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The controls are similar to most RTS games.

  • Left Click: Accept; Select unit/building. Hold to select an area; Area only selects your units and not buildings.
    • Double click: Select all units/buildings of the same type on-screen (yours only).
    • With Shift: Add units/buildings to current selection; they do not mix. Max is 40 units.
      • With Shift while building: Add building to the unit's "to-do list" (won't disrupt their current action). Also allows you to build more of the same building without having to select it again.
    • With Ctrl: Subtract units/buildings from current selection.
  • Right Click: Cancel; Move, gather, attack, garrison units, set building rally point (where units gather after exiting a building; can be other buildings and even resources), cancel building (while selecting where to build it).
    • With Shift: Set waypoints and/or queues (to-do list) for units.
  • Middle Click: Sends out a sonar-like 'ping' from where the cursor is.
  • Escape: Menu/pause
  • Arrow Keys: Scrolls/moves screen towards input direction.
  • Enter: Chat

Default Shortcuts[edit]

  • 1~9: Select a certain group of units. Use Shift + 1~9 to add selected units to a group (max 40). Use Ctrl + 1~9 to set selected units as a group.
  • Q: Selects the first character (unique) unit. If town hall is selected, it'll add them to the build queue
  • W: Selects the second character unit.
  • E: Selects the third character unit.
  • A: Adds first soldier unit to build queue for selected magic circle(s). Having multiple magic circles selected will add for them all. Does not work if their build queues are off or with different colors selected.
    • Adds chibi suika to build queue for selected Hakurei breweries.
  • C: Adds second soldier unit to build queue for selected magic circle(s).
    • Adds worker unit to build queue for selected town hall(s).
  • D: Adds black/white book to build queue for selected town hall. research required before spawning allowed

  • T: Selects next tower unit. Selects tower unit for building if a white unit is selected.
  • E: Selects unique tower unit to build if Tenshi, Yukari, or Shou are selected.
  • Y: Selects next barrier unit. Selects barrier for building.
  • U: Selects next wall unit. Selects wall for building.
  • O: Selects next housing unit. Selects housing unit for building.
  • H/J: Selects next town hall. Selects town hall for building.
  • A: Selects brewery/shrine for building.
  • Z: Selects next research unit. Selects research unit for building. No default shortcuts for the upgrades
  • R: Selects next red magic circle. Selects red magic circle for building.
  • G: Selects next green magic circle. Selects green magic circle for building.
  • B: Selects next blue magic circle. Selects blue magic circle for building.
"next" for buildings means the following one that was built from the currently selected one. If you have none selected, it'll start from the first one ever built and cycle through.
  • S: Use character's spell card.
  • Space: Stop selected units' current action (includes moving).
  • K L ;: Sets selected soldiers' behavior (passive, aggressive, defensive).
Passive: Priority is moving to its directed area. Will chase and attack enemy units within range, but only if idle.
Aggressive: Priority is attacking enemy units. Will not move to directed area if there's an enemy unit nearby to attack.
Defensive: Priority is moving and staying at its directed area. Only attack units within their range if idle but will not give chase.
  • N: Selects next idle (sleeping) worker.
  • M: Selects next idle soldier.


Age of Ethanols plays much like its series namesake, Age of Empires. The object of the game is to raise an army and defeat your opponent. Units are used to gather resources, construct buildings, defeat other units, and destroy buildings.


Compared to Age of Empires, Beer replaces Food, Mushrooms replace Wood, Faith replaces Gold. Points replace Experience (introduced in AoE3), which are generated by building, destroying, or losing Units or Buildings. All Units and Buildings have a Point Bounty equal to 10% of its total resource cost, except for Hero Units, which have a Point Bounty of 50 points (i.e. If you train a White Unit that costs 50 beer, you gain 5 points). Points are used for certain Units, Upgrades, and Spell Cards.

Hero Units[edit]

Hero Units are special and more powerful than standard Units. Each have their own special abilities and Spell Cards with unique effects. Only one can exist at any one time, and if one is defeated, it must be rebuilt at a Town Hall.


Similar to the "Age" progression system in Age of Empires, Factions progress in modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic). Advancing to the next mode requires a considerable investment of resources, but in return enable more powerful Units and Upgrades.