Spell Card, and Violet Detector.


Aya Shameimaru is travelling around looking for stories when Hong Meiling attacks for a "secret potion" supposedly stated in Aya's newspaper. Aya realizes someone changed the articles, and looks to her partner in creating the newspaper. Kosuzu shows up and complains about a review of her shop that was awful. Aya tells her she didn't write what kosuzu read, and the final stage begins...

Hatate shows herself and reveals that she was trying to ruin Aya's reputation again.

But one question remains: who's writing this all down?


"Double Liar" features 10 tracks from many of the multitude of Touhou games and Fangames.

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