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Abandon Pond

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Abandon Pond
Abandon Pond.jpg
Marisa Kirisame on the frozen surface of the pond in Forbidden Scrollery

Near the Forest of Magic, Human Village outskirts

Official Games
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The Abandon Pond (置いてけ堀 Oiteke-bori) is a pond variously located both near the Forest of Magic and on the outskirts of the Human Village.

Background Information

In folklore, the Abandon Pond is one of the Seven Wonders of Honjo, a collection of ghost stories set in an area of Edo, or old Tokyo. It is said that on certain days, fish come in abundance. However, as the last fisherman of that day try to leave, a mysterious voice calls for them to "abandon it..." If they try to run, their feet become heavy. Whether they empty their sack by choice, their catch is taken from them, or they only try to put back a little, it will completely disappear and they will leave empty-handed, no matter what.


Forbidden Scrollery

Here, it is located near the Forest of Magic, with signs of caution posted, indicating it as a youkai-infested area. Ice Scales were found here by Marisa Kirisame, only for a strange voice to call out, telling her to abandon the scales and leave, though she escaped with them.

This is tied into a story by Kosuzu Motoori about stalking wooden clappers and ghostly lanterns wandering about the Human Village. Later, Akyuu tells her about the sound of belly-drumming Tanuki. The two conclude it must be someone using the Seven Wonders of Honjo as camouflage to scare humans away.

Next, Kosuzu leads Reimu to an abandoned building on the outskirts of the Village nicknamed the Foot-Washing House, another of the Seven Wonders. After sending Kosuzu home, Reimu lies in wait for the culprits of the affair: the kappa. They explain that the Abandon Pond is just one of their warehouses, along with the Foot-Washing House, which they rely on when the Abandon Pond freezes over.

Wild and Horned Hermit

After discovering the seal, Manzairaku, at the Genbu Ravine, the kappa relocate it to the Abandon Pond and set up an attraction that proves popular with visitors.

Urban Legend in Limbo

In Urban Legend in Limbo, the pond is said to be located on the edge of the Human Village, instead, where it is shrouded in mist. Nitori sets up stalls accompanying a Nessie attraction after Mamizou Futatsuiwa tells her that the real thing has been following her around, though Nitori wishes she had realized it herself. Because the monster cannot be seen clearly, less people are actually scared of it, turning it into another profitable venture for the kappa.