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悠夜永翔 ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night

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Endless Flight of Eternal Night

Endless Flight of Eternal Night album cover

Album by UI-70

2011-03-13 (Reitaisai 8)





Catalog No.



Instrumental, Metal


Official Website
bandcamp page

Endless Flight of Eternal Night (悠夜永翔 ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night Yuuya Eishou ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night) is a doujin album by UI-70 released on 2011-03-13 (Reitaisai 8). It features instrumental arrangements of themes from Imperishable Night.


如日 & majinn
Arrangement (Track 08)
如日 & ZEKI
Total design
Megumi Arisawa (Orange cake shop)
Mixed & Sound Directed
majinn & 如日


  • 08. 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon (03:47)


I believe that this is the best Ul-70 album that they have made so far. The rock songs in this album feature the songs and themes from Imperishable Night, which are all remixed beautifully. I highly recommend this album to any Touhou fan that loves rock instrumental covers.

Standout Tracks

  • 07. シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome

This song begins with a great little acoustic guitar solo up until about 13 seconds where the heavy guitar riffs come in. All in all a great cover.

  • 10. 千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon

A very slow starting song with light guitar in the beginning which gives the song a nice relaxing feeling, but knowing that this is a rock album, it doesn't last forever. The song then bursts into a heavy repetitive rock song, as are all touhou covers. My favorite part in this song starts at 3:38, which is the acoustic solo.

  • 11. 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess

Simply put, this song is the entire reason why you should have this album. This song is 13:11, which is amazing because if you've heard the previous song, you're probably thinking, "How the hell can you make 13 minutes entertaining in anyway without sounding repetitive?" Well, in this song, Majinn creates multiple guitar solos. The first one begins at 3:45 and runs in and out of the song until 5:47. From there, the song shifts into a melodic piano solo with a few riffs in the back, which leads all the way to the acoustic guitar solo at 9:31 until 10:20. After that, the second electric guitar solo kicks in for almost 2 minutes all the way to 12 minutes, where the song moves into its outro. An absolutely amazing song, truly a master piece.

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