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Character Contemplation #2 Tewi Inaba

Original Author: Erika
Translation: sssssz

Contemplation of the character self[edit]

Tewi Inaba. She is one of the few Moon rabbits.* She shows up as the middle boss of 5th level of Imperishable Night, but doesn’t use any Spell Cards. I believe she is wearing a pink baggy one-piece dress, but her laces around the neck and arm area makes it look like a pajama.

Considering that Tewi is a newcomer, she is a pretty well-made character. Unlike Udongein her ears are plump, and unlike straight hairstyles of Udongein and Kaguya and indescribable Eirin s, she has pretty short hair. Maybe this "unlikeness" is the reason she is being bullied or doing something, say, extraordinary.

Maybe Tewi was a real person she would be a class clown type [Always upbeat.] (Sez says: Can’t think of a right word. Think Siho from To Heart...

Contemplation of the game play style[edit]

Tewi appears as the fifth level midboss, and the never shows up again (except for the ending sequence.)

Probably that’s why she doesn’t have any Spell Card.

However… her basic patterns are harder than Reisen Spell Cards in Easy difficulty.

Although, she does have a Spell Card: Last Word No. 213.

「エンシェントデューパー」(Ancient Duper)[Spell No.213]

Try this SC a few times, and you’ll get the rhythm of it. Staying 3~4 cm away from Tewi helps. If not... red bullets will strike upon thee. Watch out when Tewi starts moving around. Blue bullets are fast, so keep tapping left and right by the rhythm you just got after being beat down by the rabbit.

Pretty easy as a Last Word.

Contemplation conclusion[edit]

A character with a really short screen time despite of being in the fifth level.

But she does possess a powerful potential. (Sez says: I believe Erika meant to say “A powerful potential as a character.” Not sure though.

Really, I ask myself why such a character looks so inferior to Reisen. (Sez says again: Well, duh. What are you trying to do by comparing anyone to Reisen?)

If she had a single SC, things wouldn’t have become like this.