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Abyss Soul Lotus

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"ASL" redirects here. For the Touhou player, see ASL (player).
Abyss Soul Lotus



v0.5: 11 November 2018
v0.7: 1 May 2019
Full: 2 February 2023


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode

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Dōngfāng xuě​lián huá(Snow Lotus Flower) ~ Abyss Soul Lotus (东方雪莲华 ~ Abyss Soul Lotus) is a Chinese Touhou Project fangame made by 雨夜枫雪制作组, the same team that developed Shining Shooting Star. Unlike the previous game, this game is developed in Unity.



One winter, after a particularly heavy snowstorm, the population of Gensokyo had lost the ability to use magic,
and many humans and youkai were either rendered immobile or placed into a deep sleep.
Meanwhile, countless lotus flowers made of crystal began blooming along the snowy landscape.

Without magic, the Hakurei Barrier is unable to be sustained, and is on the verge of collapse.
In this critical time, the Sages of Gensokyo came together to make the "Aether Generator",
a device made from gathering up all of Gensokyo's remaining magic, which would provide a constant source of it.

Three pairs headed out to find the mastermind before it's too late.


Abyss Soul Lotus features original music in the style of ZUN, composed by 11 (also known as Tokini or 時依).


External Links

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1000440
Official PV: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV178411n73T/