弾奏結界 紅魔狂詩曲 Scarlet Rapsodia

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Symphony from the Sanctuary: Scarlet Devil Rhapsody - Scarlet Rapsodia

Symphony from the Sanctuary: Scarlet Devil Rhapsody - Scarlet Rapsodia album cover
Portrayed: Sakuya Izayoi & Remilia Scarlet

Album by dBu music

2005-05-04 (Reitaisai 2)





Catalog No.



Instrumental, Electronic, Jazz, Rock



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Symphony from the Sanctuary: Scarlet Devil Rhapsody - Scarlet Rapsodia (弾奏結界 紅魔狂詩曲 Scarlet Rapsodia Dansou kekkai Kouma Koushikyoku Scarlet Rapsodia) is a doujin album by dBu music released on 2005-05-04 (Reitaisai 2). It features instrumental arrangements of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

It is the first of the four albums in the 弾奏結界 Symphony from The Sanctuary (Performance Barrier Symphony from The Sanctuary, Dansou Kekkai Symphony from The Sanctuary) series.


どぶウサギ (dBu music)
どぶウサギ (dBu music)
綾見ちは (疲労熊)
Photo & Support
Egma-03 (蓬莱の翠)



ども、はじめまして。どぶウサギです。この度は「紅魔狂詩曲 Scarlet Rapsodia」をてにとっていただき誠にありがとうごさいます

  • Greetings. it's Dobu Usagi. Thanks very much for choosing 紅魔狂詩曲 Scarlet Rapsodia. Below is image, or delusions or random feelings, of each songs. Please enjoy this intense, sweet tracks.

01. the Dream of Scarlet

  • A vampire lady's selfishness introduces great troubles. Should selfishness sound like this one?

02. Devil's Go Through the Night

  • Youkai are to eat the human, Human are to hunt the Youkai, they go throught the night. How dangerous.

03. おてんば恋娘 ~ the Foolish Girl

  • An arrangement focused on foolishness and boss-ness. But with foolishness discounted

04. 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea

  • Tea break on a sunset. Rest is still important in busy times.

05. 明治十七年の上海少女

  • Brilliant colors become sepia as time goes by. A Shanghai girl lives in concession, what did she see?

06. 少女密室 ~ the Locked Girl

  • The one that's really locked is not the door, it's her mind. She tries hard to open the door, but she couldn't.

07. メイドの血と過去を刻む懐中時計

  • Outside the library, an [infinite] corridor with red carpet appears. There exists a compatibility between time and space. So is between maid and pocket watch.

08. 月時計 ~ Lunar Dial

  • No one except the one who stopped the clock, will notice the time has stopped. A world with frozen clock, is already a misdirection.

09. 亡き王女の為のセクテット

  • A sixtet funeral march. But as I don't know about the instruments, maybe it's nonsense.

10. 亡き王女の為のデジロック
いや、あんまりデジロックじゃないです (ぇ。自分の理想を貫くには戦いで決着をつけるしかない

  • Uhh, it's not so digi-rock. To fulfill one's ideal, one should fight until the end.

11. 紅楼 ~ Scarlet in the Dream

  • A sleeping girl, will she dream about playing with her new friends?

12. 紅魔狂死曲 UNknown Girl

  • Listener may feel busy as its tempo goes up and down. To bet one's life in single coin is overly dangerous, yet overly exciting.


First CD of 弾奏結界 -Symphony from the Sanctuary- compilation from どぶウサギ (Dobu Usagi - 'Fat Rabbit' literally)

As this 4-album compilation was released after IN, sound tones are tuned to the IN's atmosphere. (rather than EoSD's MIDI-ish tones or PCB's high-pitched screaming tones) General characteristics of Dobu Usagi's arrangements are 'Faithful representation of original scores, with variable tempos'. Usually Dobu Usagi does not miss single note of original melody. As this first album faithfully represents the EoSD's key compositions with highly polished instruments, fans of EoSD may find this CD to be very attractive.

Standout tracks:
02. Devil's Go Through the Night
Nice opening track. Clear synthesizer sound with powerful drumming

04. 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea
Feels like sitting in a sweet cafe with small orchestra playing behind. peaceful

07. メイドの血と過去を刻む懐中時計
Not as great as in Fragile Online's 東方と戦慄, but nice.

Recommended to:

  • Fans of original EoSD's musics
  • Anyone who didn't like the instrumentation of original EoSD

Not recommended to:

  • Anyone who likes heavily-arranged albums (techno-ish or whatever)

--Checkist 06:41, 28 May 2006 (PDT)