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Also known as Ude-san, Maou, Dr.ARM
A photo of ARM at a concert

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan





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Music Arranger, Composer, Lyricist


ARM (pen-name), nicknamed Ude-san (腕さん, lit. "Mr.arm") or Maou (魔王, lit. "Evil Lord") is a music arranger and is a member of the circle IOSYS. Arm is notorious for creating a massive number of arranged music from Touhou. He is most known for his works of dempa songs, and has produced several songs that gathered a few million PVs, such as Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, Stops at the affected area and immediately dissolves ~ Lunatic Udongein (a.k.a Overdrive), and Cirno's Perfect Math Class. ARM has also created an original sparkling-style electrical pop unit born from a fictional setting by miko called ALBATROSICKS (アルバトロシクス Arubatoroshikusu) consisting of the members who made the music clip of Marisa stole the precious thing which are: Miko as miko+Resurrection, quim as quim_underconstruction, Yoshimi Yuuno (夕野ヨシミ) as Countess YOUNO, Kagi (カギ) as Master Joe and ARM as Dr.ARM. He hasn't been involved in any official Touhou product. He has been invited to be Guests of Honor for TouhouCon 2015.


Doujin Albums

Additional Information


  • ARM has been given an official profile by IOSYS. (
  • Other then composing, he plays the piano, and had actually performed it in some of his concerts.
    • He also can play the guitar to a certain extant.
  • His occupation is a full-time professional music composer, and known to provide songs for commercial works (but less popular than his Touhou works).
  • He is married and has a daughter.
  • His hobby is to play shougi (Japanese chess).
  • His real name isn't supposed to be exposed, but it was once able to be seen on a interview on his songs from a local newspaper.
  • He is bit of a social phobia, he got so nervous when he appeared on Miko radio that after several episodes he was completely unable to speak.
  • In the ALBATROSICKS universe, he is called Dr.Arm and is a mad scientist. He is responsible for making quim_underconstruction, and known to produce poison due to some experiments but the further details are unknown. He can communicate only via numbers (but he talked normally in the concerts, and even spoke English in one of the tracks...).